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Cold Grip

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The grip is cold.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part THIRTY-SIX: Cold Grip

"R i g h t a w a y , r i g h t a w a y . " Monyo nodded vigorously. "M i g h t t h e r e b e a n y t h i n g e l s e ? "

"Yes," his eyes met mine, my blood turned to ice, "call Ydem to take that one, as well. Quickly," as an afterthought, "unharmed."

"R i g h t a w a y , r i g h t a w a y . "

The man walked away, in the direction Monyo had gone earlier, disappearing into the darkness.

Monyo moved toward Mitchell, who kicked out, catching the thing in the stomach. He jumped out of his seat and ripped off the duct tape. "/Move/!" He yelled, dashing down his row and the aisle.

Startled, I jumped off my seat, finding the other creature headed my way. Running the opposite direction, I followed Mitchell, who was heading for the door.

Just before he could reach out and grab the handle, the two creatures were blocking our path, mouths an obscene, mocking gash in their incomplete faces. "C o m e n o w , c o m e n o w . W e h a v e n ' t t i m e f o r g a m e s . M a s t e r s a i d ' q u i c k l y ' . . . "

"Master can kiss my ass!" Mitchell hollered, spitting out the word 'master' like it was some sort of poison. He socked one of the creatures in the face, trying to push past them and to the door. "Get the f-ck outta my way!"

With a flash and a metallic /shing!/, Mitchell was on the ground, one long cut running from his cheek to his chin. The creature- Monyo? Ydem?- stood over him, lips curled into a disdainful frown, blade-like fingers milimeters from Mitchell's eyes.

"Mitchell!" I screamed, eyes wide from behind my fingers.

"Y o u d o n o t , " it growled, "d i s r e s p e c t M a s t e r . "

"F-ck you!"

"Y d e m ! " The other creature scowled. "M a s t e r w i s h e d f o r t h e m t o a r r i v e u n s c a t h e d ! "

Hesitantly, Ydem stepped back, letting its extended arm drop to its side. The displeasure was clear on its face, even without the eyes.

Mitchell scrambled to his feet, scowling at the creatures. "Hazel, open the door!"

"What- What?!" I could see that he wasn't afraid of these things, but one of them had almost beheaded him! And he wanted me to challenge the other one?

"They can't hurt us," he smiled, but it lacked any happiness. Instead, it made him look twisted, like an evil clown. "Their precious Master doesn't want us hurt." The cut on his face shone in the dim light, bright and red and undeniably there. It didn't look deep, but there was a steady drip of blood falling from his chin.

"W e c a n n o t h u r t y o u , y e s , " Monyo said, "b u t M a s t e r c a n . "

"Master, master, master!" Mitchell groaned, rolling his eyes. "F-ck your Master, and f-ck you! Hazel- /open the door/!"

I looked at Monyo, who was still standing in front of the door, and it stepped aside. I took a step back, trying to prepare myself for whatever it was doing.

"G o , " it said, "o p e n t h e d o o r i f y o u w a n t t o . "

I looked at the door, reached toward the handle, and, just as my hand closed around the cold, hard metal, it was gone. No door handle, no door, nothing. Blank, airplane wall stared back at me, mocking me like that wall in the hospital had.

"What the- That is so not cool!" I spun around, hoping to see the door in some other place, but was deeply disappointed.

"What the F-CK!" Mitchell roared, tackling Ydem. He straddled its chest and pulled back a fist. "Open the f-cking door!"

Ydem merely grinned up at him, not making any move to defend itself.

Mitchell's fist met with that grin, again and again and again and again and again and

"Hazel. Let go of my arm."

Bewildered, I gasped. "I- I'm not holding your arm."

He turned his head. Anthony had a grip on his wrist, and it didn't look like he was going to let go any time soon. His eyes were pure white, looking the way people's do when they roll their eyes up into their sockets. From behind Anthony came Andrew, and from behind Andrew came Stephan. They all grabbed Mitchell and pulled him, kicking and screaming, off of Ydem. Then they carried him in the direction the man had gone.

I opened my mouth to scream, but a hand clapped over it. More took hold of my arms and legs, and I felt myself being lifted off the ground.

No Not again

I bit the hand covering my mouth and screamed for all I was worth, kicking and scratching and doing anything to break free. The people (I stopped thinking of them as my friends, because my friends wouldn't try to kill us or bring us to some psycho's room, though it was still hard to hit them) were undeterred, and my screams went unheard.

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