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Mr. Way

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Based upon the music Video of "I'm not okay"

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"Everyone did quite well on the test," Mr. Barton placed while moving around the classroom dropping booklets on desks of respective students, "There where only a select few who need to see me after class for," he paused at a young male's desk looking down upon him, "for a retest," he dropped the booklet roughly in front of this young's boys face.

The bell rung loudly and students picked up there backpacks leaving the classroom. Mr. Barton stepped in front of the young male's path, blocking him from leaving.

"Mr. Way," he paused waiting for the boy's eyes, they never met his, "I was very disappointed with your mark," he paused again lowering his voice, "I know you can pass this class, you're not a stupid shit like Mr. Iero," He licked his lips and took the test from the boy's hands, "this grade will need to be fixed or I'll have to fail you in Chemistry."

The boy took the booklet back from his teacher and stepped past him; disregarding everything he was just told.

"Gerard," Mr. Barton spoke touching his shoulder.

"Yes?" Gerard answered stopping.

"Please take my advice this time."

"Sure," he said smiling, turning his direction to his teacher just before leaving the classroom, "Gary."

The teacher shook his head and welcomed his next class. Gerard walked down the hall crumpling his test into a ball and throwing it over his shoulder.

"Gerard!" a loud voice called from his backside.
He turned to his taller friend.

"Hey Toro."
"Did you really get an 'F' on this, you spent all night studying," Toro said holding the crumpled sheet in his hands.

"Exactly," Gerard grinned, "breaking the system buddy."

Toro groaned loudly,

"What," he said sheepishly, "I'm not going to use it again."

"Gerard, you need it to get a diploma," He tossed the paper into his bag, "I'll hold onto it."

"You're wasting your time Toro."

Toro bit at his lip as the two walked to math 20,
"I still can't believe you studied that hard to get everything on the test wrong."

Gerard stopped outside the classroom and smirked again. Toro shrugged his shoulders rolling his eyes slightly. He continued into the class but stopped, trying to motion Gerard inside.

"Where's Frank?" Gerard asked looking through the hallway.

Toro shrugged his shoulders again,
"Who knows, you know what he's like."

Gerard now shrugged his own shoulders and followed Toro into class, taking his seat at the back of the room. A group of jocks came to their back corner; standing over Gerard and Toro.

"Nerds sit at the front," one spat smacking Toro's open math text book into his face.

Toro's glasses cracked on his face, and he was forced to remove them. The group of five jocks started to laugh uncontrollably. At this point Gerard bolted from his seat ready to fight Toro's attacker, unfortunately for Gerard the guy was quite a bit taller.

"Ha ha, look at his porker," He jabbed at Gerard with a lone finger poking his stomach, "did we hurt you're boyfriends feelings?"

Gerard didn't waste a second; he jumped at the guy causing him to fall over onto desks. The two took holds of each other's throats. The math teacher Mrs. Hunter finally clued in and began screaming at them both.

"JOSH! GERARD!" She took a hold of Gerard's blazer pulling him away, "CUT THIS OUT! GRAHAM ACADEMY DOES NOT ACCEPT FIGHTING!"

Josh stood up placing a hand upwards, his cronies backed up. Toro took Gerard from Mrs. Hunter and held him at bay, he still wanted to fight.

"He started it!" sneered Josh.

"I don't care who started it Mr. Mesh, I will not accept it and neither will the school," her flustered face didn't match the harsh words she spoke, fixing her glasses Mrs. Hunter made a motion to the spot they stood, "if this keeps up, you all will be doing after school work with me."

The boys sat back down, one leaned to Gerard from an adjacent desk,
"You're dead Way."

"Suck my balls Peter," Gerard muttered pulling out a notebook.

"You'd like that wouldn't you," he teased maiming Gerard.

"Not as much as you," Gerard narrowed talking into his drawing, "now go ask Josh to homecoming and leave me along."

"You're still dead."

"And I'm sure you and Josh will be very happy together."

"Gerard," Toro shot through a whisper, "I'd like to remind you about band practice and if you're dead we're screwed."

"Relax big guy," Gerard joked.

"Mrs. H, I can't learn math when Gerard," Peter turned to him glaring, "is talking."

"Well considering," she pointed to the board, "You've never taken an interest into Math 20 Mr. Comrade, this is very interesting," She went back to the board talking into it while continuing the steps to an arithmetic sequence, "Gerard please be quiet for Mr. Comrades sake, he may need to learn something in math when he's pumping my gas in a few years time."

An array of snickers went throughout the class.

"Sorry ma'am I just had to tell him I'm not interested in going to homecoming with him."

"Gerard!" Toro shot trying to keep his voice low.

"You bastard, you wanted me to suck your balls!" Peter yelled.

"Mr. Comrade, Language please," Mrs. Hunter said into her lesson plan.

Gerard turned his direction to the board and ignored the jocks glaring at him.

"You really are a dead man," Toro groaned.
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