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Can it curls

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-08 - Updated: 2007-05-09 - 716 words - Complete

"You did what?" A thin boy cried excitedly.

"No, no Mikey," Toro cut in pointing his fork to the lanky boy, "You're brother may have just killed himself."

"Toro," Gerard said from the side of his mouth, "chill dude."

"Chill!" He screeched, his voice echoing throughout the abandoned tarmac, "I get my glass broken, and you get a death treat," Ray slammed his fork into his rice, "chill is all you can say!?"

"Ray," Mikey interjected, "really it's cool; Gerard pulled that shit all through middle school. And besides," Mikey moved to another subject, "where's Frank, it's not like him to miss lunch."

Gerard sat up from the ground looking around, and then to Mikey and Toro. Both of them stared back. Then, then it hit them. Gerard bolted up, Mikey following; Toro trailing behind.

They found their way to the South End of Graham academy, rows of lockers. A few students still collecting there lunch, some still coming back from classes in the North End. The three boys raced to find him, but alas they heard a loud scream as Frank came bursting forth from a locker. A young woman ran past them almost a blur; she left a distinct trail of peppermint lingering in the air.

"Frank!" Gerard cried, "Dude we were looking all over for you."

"You know how I love to hide," Frank muttered sarcastically, rubbing at his shoulder.

"Josh and cronies shove you into a locker again," Mikey scrambled as he tried to see into the locker, "but why... in Kate's."

"What?" Gerard asked looking to his brother, "What are you talking about?"

"Josh shoved him in Kate's locker."

"What," Frank asked in the same tone; staring to Mikey.

Mikey picked up her books she'd thrown to the floor; pointing to the name on the books.

"I'll say it again, what?" Gerard sighed.

"This is Kate's locker, I have 1st period English with her," He continued, "Josh has the hots for her, but he heard she likes someone else," Mikey bit his lip, "but I see no connection with shoving Frank into her locker."

"Maybe it's me she likes," Frank smiled.

"I think I may vomit," Toro interjected, "if I see you smile like that again."

"No it's not you Frank," Mikey jetted, "she thinks your gay."

"Nice gal," Frank muttered.

"She said he has longish black hair," Mikey removed his glasses rubbing his eye, "so it's probably Gerard."

"What," Gerard shot removing his fingers from his teeth, "she's like your age!"

Mikey put up his hands,
"That's what she said and you are the only dude with long hair."

"She's your age!" Gerard repeated himself.

"Yeah I heard you!" Mikey hissed, "That's who she likes okay!"

Gerard chewed at his lip, placing his hands on his lips looking away to the side. Frank looked outside to the cheerleaders; Ray waiting for someone to say something.

"Let's just put her stuff back in the locker and go," Gerard mumbled.

Mikey nodded placing the books in a middle self and slowly closing the door. The group left to fourth period, gym class. They could never be found in that class; the group was usually out on 6 field playing crochet.

"Shotgun on red ball!" Frank cried digging through the set box.

"Frank it's just a ball," Mikey stated helping Toro hammer in the wickets.

Frank shrugged and grabbed the ball from the case anyways, holding it close to his chest. He looked over to Gerard staring into the West End building. Gerard's hair blowing into his face, his eyes scanning the windows.

"To bad Bob, went into correspondents," Frank muttered attempting to gain Gerard's attention.

"Huh?" Gerard answered spacey.

"Bob, the guy who used to beat the shit out of Josh."

"Yeah, well he'd had enough of high school," Gerard muttered holding the mallet over his shoulder, one hand resting on his pronounced hip.

"Are we still jamming this weekend," Toro asked bent over a crooked wicket, "Can Bob do it?"

Gerard swung his mallet to his side,
"Yeah, if I'm still alive."

"You mean if Josh doesn't get you," Frank placed.

"Yeah, that too," He muttered.

"What?" Mikey asked.

"Mom, she's gonna strangely me about my Chemistry mark."

Toro interjected,
"I repeat myself; you really are a dead man."

"Can it curls."
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