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A little to hectic

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Gerard is moody, and Frank doesn't seem to be helping.

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"The game?" Gerard asked into his phone conversation with Frank, "Friday."

There was some mutterings on the other end.

"I really doubt my mom would let me out for that," He shifted the phone to his other ear, "well...NO!"

There was a teasing voice on the other end.

"GO fuck yourself FRANK!"

Gerard slammed the phone into its cradle, glaring at it. Mikey carefully cleared his throat; stepping into the basement of the house he heard his brother's fist make forceful contact with a wall. He sighed and walked into his room cranking the stereo.

The next day Mikey and Gerard walked to school with Frank. Mikey walked in the middle as it was apparent that Way and Iero were angry with each other. Mikey knew it would pass, but when Toro joined their march Gerard walked ahead with him. Leaving a pissy Frank with Mikey. Mikey groaned lowly.

"Your brother's a prick," sneered Frank.

"What is it now with you too, a misfit shirt?" Mikey asked removing his glasses and cleaning them against his shirt, "a tape?"

"A girl," he muttered.

Mikey stopped walking holding his glasses a few inches from his face, staring ahead to a Gerard in a "Toro" lecture. He glanced to Frank who looked out into an abandon field with tall grass and overgrown shrubs. There was a silence, before the two started to walk again.

"He's all flustered by that Kate chick," Frank gritted scratching his neck roughly, "I teased him about it yesterday on the ph-."

"The phone, yeah he got pretty upset," Mikey cut in, pushing his glasses to his nose, "he's never really had someone crushing on him before."

"We'll why is he all moody, he should be jumping up and down," Frank cried rubbing his hair roughly; messing the bangs, "I would...,"

"Gerard's different; he may think it's just a big joke."

"No, a joke is when you get stuffed into a locker or a bucket of water on top of a doorway falls on you...or a-."

"I think I caught your drift."

"But a crush isn't a joke."

"Everything to Gerard is a joke," Mikey muttered staring ahead to the approaching school.

"Even his friends," Frank asked kicking a pebble on the sideway.

"You maybe," Mikey teased.

Frank punched him roughly in the arm.

"I would kill you if you weren't Gerard's little growth."

"I'm not Gerard's little growth!"

"Then how come you guys are like twins?" Frank maimed throwing his arms to his side.

"He's my brother dip shit."

Frank crossed his eyes, thumping at his chest with the side of his hand. Mikey rolled his eyes as Frank began to walk pigeon toed.

"Like duh!" he flustered through his teeth.

Mikey just shook his head and quickened his pace into the school, leaving frank to walk stupidly after him.

"Bye growth!"

A middle finger was flashed, before the lanky boy dashed into the school. Frank looked over to Gerard, only a glance of black hair was caught as he wrenched open the door and entered. Toro waved slightly and Frank bit his lip; this was a little too hectic.
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