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You are a Homophobe

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Gerard gets a little chat with the Teacher.

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"Gerard," Ray whispered through a row of computers.

Slowly Gerard slid into his view and stared blankly to his friend. Ray quickly looked around and then pulled his day planner into view of Gerard's hazel eyes. Pointing quickly to Saturday, Toro glanced around again.

"Toro," Gerard spoke normally, "I'll be there."

"Mr. Way," a loud voice boomed from the front of the room.

Toro whimpered and shrunk down back into his PowerPoint. Gerard slowly spun in his chair to face his computer tech teacher.

"Yes Mr. Young?" his tone low and disrespectful.

"Is my class getting in the way of your little chat with Mr. Toro?"

Gerard shrugged his shoulders as the middle aged man walked slowly towards him. Mr. Young rubbed at his temples slightly before stopping in front of Gerard's desk.

"Mr. Way, how's the PowerPoint coming?"

"It's not," Gerard muttered pulling the corner of his lip into his mouth, "just like Josh's boyfriend... Peter," He paused and looked over.

Peter's face shrilled into crimson as the class began to laugh hotly at him. Gerard smirked pulling his face into his chest to allow an amount of laughter out. Josh who'd entered the class room after the comment was ushered was filled in by one of his cronies.

"You know Gerard," Josh began before Mr. Young stepped in.

"Perhaps debate class boys, now back to work," the man returned to his desk; before he sat he turned, "Oh and a word after class Gerard."

The bell rung shortly after the excursion and Gerard stayed behind waiting for the teacher at his desk. Mr. Young pulled up a chair from an opposing desk; he got to Gerard's level.

"Gerard," he started, "is there something you should tell me?"

Gerard looked down thinking of anything to say to get out of it, alas nothing came. Looking up to the teachers eyes, he shook his head.

"Gerard," he paused looking to the lone window in the dark computer lab, "many boys get out there sexual frustrations, by placing others in their confusion."

"What?" Gerard cried almost at a laugh.

"Just because you're gay doesn't mean, you have to place others as homosexuals."

"Am I hearing this?" Gerard laughed, "You think I'm gay?"

"Gerard," Mr. Young stated for the umpteenth time, "you are a homophobe."

Gerard began to laugh, his eyes almost at watering point. The teacher sat back.

"You think I'm a homophobe," Gerard squeezed through his mouth, "oh Mr. Young that's rich."

The teacher looked away,
"Gerard, get to your next class."

Gerard left in a complete fit of laughter; he was in such a good he forgot about being angry at Frank and told him the incident. Toro stood from a distance with Mikey.

"I knew it would pass," Mikey muttered bending over to drink from the fountain.

"It always does with those too," Toro replied.
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