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Swing sets

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Gerard and band practice, but when he goes out for a walk who's that girl?

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Gerard rolled to face his brother; his hair hanging in his face and his glasses at the end of his nose. Mikey stared at his older brother.

"Are they all here," Gerard yawned.

"Course they're all here, not much help you are," Mikey shot.
Gerard gave him a look, shoving him roughly.

"I started this band," he snarled.

Mikey rolled his eyes as he left Gerard's room. Gerard stood stretching his arms above his head, scratching at his skull he pulled on a pair of tight jeans. Entering to the breakfast table his band mates sat waiting for him.

"Here," Toro replied holding a cup of fresh coffee, "we stopped at Starbucks."

Gerard took the drink; taking the hot liquid in, he finished in a matter of seconds. The guys stood and soon they all headed to the garage. Plugging in their guitars, basses, mics to amps the boys started to rehearse.

"Good practice," Toro comment as he stood at The Way's door.

"Yeah," Gerard agreed wishing the last member goodbye.

"Goodnight Gerard."

"Night Toro."

Shutting the door, Gerard turned around to Mikey staring at him.

"What," he shot.

"Mom's coming home in a few seconds from work."

"Oh," Gerard replied calming his tone, "I'll be knocking at your window at one."

Turning to grab his coat his brother began to protest.

"Gerard, no way!" he cried, anger rising in his voice.

Gerard zipped up his jacket turning to the door, placing his hand on the knob he rotated it and the door was pulled open,
"Just do it okay!"

Mikey rolled his eyes to his brothers back. He continued through the door closing it roughly behind him; moving behind a dieing bush he ducked down watching his mother's car pull into the drive. She stepped out locking the doors; walking into the house and not turning to see her son jump a chain link fence.

"Phew," Gerard sighed hitting the ground with a light thud.

He stood whipping at his pants, continuing to a park the light began to lesson to a brown dusk color. The air still warm, but chilling to lukewarm as he walked. Gerard took a seat on a swing moving gently almost as if he was suspended in midair. A voice broke him from his trance.

"Hi," it spoke softly.

Gerard turned to see Kate standing there, her nicely brushed hair slightly messed from the blowing wind. He felt his stomach twitch a little.

"Hi," he replied after a long while.

She sat next to him on an adjacent swing; gripping the chains higher than he. Gerard looked to his scruffy converse.

"Out a little late are we?" she asked smiling lightly.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Gerard replied letting his teeth show through a warm smile.

"Older sister wants to control me," Kate answered swinging slightly, "you?"

"Failed Chemistry test."

"You?" She shot quickly.

Gerard gave a weak smile.

"But you're on the science time," she said staring a head to the empty playground, "that doesn't make any sense."

"Yeah," Gerard muttered, "I guess I don't want to be on the team anymore."

"Shame," Kate replied.

Their was a silence between them; Gerard swallowed loudly. The light lessoned more and more as the seconds flew by.

"I guess I'll have to come here to try and talk."

"What?" Gerard stated looking to her.

"I always thought you stayed after to talk to people, but Mr. Barton always said you we're long gone," She paused and licked her lips, "and you don't do tutoring."

Gerard looked back down to his feet.

"You're hard to get a hold of."

"You're not following me are you?" Gerard said slowly, pulling his glance to hers.

"No," She said moving to stance, "I just want to talk to you."


She let her hand in front of hers; offering it to Gerard. He stood instead.

"You're the one person who doesn't seem to care about the high school scene," she paused again moving closer to him, "it's something refreshing."

Gerard blushed and turned to hid it. Kate moved from the swing box to the park gate she paused at the entrance.

"Kate," Gerard called, he didn't know what he was doing.

"Yes Gerard."

"Let me...let me walk you home."

They stood in front of her walk; Gerard's protective arm was removed from her shoulders.

"I guess you can make it from here?" he said looking down to his feet yet again.

"Yeah," she replied smiling; placing a hand on his shoulder, "thank you."

"No problem."

She moved up to her home and went inside; Gerard carried on home. For the first time in a while, he felt...good.
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