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The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

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It wasn't that Melody Porter loved keeping secrets. She was simply used to it.

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So, this chapter's shorter than most of the other ones, but it's a little bit of an insight into the reasons why Melody is the way she is. I hope this is it goes.

title credit goes to Louis XIV...such cool guys, met them in detroit.

The first time someone met Melody Porter, there was generally only one thing they noticed.

Well, two, technically speaking.

But when they got to know her, something else could easily be realized.

Melody Porter loved keeping secrets.

Well, maybe it wasn't that she loved them. She just had a lot of practice with them.

At age 2, she began her life of deceit.

Her mother would ask, "Melody, do you have to go potty?"

And she, of course, would shake her head because...why would she have to do all the work herself when she could get someone to do it for her?

So, she would say no and her mother would believe her.

10 minutes later, it would be a different story.

By age 6, she learned that, if you want something bad enough, you have to get it for yourself.

So, she would take some cookies from Frank's lunch, Lucy's new doll that her own mother refused to purchase, and other things that were simply out of reach.

And when the teacher would explain that stealing wasn't nice and it wasn't fair and ask who had done it, Melody would be silent.

When she was 9, she saw Daddy at the office with someone sitting on his lap, laughing with her blonde hair resting on Daddy's shoulder.

Someone who definitely wasn't Mommy.

Then, when Mommy went off on a business trip a week later, not-Mommy came to the house, and Melody had to spend the night at Grandma's.

And, for the first time, Melody learned that your secrets can earn you $5 a week, especially when you don't tell Mommy about Daddy's new friend.

At 13, Daddy and not-Mommy (whose name was Lola) drove away from the house with all of Daddy's things in the back seat.

Daddy didn't even bother saying goodbye to Mommy; he just kissed Melody on the cheek and told her to take care of her Mother because he just couldn't anymore.

And as Mommy stood at the door, eyes swollen and bloodshot, Melody realized that the secret college fund under her bed was news for another time.

As she got older, Melody realized that she wanted to be an actress. That was her destiny.

But she thought she should just omit that little detail when speaking with her mom. You see, her father had been an actor, and ever since he had left, Melody's mom was convinced that Hollywood was hell.

And in the end, it was.

Because Melody's secret dream had lead her here to California.

And now, she was keeping a completely different secret.

"Yeah mom, I can't wait to be a great lawyer" sounded a hell of a lot better than "Yeah mom, the adult film industry is really banging these days, no pun intended."

Melody's life of secrets had led her to one big conclusion.

If no one knows who you really are, then no one can hurt you.

But it turns out, someone can hurt you.


How would it feel to look in the mirror and see nothing? See a girl who used to have dreams, ambitions, hell, morals?

So, now because of Brendon Urie and his charming smile, she was stuck here, screwing Ryan Ross for money and glory.

What she didn't know was that she was about to be the one getting screwed.

The end is near, methinks!!! Actually, I have no earthly idea when or even how I'm going to end this, but I'm working on it. I have a shape of an idea, I guess. So, yeah....that wasn't at all an answer to your question if this is getting to the end or

So, I hope this chapter gave you a good insight into who Melody is. I'm trying to make her more of a developed character and not just a no name face sort of if you could leave me reviews, that would be super.

Also, go read my latest masterpiece "His Birthday Wish" and anything else I've written that you haven't reviewed and I'll love you forever. Not that I don't already.
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