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The Beginning of the End

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If you had just said those three little words to him, maybe it wouldn't have had to be this way.

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So I always thought it would be cool to have chapters of a story dedicated to me because I am a loyal reader to the story (cuz I'm just that nerdy, I suppose...)

Anyhoo, I've decided to start doing that because as much as you guys appreciate me, I think you need some appreciation as well. So, here we go. drumroll, please

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"I can't do this anymore."

Brendon Urie looked up from the magazine he was reading and stared at the girl in the mirror, frozen and staring eerily at her own reflection.

"Excuse me?"

"Do you know my mom thinks I'm out here in law school? Do you know my father left us when I was 13? Do you know that I'm all she's had since then? I can't disappoint her, and that's what I'm doing here, Brendon. I need to go to school, and I need to stop lying!"

"So, you decided that now would be the best time to develop a conscience? Right now, in the middle of the biggest scam any of us have ever even attempted to pull off?"

Melody threw up her hands, exasperated as she fell down on the dressing room couch next to him, speaking into the cushions.

"I don't know why I feel this way now, all I know is that I can't lie to him anymore."

She heard the sound of crinkling paper, and when she looked up, Brendon was smiling and holding a 50 in front of her face.

"This make your lies a little easier to bear?"

She needed that money. She hadn't been able to make a film in over a month and she was starting to get low on money. She wasn't going to be able to pay for the rent in the apartment she wasn't living in much longer if she didn't take it. So, she snatched it out of his hand, but glared.

"No. How about yours?"

"Do you think this is fun for me, Melody? Wanting what I can't have?"

"You're in it for the chase, Brendon. You can't honestly tell me that you want to be with Ryan for the rest of your life."

"Maybe I do."

"Then, why don't you just tell him? Love is about sacrifices."

"Exactly. Which is why he needs to sacrifice his pride and admit to me what I so clearly feel in return."

Melody scoffed and grabbed the magazine from his hands just as Spencer was walking in.

"What's going on in here?"

"Melody's being a bitch."

"Brendon's being an ass."

Spencer shrugged and turned toward the mirror.

"So I see nothing's changed with you two."

Brendon shook his head and walked out of the room, leaving the best friend and the girlfriend alone.

"Why are you okay with this, Spencer? He's your best friend."

"I know, but when this whole thing first started, Brendon made it sound so good. I was sick of them sneaking around and lying, wanting to fuck each other when we were all together. The tension was just too much. So Brendon said his scheme was foolproof and it would be over in 2 weeks tops. How could I not want happiness for Ryan? So, I agreed."

"So, why don't you just tell him now? I mean, Brendon's plan clearly isn't working anymore."

"Ryan's not just going to tell Brendon he loves him. That's a big deal and Ryan doesn't do anything without thinking it through."

"Well, I'm sorry, but if you're not going to tell him, then I am. Let him blame everything on me. I don't care anymore."

Melody started to get up and walk out of the room to search for Ryan, but Spencer reached for her arm and held her wrist lightly.

"Please don't. You said it yourself, he's my best friend, and if he finds out I've been doing this to him, I won't have a best friend anymore. So, please...he'll say it soon. Just give him a little more time."

For the first time, Melody noticed something in the plan that she had never seen before. She noticed it in Spencer's eyes, in the way he talked about his friendship with Ryan.


She felt him drop her wrist as she gave a small smile and shrugged.

"Okay. I'll wait, but it's for you. Not for Brendon."

He smiled back.

"It's a deal."
A few days later, Melody was sitting on the plush bus couch, eating a Slim Fast bar and lazily watching Brendon and Spencer play Guitar Hero when her phone rang. The bus was coming to a stop and the boys wandered off to stretch their legs and get some candy. But Melody walked quietly out of the bus and answered the call which read: Mom.

"Hey, mommy, what's up?"

"Don't give me that shit, Melody Anne."

"Mom! What's going on?"

"Your father called."

Melody almost fell over in shock, but instead, she found a park bench and sat down to steady herself.

"He what? Are you sure it was him?"

"I was married to the man for thirteen years. I'm pretty sure I can recognize his voice."

"Okay, I'm sorry. So what did he call for?"

"Oh, I don't know, Melody! Maybe because he saw one of your movies!"

Suddenly, it was like the world froze. Melody felt sick to her stomach and she could barely breathe, let alone defend her actions to her hysterical mother.

"I trusted you! You told me you were going to California to be a lawyer, to make something of yourself! And now, I talk to the man I've hated for a good part of my life only to find out that he's watching perverted pornotrash starring his daughter! Do you have any idea how foolish I feel?"

"Mom, I'm..."

"Don't you dare say you're sorry. Unless you're in some illegal sex ring and you're being forced to do this, I don't want to hear any excuses from you. You're just like him, Melody, only he had the balls to admit his lies! You're a coward, a liar, and a whore and I don't ever want to hear from you again!"

Click. Melody sat in shock, listening as the receiver went dead and finally, dropping the phone on the grass, not caring if it shattered. After a few seconds, she collapsed into a heap of tears, bringing her hands to her face and violently shaking. She heard hurried footsteps moving toward her, but didn't look up to find out who they belonged to.

"Baby, what's going on?"

Ryan's voice was completely caring and sympathetic, and that just made her lose it even more. Her mother was right. She was a coward and a liar to her and she was the exact same way toward Ryan. But how had she even gotten here, to making the same mistake twice?

Brendon. Fucking Brendon Urie.

And, suddenly, it became all too clear how she could fix this. She wasn't going to ruin another life with her lies.

"Ryan, I've got something to tell you."
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