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All you need is love....

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heyy I thought the episode all you need is love should have ended like this.

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Delilah and Julius ran into eachothers arms. Their hug was so passionet, all the worry for eachother was over, for now at least.

"Oh god Delilah, I'm so glad your okay" Julius said hugging her tighter.

"I'd never leave you Julius" she said nuzzling her head into his shirt. He started to rub her back slowly.

"Delilah I promised I'd tell you something if you got out okay" he started pulling away slightly

"what is it juls?" Delilah asked. He took her hands,

"Delilah I love you" he said smiling. She beamed and jumped into his arms.

"I love you too Julius" she said. They pulled apart and looked deeply into eachothers eyes. Un-noticed by them Agent Smith and Al were watching them intently. Al stood there smiling, he was happy they finally opened their eyes to eachother.

Delilah and Julius began to lean in. They leaned in until their lips met in a passionet kiss. Delilah's arms made their way around his neck, her foot even popped. Julius' arms went around her waist holding her tight. He began to kiss her with more passion than before, he couldn't stop he wanted this for too long. His tounge slowly made it's way into her mouth, he heard her moan. They parted for air for a slipt second, then kissed once more. They pulled apart only this time he put his arm around her waist and they walked back to the plane.

On the plane ride Delilah fell asleep in Julius' arms, and soon after he fell asleep as well. when they landed Scarlette came on to greet them. She went onto the plane and saw them slepping sweetly in eachothers arms.

"Hey sugars, wake up" she said softly. They both groaned. Delilah snuggled futher into Julius' shirt, he inturn held her closer and nuzzled his head into her hair. Scarlette smiled and went to the cockpit where Al was.

"where are Delilah and Julius man?" he asked

"I want to show you smoething that will just make your heart melt" she said dragging him to the back of the plane wher Delilah and Julius were alseep.

Al looked at themsleeping sweetly, wrapped in eachothers arms. Julius had his head burried in her hair and was holding her as close as possible. Delilah had her head burried in his shirt and she was curled up in a ball in his arms. Al smiled at the young agents.

"what happened when they were on the mission?" Scarlette asked

"oh not much" Al said looking at his agents once more before leaving them to their sweet dreams.
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