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Silver Garland and late days.

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There is nothing like silver garland and late days to tell you what its all about.

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So now that finals are done and over with, I have a little bit more time to do some updating, but don't get too excited, summer school starts in ten days and I'm moving next week so maybe not but enjoy!!
P.S. I'm super excited to announce that I'm going to publish a new story, it's going to be awesome and you are all going to love it, until then!!

'Mommy is still sleeping buddy, you have to quiet.' Brendon whispered as he walked down the hall with his son, 'She had a pretty intense work out last night, she needs the rest.'

Brendon walked into the master bedroom with Thomas in his arms. He set Thomas into his walker as he opened another box to unpack. Thomas ran around the room bumping into walls and the bed lying on the floor as Chelsea continued to sleep. Thomas looked at his mom and smiled as he walked over to the bed. He bumped into the bed trying continuously to get to his mother. Brendon sat on the floor in front of a box watching as he reached for his sleeping mother. He watched as Thomas became distressed at not being able to reach her. He looked over at his dad with his arms above his head as tears formed in his beautiful blue eyes. Brendon got up and walked over to him as Thomas continued to reach for him. Brendon sat down on the bed putting Thomas down between himself and his sleeping wife. Thomas smiled and crawled over to lay down by her. Brendon smiled as he watched his son play around his mother. It was amazing to him how someone so small could be so attached to a woman like Thomas was.

Chelsea rarely went anywhere with out Thomas, they were always together; laughing or playing or just loving each other. Brendon felt pretty blessed to have them in his life but nothing would prepare him for their next obstacle.

'Hey sweetheart.' Chelsea smiled as she slowly woke up to find Thomas' butt in her face.

'Hey you're awake.' Brendon said softly.

'Sorry I slept so late, I was pretty worn out by five o'clock this morning.'

'I'm not complaining.' Brendon smiled.

Chelsea got up off the bed and walked into the bathroom. The bathroom still hadn't been put together; the walls were a darkish gray color while everything else was white. Chelsea loved it. It held a large soaking tub as well as a glass shower with two shower heads. A room for the toilet and his and her disappearing sinks with a large vanity along with while cabinets. As Chelsea finished peeing she remembered. She walked out of the bathroom with a confused look.

'Brendon what is today?' she asked.

'It's Sunday.'

'No I mean the date.' She asked sitting on the bed.

'The twelfth.' He said as she lay down next to Thomas.

'Great.' She mumbled.


'I'm a day late.' She said soothing Thomas' hair back.

'A day late for what?' Brendon asked.

'I'm late Brendon, late.'

'So what the hell does that mean? What are you late for?'

'Brendon, my period was supposed to start yesterday.' She said as Thomas crawled over towards Brendon.

'So doesn't that happen like all the time?'

'NO!' Chelsea stressed, 'The only time it's happened was right before I found out I was pregnant with this little one.'

'Wait, you're pregnant again?'

'No, I don't know, I'm late on my period.'

'I wish you would stop saying the 'P' word.'

'Brendon, don't be such a baby, you know it happens, you complain about it every month.'

'Yeah but we don't have to discuss it.'

'You're a baby.'

'I'm your baby.' He smiled.

'No he's my baby.' Chelsea smiled as Thomas crawled back up from the foot of the bed. Brendon pouted as Chelsea kissed her son, 'But you are my lover.'

'I can deal with that.' He smiled.

'Get up we have to put up a Christmas tree.' Chelsea said.

'Why?' Brendon whined as Thomas held his hands up for his mom to hold him.

'Because Thomas needs a Christmas tree for his first Christmas.' Chelsea said as she walked out of the room.

'So what is the plan for Christmas? I mean I'm assuming both sets of parents are planning something.' Brendon said as he and Chelsea sorted through Christmas lights and such while Thomas played in the garland.

'I don't know, I haven't talked to either of them today, I know I have to go to mass as usual, I was thinking of taking Thomas with me, what do you think?'

'He'll probably sleep through it.'

'Yeah, I guess you're right.'

'You go to mass with your parents and I'll stay home with Thomas.'

''Are you sure?'

'Babe you act like I'm a babysitter, of course I'm sure, he is my son too you know.'

'I know.' She said looking over at him.

'Alright well we need to talk to the parental units sometime today and figure out what they have planned.'

'I'll call them in a little while after I unwind your son from the silver garland he's suck in.' Chelsea said as Thomas began to cry trying to rid himself of the silver strings.

''Hey mom.' Chelsea said into the phone as Thomas and Brendon took their afternoon naps.

'Hi sweetheart how's the unpacking coming?' she asked.

'It's on a stand still, the boys are asleep.'

'That's okay, it's good for them.'

'Hey listen, Brendon and I were talking about Christmas this morning and we were wondering what you and dad had planned.' Chelsea said sitting down on the couch.

'Well sweetie, I guess we're just planning on doing the usual this year, Brad will be here with his new girlfriend so we're having a family dinner as usual.'

'What day?'

'I think we're having ours on Christmas day and Brendon's parents are having their dinner on Christmas Eve.'

'Alright, I'll call Brendon's parents in a little while.'

'Honey you sound exhausted.'

'Just a little stressed that's all.' Chelsea said softly.

'Well get some rest honey, I'll call you later.'

'Okay I will.'

'Love you sweetie.'

'Love you too mom bye.' Chelsea said before she hung up the phone. Chelsea set the phone down and walked up the stairs and into their bedroom where Brendon was a sleep with his hand on Thomas' stomach while Thomas slept soundly next to him. Chelsea kicked off her shoes and lay down in bed next to them. She kissed Thomas forehead followed by Brendon's lips before she laid her head down on the pillow and shut her eyes.
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