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A walk in the park. . .

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Brendon and Chelsea take a quiet strolle in the park.

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Whoa! Two updates in one night? I must really love you guys!!

'So what did our parents say?' Brendon asked as they walked around the park with Thomas in his stroller and their new dog, Ralph the rot whielller, on his leash.

'Your parents are having Christmas dinner and all that great stuff on Christmas Eve and want us there about four. My parents are going to mass at mid night on Christmas Eve and want us there at two o'clock Christmas day both sets of parents want Thomas at the house.'

I'm sure we can manage that.' Brendon said as Thomas flailed his arms around from inside the stroller, 'Are you feeling okay?'

'I'm just really tired.' Chelsea said as they switched so Chelsea was walking Thomas and Brendon walked the dog.

'We have some Christmas shopping to do; do you want to do that today? I bet I could get my parents to keep the little stinker, I'm not sure we would get much shopping done with him with us.'

'Sure.' Chelsea said.

'Okay I'll call them when we get home.' Brendon said as Chelsea pulled up to a bench to take Thomas out of the stroller so he could swing in one of the baby seats.

Thomas sat in the swing as Chelsea pushed him a little bit, he giggled as Brendon made faces at him, 'Hey Tommy want to see something really funny?' Brendon asked as Chelsea stood next to him. Thomas giggled as Brendon grabbed Chelsea and dropped her into a dip and planted a passionate kiss right on her lips in front of their son. Brendon stood Chelsea back up right and looked at his son who was giving his parents a look that said, 'I don't know what you just did but it was weird.' Chelsea laughed as she walked over and pulled Thomas out of the swing. Ralph got up off the grass and walked over to the stroller as Chelsea put Thomas back into the stroller so they could go home.

'I really like this dog.' Chelsea said as Thomas looked at the dog and the dog stared right back at the baby. Thomas laughed before Ralph licked his face.

'Me too, he's going to be good with the kids.'

'The kids?'

'Yes the kids, Thomas is almost 18 months.' Brendon smiled.

'Brendon he's not even a year old yet.'

'I can think he is, stop bursting my bubble.' Brendon said as he took Ralph as they got back on the path to the car.

Ralph jumped into the back of the SUV as Chelsea put Thomas into his seat while he started to cry, he hates the seat, 'Baby don't cry, you won't be in here long.' Chelsea said before she shut the door while Brendon got into the driver's seat.

'Brendon.' Chelsea began as she looked over at him.

'Yeah baby.'

'I don't have a car.' She said.

'I know that.'

'Well, we better figure it out soon or we're going to have a problem with this car situation when Thomas and I go back to school in the spring.'

'Don't worry, I have a plan.' He smiled.

'Whatever.' Chelsea said looking out the window.

'Hey.' He said taking her hand as he was stopped at a red light. Chelsea turned to look at him as he leaned over and kissed her softly, 'you're beautiful, I love you.'

Chelsea smiled and kissed him again before hearing a car honk behind them. Brendon turned back to the road and started home again.


'So we have the guys presents, our parents, brothers, sister, who are we missing?' Chelsea asked as she and Brendon walked around buying Christmas presents.

'We don't have anything for Thomas.' Brendon said.

'I know, that's going to take us a while, I don't even know what to get him.'

'I'm sure we'll find something, don't worry about it baby.' Brendon said as he held her hand while the continued their shopping trip.

'Hey babe, will you drop me off at Ryan's?' Brendon asked on their way home.

'What for?'

'I have a few more presents to get.' Brendon smirked.


'Yours, I haven't gotten you anything yet.'

'Okay I guess.'

'It's probably about time for Thomas to take a nap, I'll be home by the time he gets up and then we can go out for dinner, how does that sound?'

'It works.'

Chelsea drove over to Ryan's house where both Ryan and Spencer were waiting for him, Chelsea gave him a look before Brendon smiled at her, 'I have to have a second opinion you know.' He joked before leaning over and giving her a soft, sweet kiss and getting out of the car, 'See you in a couple of hours.' He winked. Chelsea rolled her eyes and backed out of the drive way to head for Brendon's parents house to get their son.


'So what's first?' Ryan asked as they started their shopping.

'Chelsea needs a car.' Brendon said.

'What are you thinking?' Ryan asked.

'Well she needs a car big enough to take possibly two car seats in and a big dog so I think an SUV...'

'Wait two car seats?'

'I'm trying to get Chelsea to try for baby number two.' Brendon confessed.

'Are you kidding me, you're crazy.'

'I love kids, I've decided that. Thomas is amazing, he makes me feel alive.'

'Well you may be alive but you're insane.'

'Well at least I have Thomas.' Brendon said.

'So what kind of car?'

'I'm thinking an SUV, I think a Yukon.'

'Let's go.' Ryan said.

'Can I help you guys?' sales men asked as Brendon, Ryan, and Spencer looked at a Yukon at the dealership.

'Actually,' Brendon said looking at Ryan before the man who was walking over, 'A few weeks ago I wrecked my wife's car, she's been driving my car since then but she really needs a car of her own so I was thinking about a Denali.'

'Well what kind of package are you looking for?' he asked.

'I want everything on it, I don't really care how much it costs, she's worth it.' Brendon said.

'Do you want to special order one?'

'Not really, I need it here by Christmas.' Brendon said.

'Well here is what I can do for you, I can have you fill out an order sheet and then I can call around to different dealerships and have one brought to us by Christmas.' He said.

'That would be fantastic.' Brendon smiled.

Three hours later, Brendon bounced into the house happier then he had been all day. He had blown more money in those three hours then he had in almost an entire year but that was usually the case when it came to Chelsea. It made him happy to spoil her.

'What are you so happy about?' she asked as he walked into the kitchen, picked her up, and put her on the counter.

'I just bought you some Christmas presents.' He sang.

'You did?' she asked.

'uh huh.'

'Well what are they?'

'I can't tell you, it would ruin the surprise and you know how I am about those nights I give you surprises.' He smiled.

'Brendon, I hate surprises.'

'You'll love these though besides I've never given you a bad surprise.'

'Well Thomas was a surprise.'

'He was the best of all.' Brendon said before cutting off the conversation with his cherry red, plump lips on hers.
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