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Chapter 1

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Jessicas POV
::Get a New Daddy Get a New Dadd-::
"Hello" I said into my cell.
"Hey Is umm Frank There?"I heard a mans voice say. I was shocked. Who was Frank?
"May I ask who is speaking please"I said a little weirded out.
"Its Mikey" He said on the other end. I was shocked It couldnt be Mikey as in Mikey Way.
"Mikey what"I asked
"Mikey Way"He said. I smiled and squeeled.
"Umm Sorry but you have the wrong number. But it was nice to talk to you. and well um Your Music saved my life. Bye"I said about to hang up. I screamed Before Realizing that i didnt hang up yet. I picked the phone back up and smiled.
"HAHAHA I can tell your a BIG fan." He said emphisizing the Word Big.I nodded then realized i was on the phone.
"Uh huh. Me and my friends love you." I said. My door opend and i shushed my friends. They gave me a weird look. I mouthed Mikey Way. But they didnt believe me.
"Hey mikey. My friends dont believe im talking to you right now so can you say hi to them. I'll Put you on speaker." I said. I put the phone on speaker and smiled.
"Hey"He said.. Their mouthes dropped. I knew what was next.
"MIKEY COVER YOUR EARS!"I yelled into the phone. My friends started Jumping up and Down. I joined them. Wait I forgot were going to a show tonight.
"Wait. Were Going to Go see MCR tonight."I said not really talking to anyone inparticular.
"ORLY"Mikey said over the phone.
"Yeah. Well we gotta go. See ya."We all said in unison.
"Bye. Wait i want you to talk to someone"He said .
"HI!"He yelled.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH"me and my friends screamed.
"We gotta Go but i'll look for you in the crowd. What will you guys be wearing?" He asked.
"Our matching Mcr shirts and we will all have tha same hairstyle plus we will all have our arms interlocking.K! SEE YA" I said and hung up. After that we all screamed.My rents were gone for about 2 years. They were shooting a movie AGAIN. So We were alone thank god. We would have gotten sooo busted if they were there.


We WEre all dressed and ready to go to the concert. We got into the cab and drove to the venue. OMG we were there! it was amazing. We interlocked our arms and started to skip.
"Wait I need to catch my breath!"I said taking out my inhaler. I took a Puff of it.
"Jessica you really shouldnt smoke when you have asthma"RyRe said. I shook my head.
"Im OK really" I said joining them once again. WE stood in line to get in when i felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Hey."He said. It was a mans voice and i got even more scared.
"Stay away from me creep." I said my tone was Harsh and Cold.
"Hay im Mikey not Creep!" He said. I turned around and smiled. I hit my friends shoulder without breaking my gaze from mikey.
"WHAT" She Yelled. She turned around and gasped. I was in complete shock.

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