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Chapter 2

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Erm Hi Mikey Way

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"Erm Hi Mikey"KAYkay said. He smiled and handed us a Necklace thingie.

"Whats this?" I asked him. He was so hot. He had glasses Just like me. Every single one of my friends say i would make a good couple with him. I just laugh whenever thay say that. Everyone knows I like Hunter. I've had a crush on him since seventh grade.

"There Backstage passes for you and your friends. Oh Whats your name so i can tell the guards to let you in?" He asked Me.

"Im Leigh this is KAYkay that is K-Dish and that is RyRe. And yes me and her are twins so dont ask. But im the oldest!!! nanananana! Ohhh bulloks Hold on Hunters calling me."I said . I walked about two feet away from them but just pretended i was on the phone with hunter. I didnt want to Bug them to much.

"So what did They Tell You." I said walking back over to them. They smiled.

"Ohh just About that time when you took a Picture of Me and some fan girl and taped your head on hers and then wrote; MRS. and MR. MIKEY WAY; Over it."Mikey said. I blushed like crazy.

"THAT WAS ONE TIME... or maybe two" I said blushing. He smiled.

"I was just joking. He said. I felt my pale cheeks get warmer. I was blushing like crazy. Mikey left then we walked into the areana. WE were one of the first people there. We walked out onto the floor area and got front row seats. I smiled while I watched everyone play with passion. Half WAy Through the concert My phone started to vibrate. I took it out to see I got a New text.

Leigh, Mikey WAy told me to tell you to get backstage right now.

"HEy I got a text telling us to go backstage. WE better go" I yelled over the screaming crowd. WE walked out of the hot Areana and walked towards the stage door. I was majorly flushed. WE walked up to the dorr. I was about to knock but as i went to the door swung open and someone pulled me inside. I looked up and saw...

"BERT!?... BERT McCRACKEN?!?!" He ran. I think He thought a Was some rabid fan girl. Why does everyone think that. Wait i am some rabid fan girl. Nevermind. Well we got backstage and sat down. Rightas we did we got pulled back up. WE were pulled onstage. Mikey walked up towards the Mic.

"Hello!NEW JERSEY!" He yelled. Everyone screamed. "Well im gonna tell you a story ok!!!croud screams Ok once their was a Price. And the price was trying to find his friend frank raises his hand and so he called his friend but accidentally typed the numbers wrong. So he was calling and the ringback tone was 'Get a new Daddy Get a New daddy Police will take them away in a caddy' Then someone picked up. They had a Strong New Jersey accent (and yes people from N.J. have an accent i should now im from N.J.) And they said hi Gerard waves over dramaticly And she was a Fan. Now guess what call it LUCKY! crowd screams LUCKY The Prince and The damsel in Distress are here!!!Croud screams I AM PRICE MIKEY! and this is The damsel in distress."He said as he pulled me into a hug. I was shocked but i soon returned the hug."HER NAME IS LEIGH"The crowd screamed more. Just then Mikey looked at me. Before I new it we were...

SYR bout the cliff hanger. But i have to get off of the puter right now. and I will write the rest of the chapter tonight!

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