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Chapter 3

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A/N: I hope you like it pplz!!

Kissing on stage. His toung swiped across my bottom lip and begged for entrance. I let it enter my mouth . WoWiE he was a great kisser. We totally forgot that we were onstage until we heard OOOOOOOO's and Your So Lucky!'s. We parted and laughed. I went back backstage and laughed. My Friends looked at me with their mouths wide open.

"What?" I asked. They smiled and Jumped up and down.

"OMG you just Made ouit With MICHEAL JAMES WAY! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG!"RyRe Yelled. My phone started to vibrate. WE all laughed and I answered.

"Hello?" I said

"JESSICA!!!!!!"I heard. It was Hunter.

"HUNTER!!!!!!"I yelled back into the phone.

"OK well where are you im bored and i have nothing to do!!"He said in a whiny voice.

"Shut up. Hey I gotta Go Hunty. Stop it Mikey !!!!!"I said as i hung up.

Mikey was trying to kiss me. He smiled.

"Leigh will you go out with me?"He asked. Wait. MIKEY WAY JUST ASKED ME OUT. I screamed then realized I was 17. He was what 22 at the time.

"Mikey I cant. Im only 17 and plus we just met. I dont think its a good idea."I said looking at him. Just then I realized my b-day was in like 2 days. I jumped up and down.

"Ohh Ok but i dont get why your so happy."He said . I pounced on him and kissed him.

"My b-day is in TWO days!"I screamed. He smiled and then kissed my neck. Mikey was seriously like making out with my neck. I smiled and pushed him off of me.

"Mikey its not my birthday yet. Shame on you. BAD BOY!" I shouted.

"Im sorry. Shame on me. Im such a BAD BOY!"He said seductivly. I smiled and went back to making out with him.

A/N:Ok I know its short but im having major writers black. Its so not funny.
P.S. Save a Board. Ride a Skater!LOL
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