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chapter 4

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It was just a dream. Or was it?

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"Jessica wake up!"I heard someone yell. I woke up and looked around. I remembered last night and wondered if it was a dream or not. I got up and Jumped in the shower. I got up and put my hair up and a tee shirt. I got my favorite underwear on. They said 'property of MR. Way' on them. I walked down stairs and sat on the couch.

"Hey what day is it?" I asked Avery. She looked at the calender.

"Its May 12th why?" She asked. I looked at her.

"Wait so the MCR concert is tomorrow?"I asked. She nodded and left. I looked back at the t.v. I was thinking if i should answer the phone tomorrow or not. I was in deep thought when i heard my phone ring.

"Chello? chessica chere"I said in my fake surfer voice.

"Yello. Yessica its hunty" Hunter said into the phone. I smiled and turned on the t.v.

"Hey Shnuckums."I said.

"So whats up anything interesting happen lately?"He asked.

"Yeah actually I had a Very weird dream. I was home alone and I was watching SURS. My phone started ringing and i picked it up."I was cut off by hunter

"WO THAT IS STRANGE!"He yelled sarcastically.

"OK well i picked it up and some guy asked if frank was here. I said no and asked who was speaking. He said Mikey way. Well we ended up meeting him up at the concert and he asked me out. But that's when Kelsey woke me up. I hate my room Mates."I said.

"OH k now that is weird. Well sweetie pie i gotta go.Ill call you later. Bye bye baby baby goodbye baby baby bye bye.( bay city rollers. My moms obsessed wit that song and I like it cuz its in Love Actually)

"Bye bye Baby"I said. Me and him came up with nicknames for each other that i loved. He was my best friend.We went out in 8th grade but then i Broke up with him. I felt so bad for doing that though. I loved him really. I hung up and turned the t.v. up.

"Jessica Were gonna go to hot topic. Wanna come? WAIT you are coming we can get a discount if you come." Karli said. I got up and put my Plugs in. I put my Black and Red wife Beater on. I loved that thing cuz it showed off my MCR tattoo. We got in the car and drove to Hot Topic.


We were walking around looking at stuff. I went over to the section where they have all the MCR stuff and i started looking around. I pretty much owned everything in that store already but I could have always missed something. I looked around and Accidentally bumped into somebody.

"I'm so Sorry" I said picking up stuff that they dropped.

"Its OK it was my fault."They said helping me. I gave them the stuff and walked away. "Excuse me but i couldn't help but notice Your MCR tattoo."He said walking up to me. I smiled and turned around.

"I'm a fan. I also have a FOB tattoo and A P!ATD tattoo and an A.F. I Tattoo too. What about you?"I said as i turned to see him. He was wearing a scarf, sunglasses, skinnys, an Iron Maiden tee and some Vans. He reminded me of Gerard way. I smiled and walked away yet again. He pulled on my wrist and i yelped in pain. He had a weird look on his face and took my wrist bands off. He looked at my wrists and gasped. I pulled away then turned around. 'Wow that was weird' I thought to myself as I walked towards my friends.

and just a reminder... Save a skateboard ride a skater!
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