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you say that we're all tied up and wrapped around in usless states of mind [[but at the same time we're still young]]

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Hanna Lynn was an eighteen year old, straight out of high school who dreamed of making it big; just starting off her life on her own. She had her fair share of one-night stands and un-meaningful ho...

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I can't remember much from that night. The weather was foggy, and there was a comfortable warmth that filled the air. I looked up at the boy who was holding my side so loosely, so shyly; it was strange that he would even be comfortable touching me at all. But something about him, something about the way he moved and the way he looked just shouted out confidence.

As I stared into his eyes, they seemed to burst with light and energy with each exploding firework that lit up the night sky. His eyes soon motioned down and met mine, a smile crossing his serious expression, making him look even more irresistible. He gave my hand a slight squeeze before bringing his eyes back up to the sky. "See that star?" he said softly as he pointed to the seemingly brightest star that was just off to the left. "That's going to be our star."

Just him saying 'our' seemed to make my heart skip a beat; that he referred to the two of us as more then just separate people. I nodded slightly, being somewhat out of breath just thinking about how easily it was to fall in love with this boy. "Perfect", I smiled; noticing the warmth of his breath hit the back of my neck as he pulled me in closer.

"Yeah you are."

That night was nothing more then a surreal, wonderful, horrible, amazing experience. Of course, you can probably guessed what had happened. We had sex, we fucked, we made love, whatever you want to call it, we did it, and it was nothing short of expectation. The only thing that wasn't how I expected was the morning after, when I woke up, shocked, to be alone. I wasted the rest of my vacation sobbing and feeling sorry for myself, wishing that he would come back to me. But eventually the tears stopped, and I realized that summer romances were never anything like the real thing, that every boy was the same. That they were either good or bad and never both, never able to change; and never ever would George Ryan Ross be able to change my mind and prove myself wrong about him, because I would never give him the chance.


I woke up uneasily, sometime around two o' clock in the afternoon, after a long night of heavy drinking. This was how pretty much all my summer mornings looked. Sharing an apartment with four other people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two, you really didn't have to worry about boring nights.

There was Darcy Ferro, the 18-year-old, 5'4 dark chestnut haired beauty. Her skin was lightly tanned and her eyes were an intense shade of blue highlighted lightly with a soft yellowish color. Abused as a child, she was surprisingly very sweet and kind; always willing to listen to other peoples' problems. She had a very unique small-town-country-girl personality; and dreamed nothing more then making it big and going off to Hollywood or New York. She was very thin, actually only about 105 pounds. It wasn't like she was like that naturally either; she starved herself, often for days at a time, striving to reach her goal weight. She was still lovely beyond anyone else I think I'd ever seen, but she would have been even more beautiful if she put on ten pounds or so.

Chase Henderson was next on the list. He really seemed to be the all American boy, with his impressive sports résumé and high expectations to make it into the NFL from his father. He was also an 18 year old straight out of high school, who was also quite a looker. He was one of those guys who were stuck in the high school trend, still being absolutely obsessed with the whole Hollister look, but you had to give him credit, he could pull it off. He was tall, and very toned with a California tan and somewhat long wavy hair. He looked like one of those surfer boys who hung out at the beach the whole day. He was fairly superficial and actually really stupid, but he was pretty fun to party with.

Next there was Henry "Speed" Channing. That kid was truely amazing. He was just a bubbly, hyper wound up piece of work, and probably one of the best human beings on the planet. He had a heart of gold and a brain to match, caring as much for himself as others. He was a slighty tall, rather thin twenty one year old, nearly six feet and had jet black, pin straight hair that went down just below his chin that was always done differently. His attire consisted mainly of band t-shirts and tight jeans, that mostly came from the female section. He was really my type of guy, and, truth be told, we had actually had a few, well...twelve or so, hook ups since he moved in. It never really changed our good relationship, i guess you could say we were just...fuck-buddies.

Sylvester "Sly" Peterson rounded out our so-called "crew". He dropped out of school when he was only fifteen years old, and now being nineteen was a mechanic. He was a frail thing, and probably obsessed over his weight as much as miss Lauren did. I really didn't know him very well, for the most part he kept to himself, and his past was pretty unknown to the whole house. But when he did open up, it was totally worth it.

But as I was saying, I had just woken up, my head hurting something terrible. The night before had been a long one; too many drinks were consumed and a little too much fun was had. I looked over at Speed, who had fallen asleep next to me on my bed. He was still out cold and was breathing heavily as he rolled over onto his side. I sat up quickly, trying my best not to disturb him as I walked out into the hallway.

There was an uncomfortable silence that filled the entire apartment, which was pretty much a sign that no one had woken up yet. I dragged my feet across the wood floor as I made my way into the bathroom and started the water in the bathtub. I walked out into the kitchen as it filled and opened the fridge, grabbing an energy drink and gulping down a large amount within seconds of opening it. I set down the can on the counter and walked into the living room, nearly passing out when seeing a half naked memory laying down, passed out on my couch.

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