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a short story about the final fight divided into two possibly 3 parts depending if you like it. i don't know how much romance there will be depends on ur input

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Bonjour or hello which ever you prefer
It's been awhile since I posted other than being busy I feel I could not write except for that one short story "in the middle" I had no will to write but I'm back and cannot guarantee anything.

The beat of the wings matched that of his heart loud thumps, but that was all he could hear nothing more, but the wind wiping and whistling in his ears. It burnt his eyes but he refused to close them. For fear, he would miss one glimpse of his friends coming into view and hated to miss a few seconds.
It was mainly the fog that separated him along with the height; it was a barrier from reality. It was still early, the sun just rising, blazing across the sky, a bright ball of fire. Turing all in its range orange, the fog turned into floating gold. Like a dream
Yet it was not a dream it was flawed, he had dreamed of this, but he felt no weight of grief and worry, nothing troubled his mind, he felt majestic, he felt like a hero.
And most importantly he wasn't alone, her hair had flown back behind her like she was the sun it's self. Causing all who saw her, to smile, but that was a dream.
This was as real as the pain he felt. He was used to the height now if fell he could be caught 5 times over. At one point in time he thought here was were heaven must have been. He had believed in god at one point and angels, but he lived among gods and goddesses now, but he still liked to believe in angels. Maybe it was, that he though he swore he knew one.

I am so high I can hear heaven
I am so high I can hear heaven
Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.

And they say that a hero can save us
But I'm not going to stand her and wait
I'm hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away

"I remember hearing how perfect love was an end to all your worries the ultimate answer but I wish I could argue because, it's the end of one set of worries and a new bunch happen. I felt love for the first time but with it came with something that was equally strong but horrible for I first felt fear. Not for myself but for what might happen to those I know. I became paranoid; I reexamined old trusts only to find myself feeling silly for that. However, sometimes your mind argues with your heart, reason, how I now hate it. I would have gladly argued, but this time my heart agreed with my mind, to abandon my team. Leaving them in a mix of hideous gray fog playing cat and mouse with death, it was the question who was the cat worried me the most. It had to be done or a guaranteed loss. We need help and that is what I am coming back with.

The sound of the beating griffins wings soothed the mind of all who could hear it, but not many could. As they turned a certain sword was loosened, then fell aimlessly down into the gold top of the fog then deeper into the dark gray. Unaware by its owner or anyone else.

Someone once told me love would all save us
But how could that be, look what love gave us
A world full of killing and blood spilling
That world never came

Hey that was pretty short I know, I have to go back to studying French but I will finish this tomorrow no promises depending on homework

Ps I know that it's not a sword but I cannot spell well u know what so a little help cuz someones going to find it ;)
Also this was all jays point of view

Angel of music
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