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Numero Trece

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"Mommy why are you crying?" Ally asked, climbing into Natalie's lap as they got ready to leave the hospital two days later.

"Mommy misses the baby, Sweetie," Pete said softly, picking up Natalie's bag, "Are you ready?"

Natalie nodded, wiping her eyes as she stood up, holding Allison.

"Mr. Wentz," a nurse called as they got ready to get into the elevator, "If one of you wouldn't mind we've found the tapes from the day your baby was taken and we'd like one of you to watch them."

"Sure, is it okay if I come back in about an hour or so? I'd like to get my wife settled in first," Pete smiled politely.

"Of course Mr. Wentz, just let one of the people at the front desk know you're here."

He nodded, helping Natalie into the elevator as the nurse briskly walked away, "Are you two going to be okay for about an hour or do you want me to call one of the guys to stay with you?"

"We'll be fine," Natalie said softly as she brushed Allison's hair back, "We'll just watch a movie or something."

"Are you sure? Joe and Mia wouldn't mind keeping you company, and they could watch Ally if you want to take a nap."

"I'm sure Petey, we'll be fine."

"Okay, are you hungry? We could pick something up on the way."

"I'm fine, really."

"I know, I just worry about you, I love you."

"Love you too."

About an hour later Pete had gotten Natalie and Allison settled in her bed, making Natalie promise to eat something and call if something went wrong as he got ready to leave. "Are you sure you don't want me to make you a sandwich or anything?"

"Peter, I'm fine, I'm just not that hungry."

"Ok, I have my cell phone if you need anything, I'll be back in about an hour."

"Okay, be careful."

"I will, be good for Mommy, Sweetie," he smiled gently kissing Ally's forehead before doing the same to Natalie, "I love you two."

"We lub you too Daddy."

"It's nice to see you again Mr. Wentz, if you'd please follow me," A security guard smiled, leading Pete to a small room in the back of the hospital, "It seems like two unregistered nurses paid a visit to your son before leaving with him. We were hoping you might be able to recognize one."

"I can try," Pete smiled softly, sitting in the chair that was pulled out for him. He carefully watched the tape, asking the guard to pause it as it zoomed in one of the faces, "Oh my God..."

"Do you know who it is sir?"

"Uh, yeah, it's's my ex-girlfriend."

"Can you recognize the other one, give us any names?"

"Yeah," he paused, "Riley Williamson and Samantha Richardson."

"Thank you, we'll call you as soon as we make some progress," the man smiled, ushering Pete out of the room after handing him his business card.

"Babe, what's going on?" Natalie asked softly a few hours later as she stepped into the pitch black living room, seeing Pete staring into space as he sat on the couch.

"They took him."

"Who took him? You know who took the baby?!"

"Sam and Riley," he whispered, looking at his feet, "They dressed up like nurses and took him right out of the nursery. The police have a warrant for arrest."

"Oh my God, Petey what are we going to do? They have my baby...our baby, they just, took him!" Natalie cried, breaking down into hysterics.

"Everything's going to be okay Natalie, everything's going to be okay. I promise you that as long as I'm still here we'll get him back, they won't get away with this."

"How do you know?! For all we know he could be...dead," she choked out, burying her head into his shoulder.

"He's not dead, they would never do that. They know that as long as he's alive we'll do anything to get him back, he's our son, they know how much we miss him. They're just trying to get under our skin and it's not going to work. All it's going to do is land them in jail."
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