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The other brother.

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Sissy and pissy.

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I was annoyed, I don't know why. I just was.
It was a few days after I've returned from my grandma's house, where my mother dragged me to spend christmas and new years eve together with my uncle and his 2 kids,15 years old Erika and 18 years old Patrick who apart from the guys was the coolest person I ever knew, he was very laid back, easy going and hilarious.
He introduced me to the photography world and was the one to show me how beautiful life can be through a camera lens, unfortunately we didn't keep in touch apart for these family gathering.

It was a fucking cold day, but that was probably the only good thing about this day.
I had to go through hours of listening to the great time the guys had. They went to the times square in New York for new years eve and went on and on and on (and on) about how fun, cool and great it was.
No one cared that I was stuck at my grandma's house with my mother and uncle for a company, not even Gerard, he was busy reliving the prank he and Bob pulled, tricking someone to believe they were some sort of celebrities.
But the most annoying people were Mikey and Frank, they kept giggling at some private joke and talking quietly.
Ever since Gerard and I got together, my relationship with Mikey changed.
He grew colder to me and closer to Frank.
I felt like he exchanged me for Frank and held a grudge against Frank for that, I would pick up useless fights with him just to see Mikey's reaction.
They had private jokes, they hung out for hours, spent all their time together and shared a world I wasn't allowed in.
I felt left out, it's like he was no longer my Mr dude but Franks.
I became bitter around him and overall felt like screaming when I saw them around.

It was the fifth period, Mikey and I had a lab class together.
The teacher handed out each couple a few strange looking chemicals and work sheets to perform an experiment, I kept glaring at Mikey.
I hated him for not liking me like he used to.
I slammed my bag on the round table we occupied at the end of the class and took out with a bang the things I needed for the class.
"Pissy aren't we", Mikey smirked.
ARG, I was on the verge of throwing things at him, instead I just hummed.
Mikey smelled the blue liquid in one of the little bottles the teacher placed on our table a few moments earlier, "I wonder what will happen if I drink it".
"Probably do us all a favor and die", I spat the words.
Mikey looked at me and put it down, picking another bottle with a yellow content instead, "I bet nothing will happen".
I shrugged.
"Wanna bet?", he asked teasingly.
I looked away.
"I wonder what they taste like", he shook the red liquid with a glitter in his eyes.
"Than don't be a sissy like always and try it", I said, every word of mine was oozing with venom.
"I thought you don't want to bet", his smile disappeared.
"Do whatever just leave me alone", I glared at him evilly.
"Why are you a bitch today?", he asked turning away from the chemical tray.
"For the same reason you're a slut today", my shoulders tensed.
"Seriously, you're not acting like yourself today", he placed his palms under his chin, "Is it something to do with girls monthly issues?".
Do minors get a long sentence in prison for suffocating ex best friends in the middle of labs?
"Thank you for noticing, I thought you had eyes only for Frank", I raised my left eyebrow, What am I doing?? I do this only when I fight with my mother.
"Frank? What he's got to do with anything?", Mikey looked puzzled.
My desire to throw things crept back.
I opened my notebook writing the headline for my experiment, Mikey opened his too.
"Skyler, I'm confused. Why are you acting this way? And what's Frank got to with any of this?", Mikey whispered so the teacher wouldn't hear.
"Ask him, he's your best friend, he's got the answer to everything", I couldn't believe how stupid I sounded.
"What?", Mikey frowned.
"Fuck you!", I stumped my foot under the table.
"Fuck you back", he ripped a page out of his notebook, crumpled it and threw it at me.
"Fuck you more", I threw my pencil at him.
"Fuck you longer", he threw his pencil completely missing me.
"Fuck you harder", I threw my whole pencil box at him.
"Fuck you with meaning", he threw his notebook in my direction.
"Fuck you with a noodle", I threw it back, it hit the chemical tray spilling some of the chemicals.
"MR WAY AND MS OLSEN!", cried the teacher, "Preschool is just down the road".
We stopped and got back to work after picking our stuff and dignity from the classroom floor.

"What's your fucking problem?", Mikey hissed angrily
"What's yours?", I mumbled under my breath.
"Stop being so cryptically annoying! What's wrong? Is it Gerard? Your mother? What??", he mixed the wrong chemicals causing them to fog.
"It's you!", I said frustrated, I tried to stop him from adding the wrong chemicals but he was so caught up he just wriggled away from me.
"Me?, I haven't even seen you all that much lately", the chemicals in his hands fumed really badly now but he won't let me touch them.
"That's exactly it!, you spend all our time with Frank and I feel like you pushed me out of your life", I took another swing at the chemicals, grabbing them successfully while his jaw dropped.
"You're the one being 24/7 with Gerard. I don't get to see you even when you come over! You don't visit me, you go down to that stupid basement of his!. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you two are happy but it's like I've lost you to Gerard or shit", now the chemicals fumed in my hands while I watched him, forgetting all about the class.
"And I felt like I lost you to Frank", I said, setting the stinking chemicals on the tray.
"I think we got it all wrong somewhere along the way", mused Mikey, looking fascinated by the fog coming from the bottle.
"I do love you Mikey, no one can replace you, not even Gerard. It's just that it's all new to me...The whole dating thing and I kinda lost my head there and neglected you. I'm sorry". How did I end up being the guilty one?!?!!?.
"I'm glad you've lost your head to Gerard. He loves you so much. Just don't forget about me", he blushed.
Mikey Way blushed again!!!
"How can I? You're my precious Mr. dude", I said softly.
Are Mikey and I having an incredibly cheesy moment or what? The only thing that's missing are violins and fat babies singing.
"Mr Way and Ms Olsen, why are your chemicals fuming? They're supposed to change colors", the teachers voice brought us back from our little world.

I would like to thank all the lovely ladies who take the time and read and review my story!
I love each and every one of you!
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