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History night.

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When freaking out is all you can do...

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Once upon an afternoon I came around to the Way's house, Gerard really needed to start doing some work if he wants to actually graduate.
The finals are just around the corner and I would have to juggle my job, exams and tutoring the boys.
They all were brilliant once they actually paid attention which didn't happen often, even when I tutored them, I had to struggle for them to focus.
Their focus level was that of an 5 years old. Frank was the worst of the bunch and took the most of my energy, he made me do the silliest things in order for him to sit still for like ten seconds.
I had to use visuals, play with him and promise him stuff like coffee, back rubs, piggy bags and a trip through my make up kit.

I knocked on the wooden front door, Mrs Way opened the door wearing a warm smile on her face.
"Hi Sky, Gerard is in the basement and Mikey is at the store and I'm off to work. Food is in the fridge", she lowered her voice, "Please make him study, he have to graduate".
I smiled, nodding, "I'll try my best".
She gave me a pet on the head and closed the door behind her.

I made my way to the basement, I didn't understand why Gerard would want to live there, it's like living in a dark ally.
It was quite isolated from the rest of the house and the way down there was dark and spooky.
When Mikey and I were younger we used to go there and sit behind the washing machine and tell scary stories (in Mikey's case unscary vampire stories).
I'm still certain that area is good for spooky nights and not for living.
I pushed open the basement door to reveal Gerard lying on his bed reading a comic book, his room was cleaner than I remembered it.
No beer cans, no random drawing, no dirty clothes and no comic books all over the place, even the bed was made.

"Hi", I closed the door behind me.
In matter of seconds he was up and stood behind me.
He removed the bag from my shoulders and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing my neck.
My heart beat picked up it's pace.
I spun around with my eyes closed and placed my arms around his neck.
He found my month and licked my lips. That felt really nice, it's a whole new side to Gerard, we kissed before but this time around his kisses were more dramatic, more passionate.
He pinned me to the wall next to the door and explored my whole body with his hands, he went under my shirt, caressing my spine with his fingers and slowly patting my stomach.
I frowned, where is it going?.
When he was about to unbutton my shirt I stopped him, removing his hands away gently, "We should study".
No wonder everybody thought I'm a goodie two shoes, did you hear me??? We should study?? Gah, I can't believe I said that!

Gerard looked disappointed but stepped away from me and went back to his position on the bed.
Great Skyler, establish your baby sister reputation. Go ahead and study with him, I beat myself up in my mind for being such a baby.
I was really sick of being the good, nice Skyler, doing the right thing but when it came down to doing something about it, I chickened out like the biggest loser on planet earth.

I sighed, grabbed my bag from where Gerard dumped it and sat down on the edge of the bed.
I took out my books and notebooks. It's history night for us.

Gerard started kissing me again, more slowly this time, he took the books I was holding in my hands.
"History is turning you on or what?", I giggled in his mouth.
He didn't say anything but sent his hand down to my waist, stroking my breast in the process.
After a while he laid me on my back and slowly climbed on top, not letting go of my mouth.
I thought it's funny that he does everything so slowly to prevent me from panicking, like an observer who gets really close to the animal he wants to capture.
But I've made my mind, no study shit this time no matter where it leads.

His kisses grew wetter and more passionate, his hands explored my body along with his lips.
I have to admit I enjoyed it, it was totally new for me.
My hands went through his hair and under his shirt, his body was warm and his skin was soft.
I could feel harden against my thigh.
He looked concentrated and his face was flushed, his hair was a mess.
When he was convinced I'm not going to freak out and make him study, he went for my belt.
He unbuckled it and threw it on the floor, it made a funny noise when it hit the cement floor, he unzipped my jeans.
I took a page out of his book and unzipped his fly while nibbling his earlobe.
My logic screamed at me to stop it but I flipped it an imaginary middle finger.
He made an interesting sound, something between a moan and a cough. I smiled, making a mental note to myself to tell Mikey about the noises his brother, I can't tell him but he doesn't know the laughter fit he's missing.

Gerard stopped kissing me and opened the drawer next to his bed, he searched for something.
"Ah", he took out a condom.
My eyes widened and I panicked, again.
I pushed him off me and zipped my fly, "I really should go".
"But ...", he looked confused still holding the condom with his zip open.
"I just remembered I had a shift in the bookstore", I trailed off, grabbing my backpack and rushing out of the room.
I went as fast as I could without looking stupid. yeah, well too late for that.

Once on the street, I slowed my pace and kicked a stone. I was angry at myself for freaking out like this, I was mad at myself for going this far to begin with.
Now he'll know I'm just a little girl.
Great Skyler...just great.
For the rest of the way I just chanted to myself 'Idiot' in the rhythm of my foot steps.

hahaha an almost sex scene!, I suck at writing them but hopefully it was good enough for you to enjoy it.
Please review me! It's really important for me to know what you think so I can improve the story and my writing.
And thanks to the girls who review me bows I'm forever grateful!!
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