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Belts and milk.

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My conversation with god.

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The next day I avoided Gerard at all causes, if he wants to make fun at me at least I won't make it easy to find me.
But the school was too small for me to hide and he cornered me when I was standing with Mikey, Ray and Frank at Franks locker.
"Finally Skyler", he smiled, "I was looking all over the place for you".
"Well you found me", I giggled nervously.
"I'm tired of carrying all this around", he opened his bag and took out my belt and some of the books I left behind in my escape, "It weights a ton!".
Oh god just kill me now, why did he do this in front of the boys?!?!?.
They giggled and smirked nudged and elbowed each other. I think I broke a worlds record in blushing!.
"Why are you wearing Sky's belt?", asked Mikey confused.
Frank and Ray winked at me, at Gerard and then at each other.
Gerard raised his eyebrow eyeing his brother.
"I think neither of them were wearing it Mikey", Frank chuckled cheekily.
"Why?, it's a nice belt", he examined the belt in my hands.
Has Mikey completely lost it?!
"Because in what they were playing you don't need belts..Unless you're kinky", explained Frank patiently.
Why is it taking god so long?.
"Guys nothing happened, Sky just forgot it at my place", Gerard shook his head.
"Yeah, see nothing happened", said Mikey trying to convince the smirking Ray and Frank.
"I wish girls would forget their belts in my room while we do nothing", Frank leaned on his locker.
Dear god, forget about killing me...get Frank instead!.
"It happens. Like, once I forgot my bag in Skyler's house", Mikey rubbed his forehead.
Oh and god? While you're at it slap some sense in Mikey.
"What the hell?", frowned Ray at the lost looking Mikey.
"Stop it! Let me pretend I don't understand, just play along with me. Please! I need it for my mental health!", cried Mikey finally losing it.
"Nothing will help YOUR mental health", giggled Ray.
"Just admit it, your brother and best friend are dirty teens", Frank put his arm around Mikey, "Say it with me, my brother and best friend are sleeping around".
Dear lord, what's taking you so long?! He's right here, just zap him with something!.
"NO!!", screamed Mikey covering his ears.
"Come on Mikey, face it. Be a man and admit it, your brother and best friend are having the dirty dance. Gerard and Skyler are doing the big IT", yelled Frank so Mikey could hear. Mikey didn't but a group of students who were walking by did.
Seriously god, if you don't do it than I will.
"Oh shut the fuck up, nothing happened", I hissed, hitting Frank hard with the belt and stormed off.
And what's up with Gerard?!, why didn't he say anything??.
Why did he gave me the belt in front of everyone??.
Fucking ass!

"Skyler, you can't avoid me forever", Gerard warned me while I coded the merch in the back room.
Mikey probably hates me now if he made me code the merch again.
"Watch me", I said grumpily.
"Is it about what happened the other day?", he asked softly, "I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way. You're a real turn on for me but I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes you to be ready".
I shook my head violently, "You completely humiliated me in front of the guys with the whole belt thing".
"The belt thing? But I..", he trailed off realising what I was talking about, "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking I just thought about returning you the belt, it never crossed my mind to think about ...".
"It never crosses your mind to think", I pointed the coder thingy at him.
He nodded, "Sorry. Don't worry about the guys, they're just teasing"
I pouted, "Now you're the man and I'm the slut".
"Don't say it, it makes my imagination run wild", he smirked.
God, get him too!.
"Sex freak", I mummbled under my breath.
"I'm you're sex freak", he whispered in British accent for some reason.
It made me laugh, "Where did you get condoms anyway?".
"From sex awareness class", he took another coder thingy from the rusty shelf and helped me to code the 545465 books Mikey assigned me to code.
"Don't we get them in like 8th grade or something?", I pondered.
He nodded.
"They probably have gone bad by now!", I exclaimed, "What if we did it and the thing broke or something?"
God, get him good!
"I don't think they have expiration date, it's not milk", Gerard laughed.
"I realise it's not milk but what if they do", I watched him code books with my hands on my hips.
"Stop it! You, me, and milk- trigger my very wild imagination", said Gerard looking serious.
We worked in silence.
"You probably think I'm a complete baby", I sighed.
He shook his head smiling, "I don't".
"Yeah, right", I watched him.
"I rather wait forever for this little girl than fuck a million big girls", he smiled sweetly, unaware I was watching him.
It was kinda weird to hear Gerard say he would fuck me but in a strange way it was flattering, "I rather wait and not fuck a million big girls too".
He laughed his strange funny laugh, "Fair enough. Always knew you'd want my body rather than a million big girls"
I patted his back and went back to code the books again.

Hope you'd enjoy it as much as I did writing it!!
And thanks for all the sweet reviews, it's truly made my week:))))))
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