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Flying cupcakes.

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Events I don't want to go to.

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"What's with all the pinkness?", our school didn't look much like the school we left for the weekend, it was practically plastered with pink flayers and pink decorations.
Mikey, Gerard and I exchanged worried looks, "It looks like prep kingdom".
"We all knew it's bound to happen one day", I shook my head with mock sadness.
"Shall we?", Gerard jerked his head in the schools direction.
"We might as well", I shrugged.
We made the rest of the way with hesitation, scared of what we might find.

"Of course", Mikey ripped one flayer out of the 24656 on the wall.
we huddled around to see, "The prom", I sighed heavily.
Mikey scanned the flayer and then threw it away.
I must confess, I don't like proms, they never were and never will be my thing.
Throughout my life I went only to one, in the 7th grade when I was green and optimistic and full of great hopes for a better world.
It was my only prom and I vowed it to be my last. Saying that I haven't enjoyed it would be an understatement, I wasn't too keen on the whole stand-alone-in-a-corner-with-a-fake-smile-plastered-on-your-face-the-whole-time-knowing-the-girls-smiling-at-you-now-are-on-their-way-to-gossip-about-your-dress-in-the-bathroom, but what do I do now? I guess Gerard would like to attend our senior prom. I sighed.
"What's up", Gerard snapped me out of my trance.
"What's up where?", I goggled at him.
"You. You're sighing", he looked worried.
"Me? No. I'm cool. Thinking about a dress for the prom", there you have it, I just doomed myself to a night of fake joy. Yay me.

"I can't stand it anymore", I threw away the 553rd flayer a random cheerleader shoved in my hands that day.
"I know what you mean, I see pink everywhere", Ray rubbed his eyes.
"Are you going?", I glared at another cheerleader who had a box full of these fucking flayers, she avoided me.
"I suppose so", he trailed off, blushing.
"With whom?", I couldn't help but smirk.
"I thought about asking Alison", he looked down to his feet, stuffing down a little smile.
"Alison?", I stared at him, blinking a few times.
"Yeah, Alison, you know, the one that thought me a couple tricks on the guitar", he explained.
I had no idea whatsoever who is this Alison person but I nodded anyway.
"She's really good with guitars", Ray filled me in with an excited tone.
Sound like Ray's kind of girl, if you own a guitar, you have his heart.
We arrived at our usual staircase where all the guys already sat, chatting.
Ray and I sat at the bottom of the staircase, we took out our lunches.
"Give my your sandwich", Ray commanded.
He didn't steal my lunches anymore, nor did he ask for them, he simply took them.
I gave it to him, all the prom thing kinda ruined my appetite.
"So Gerard", Frank practically yelled so I would hear although he shouldn't because I sat like 5 inches away, "Who are you going with to the prom?".
Gerard eyed me jokingly, raising his voice, "I'm not sure yet".
I rolled my eyes, "Who are you going with Frankie?".
He blushed.
What is it with them today? It's just a fucking prom not a fucking wedding!
"Frankie likes Danielle!", squeaked Mikey, throwing piece of bread at Frankie which slapped him right in the middle of the face.
"The German exchange student?", I laughed.
Frank nodded shyly.
"Ja", Mikey chew on his meal, "Sie ist the eines".
The staircase exploded with laughter at Mikey's German accent.

"And Mr. Bob?", I referred to the giggling Bob at the back, his expression changed at once.
He shrugged, "I'm taking my girlfriend".
Bob has a girlfriend??? Since when???.
"You have a girlfriend?? Since when??", I exclaimed, putting down the juice I stole from Gerard.
I should really pay more attention to my friends life.
"Now I'm flattered", Bob said flatly.
"No, I didn't mean anything, I just haven't heard you speak of her", I blushed, trying to fix the damage I caused.
"Bob is being a real mystery man about her, she's some kind of an urban legend. We only know she's called Jade and Gerard is the only one who saw her", Ray nicked my juice... Gerard's juice.
I whistled.
"What's she like?", I asked Gerard.
"You've gotta wait and see, I saw her for like ten minutes but she came across as shy or maybe she just didn't like me", Gerard took a bite of his toast.
"You're half right", smirked Bob.
"Yup", gerard paused, thinking for a minute," Wait, I'm half right about which part?".
"You gotta wait and see", Bob threw his empty bottle of water at Gerard but Gerard ducked and it hit me hard on the head.
"Hey!", I rubbed my head, "You're so lucky it wasn't full".
"Or what?", he threw half eaten apple at me but Gerard blocked it with his arm.
"Or I'll bust my ninja moves on your ass", I ducked behind Gerard's back, hiding from a flying cupcake he aimed at me.
"I was going to finish that", wailed Frank.

After Bob was left with nothing to throw at me, I came out of my hiding, "Who're you taking Mikey?".
"I'm asking Violet out", he answered after a few moments while looking deeply at his can of soda.
Violet?, I racked my mind to connect the name to a face but failed miserably.
Gerard must have seen the puzzled expression I wore on my face, "The fan girl".
It all cleared out instantly, Violet was a frequent visitor in our store, she would spend ages there, looking for titles that don't exist, hogging Mikey undivided attention.
They talked a lot and spent awfully a lot of time going through the CD shelves but Mikey never mentioned her in that context, although Gerard and I had our own little theory as for the reason a girl might spend hours looking for books no one ever wrote.
I felt something hit my head hard, "Bob!"

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