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The future.

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Can't wait for Wednesday.

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"What??", Gerard eyed me, looking annoyed.
"What?", I acted innocent.
"You keep sighing all the time!", he gave me a fierce look.
"No, I'm not!", I looked out of the dark window of the rented limousine, I was squashed between Gerard and Mikey.
"Yes you are", he insisted.
"So not"
"Shut up", all the passengers of the limousine yelled at us in unison.
After everybody went to chat among themselves again, Gerard leaned, "What's wrong?".
Maybe this is my last chance to avoid the god damn prom.
"I don't really want to go to the prom. I never wanted", I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.
Gerard's eyes widened, "Why didn't you say so?"
I eyed him, he didn't look as crushed as I pictured him to be, "Because I thought you'd like to".
"But I didn't. I went along with this shit because I thought you'd want to", he looked happy, "What's now? You don't want to go, I don't want to go, yet we're going?".
I nodded sadly.

After a whale of musing Gerard turned around and banged on the little window that separated the drivers part form the passengers, the driver rolled down the window looking like he could kill us, "What?".
"Can you please pull over?".
I felt like jumping on Gerard and ripping off his clothes when he was being polite, I shook my head to shake off the dirty thoughts that began to creep into my mind.
"No", said the rude driver and began to roll up his window again.
"We just want to get out", Gerard raised his voice.
I wanted to rip off his clothes anyway.
The limousine came to a sudden halt and Alison, Ray's green haired friend found herself in my lap.
Gerard opened the door and stepped out with me in his footsteps.
"What the fuck?" , Frank and Mikey piked out of the window.
"We're ditching prom", answered Gerard, taking my hand in his.
Frank shrugged, "Don't forget about the after party in my place".
We waved when the car moved, sending Frank and Mikey in someones lap.

Gerard and I stood in the middle of the street in a suit and a prom dress, laughing.
"I wish you'd said earlier you don't want to go, could have saved me a shopping spree with my mother", I slapped his arm slightly.
"Yeah and I could postponed buying a suit for a couple of years", he slapped my arm gently.
"You look amazing though", I scanned him from head to toe, he did wear a suit but he didn't tuck in his shirt and it was hanging loosely around his waist and his tie was really lose. The major will of ripping it all off crept back.
"You're not bad yourself", he pulled me for a kiss.

"Let's go for an ice cream", I lead him across the street to a colorful ice cream place I spotted earlier.
We placed our orders with a smirking blond waitress.
"Have you noticed we always find ourselves eating somewhere?", giggled Gerard.
"Dude, you're so random", I laughed, making myself comfortable.
"Oh by the way, I got accepted to the art school", he took off his tie completely.
"That great!", I clapped my hands enthusiastically.
"Yay", Gerard smiled weakly.
"You're not happy", I let my hands fall down to my lap.
"I'm happy, it's just that I'm not sure I want to do it for the rest of my life", Gerard stared out of the window at the passing cars, "I love drawing shit but do I see myself as a fat bald dude in my 50s still drawing?..You know what I mean?"
"Then what do you want to do?", I shook the image out of my head.
He shrugged, "I dunno. I have no passions like you do with photography".
I looked at my hands, "It wasn't really a passion, it's something I like to do and I sorta decided I'm going to make it work, you know what I mean?".
"We're passionless people", Gerard sighed, returning his gaze to the window.
"If you had no limits, what would you like to do?", I asked looking over at the waitress who arrived with our bowls of ice cream.
Gerard smiled, "I like music".
"Producing? Playing?", I dug in my bowl with the plastic spoon.
"Singing", Gerard took spoonful from my bowl.
I hummed, "I remember you sang in that Peter Pen play"
Gerard blushed, "I remember that I didn't want to wear that costume and you convinced me by saying the costume brought out the green in my eyes".
"I didn't know I was the one who convinced you", I tasted his ice cream.
He nodded, "You did, and I remember my Grannie was looking at us funny but now I understand why".
I looked down at my ice cream, "Why won't you start a band or something?".
Gerard laughed, "Oh come on, I'm not good enough".
"If you're good enough for Peter Pan, you're good enough for a band", I slapped his spoon away from my bowl, "But seriously you can do this".
He was lost in thoughts for a while then shook his head, "I don't think so".
I shrugged, "It can be a side project".

"You do remember we're going flat searching on Wednesday?", Gerard broke the silence that ruled over our table for the past few minutes.
"Sure, you guys pick me up at 12 AM", I tried to avoid the topic ever since it came up a few weeks ago.
"So I think it's going to be me, you and Mikey at one place and Frank, Ray and Bob at another", he scrapped the bottom of the bowl for the remaining of the ice cream.
I phrased and searched for proper words in my mind, "Wouldn't you rather live with Bob and Frank since the art school is closer to their universities and it'll save you time in the morning and shit?".
I was mumbling and he noticed, the truth was that I wasn't worried about the distance between the school and the flat, I just didn't want to live with him.
I know it's sounds bitchy but I didn't want to live with guys who I date, I'm not ready for him to see me first thing in the morning and I don't want to see his dirty underwear.
It's just something I wasn't ready to do, I wanted to keep some things a mystery since he already knew me better than I knew myself.
"I don't mind, it's not that far", Gerard wiped the rest of my ice cream without me noticing.
I really didn't want to say it clearly, I hoped he would take the hint, "I think you should".
He stopped licking his spoon and studied me, "Why?".
"Told you, the distance and shit", I hoped he would buy it.
"I can see you're lying Skyler, your eyes turned dark", he crossed his arms on his chest.
Damn him, "It's just that I don't want to live with someone I date", I said carefully.
"But you'd live with guys you're not dating?!", he pressed his lips tightly together, a clear sign I upset him.
I nodded, looking anywhere but in his eyes.
"Where's the logic in that?", his tone was sharp.
"Perhaps it's not logical but it's just something I feel", I practically apologized.
"You can say that again! It doesn't make sense whatsoever!", he scanned the restaurant with his eyes.
"Don't you think you're blowing this out of proportion?", I was getting angry at his reaction.
"You think? My girlfriend won't live with me but she'll live with other guys", he raised his voice a bit.
"They're like brothers", I leaned back and crossed my legs, "Any other guy would love the space".
"How should you know? You're never dated any other guys", he said evilly.
That was a hit below the belt, "You're the living proof to why I shouldn't have started!".
"Than don't waste your time with me", he tilted his head, sending his hair in his eyes.

Neither of us stood up or stormed off, we sat in angry silence for a while. He bit his nails and I clicked my tongue.
"I don't want to fight over it tonight, let's leave it for Wednesday", he sighed heavily.
Can't wait.

I actually dreamt about Sky and Gerard last night! Unfortunately that left me with a major headache so in any case you think it's a crappie chapter blame it on the headache!!
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