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Fast forward.

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When time stops...

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I stumbled out of bed, I felt great.
New beginnings, new experiences, new flat, new school, new city.
I was so up for the challenge I could sing.
The future was bright, the birds were singing, the sun was shining.
I didn't even felt as pissy as I usually did in the mornings.
I stretched my arms and hit a box I still haven't unloaded.
I glanced at the clock 'perfect, I have plenty of time'.
I smiled to myself and skipped to the bathroom, the flat was very quiet, pretty strange but I assumed I was the first one up, which didn't happen that often.
I brushed my teeth humming and spinning, the spinning wasn't really smart of me because the bathroom was tiny and I smashed into the wall a few times and I guess the humming part wasn't really wise either because I sang so awfully that I even hummed out of tone but today nothing could bring me down.
A new Skyler was born, I raised my toothbrush in the air 'To new beginning' .

I walked out of the bathroom and heard someone in the kitchen, I skipped to the kitchen.
Mikey's messy head was visible out of the fridge.
"Good morning", I squeaked.
He turned around, hitting his head while doing so, "What are you doing here?".
"I live hear", I pushed him away from the fridge and grabbed the milk.
I ended up convincing Gerard it was best for us to live separately at this point, he went through not talking to me stage, pouting stage, being sarcastically cold to me phase but then he came around and understood or at least kept quite about it. I ended up having it my way and shared a flat with Mikey and Ray.
"Say what?!", said Mikey sarcastically with a smirk on his face.
"Yup", I poured the milk into my coffee and smiled.
"I mean why are you still home? Don't your classes start in like 10 minutes?", he sipped his coffee, glancing at his watch.
"It's only 8 o'clock, I have plenty of time", My heart picked up it's beat even though I tried to sound calm.
"no, it's 9.30 now", he showed me his watch. kinda useless since he stood across the room and there was no way I could see the tiny digits on it.
"My watch says 8 o'clock", I sulked, I was sure he got it all wrong.
Mikey slapped his forehead with his hand, "You ass, that watch doesn't work for like a week now. Remember you even asked me to buy new batteries a few days ago and I didn't and we ended having a food fight over it??".
My jaw dropped, "Fuck".
Mikey nodded in agreement.
I dropped my cup on the spot and ran to my room, I grabbed whatever I could find in my closet and put it on, I didn't look at the mirror and only prayed I've put the right body parts on the right clothing or the right clothing on the right body parts.
I grabbed random items and threw them into my bag and ran for the door.
"You want me to drive you?", asked Mikey lazily from the kitchen table.
"With your driving I'll get faster running", I couldn't help but laugh.
Seriously, he drives like an old lady, no strike that, Mikey's driving skills are the laughing stoke among old ladies.
Mikey flipped me the finger.
I rushed down the stairs because god forbid the elevator in our new building would ever be in working condition, it was always out of order.
I lived there for a few weeks and never used it, I suspect that the building owner gave up on fixing it back in the 1700's.
I prayed I wouldn't run into Mrs. Conveal, our old neighbour, she could be really nice when she wanted to, the problem was that she never wanted.
She hated Mikey and I because she overheard us joking that in case we run out of food we can always fry her wiener-looking dogs, no matter how much we tried to explain that we were only joking and that we adore her wiener-looking dogs, she disliked us ever since and talked only to Ray who in her words was 'a sensible young man with a solid head on his shoulder', too bad she didn't see this sensible young man laugh that solid head of his off, over how stupid her dogs look.
She always glared at us and whispered curses under her breath and made weird moves with her hands AND HISSED.
Ray said she's trying to jinx us, Mikey said she's practising dance moves and I felt like shrieking with laughter whenever she did it.
She wasn't the kind of old lady you would like to meet after dark. Or during daytime. Or ever.
I finally was on the street, running as fast as I could.
I bumped into people and kept repeating 'sorry' and 'excuse me'.
Maybe I should have let Mikey drive me.

Yeah I know, the last chapter was about the prom and BAM they're in collage!
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