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World domination.

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My jogging session.

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I felt so lost without the boys, this place was huge, it was beyond huge, it was gigantic!
There were so many people, walking in and out these big oak doors.
I wondered aimlessly, trying to look like I knew where to go and where was my next class and that I didn't feel like a lost puppy.
When I first woke up today, I was feeling great and free and like I finally belonged somewhere, but wondering around this gigantic university completely burst my bobble.
I finally found my class and entered the biggest class room I ever saw, it had a little podium in the front and countless rows of student chairs.
I took a seat in the middle behind a girl with a long black hair, I didn't dare to talk to anyone.
My lips were sealed and no sound escaped them since morning.
Many of the students were chatting among themselves and laughed joyfully, some sat quietly in their places, looking pale, some read papers and books, some nodded their heads and tapped their feet and fingers to the rhythm of the music on their Ipods, but I envied these who already found a friend or just a pal they could talk to the most, I wished I had the nerve to approach someone and just say 'HI', once again I'll be the silent student in the back that didn't speak at all and blushed when talked to, I hated being shy.

A short blond woman entered the room and took her place at the podium, she took out random things out of her bag and called everyone to order, "My name is professor Silva and I'll be teaching advance music this semester".
My eyes popped out of their places, music??.
I tapped the girl in front of me on the shoulder, "Can you please tell me where's studio 015?".
She was pale and smiled faintly, "I think it's down the hall", her voice was squeaky and sounded much like mine when I was scared or nervous which is pretty much what I felt at that very moment.
I nodded, mounting a quick thank you, I grabbed my bag and sneaked out of the door which was just a few rows behind the seat I occupied.
Once in the big hall I tried to control my panic attack, I felt the illness grip me by the throat and couldn't breath, how very Skyler-ish of me to enter the wrong class, I gasped for air and wondered which way to go, I sprinted down what I believe to be the hall.

I was so late and on the verge of tears, I thought about forgetting the whole thing and just heading home, burring in my blankets and sleeping the 4 years of college away.
"Can you tell me where's studio 015?", I asked a guy who was passing by.
"I'm looking for that one too", he waved the map that was in his hand, "Couldn't they put fucking signs or shit?".
I smiled at his phrasing, it reminded me of my boys.
"Where's fucking studio 015?", he asked a man dressed in drag who was passing by.
"It's in building A-15", I stopped being surprised at the people who went to this college after someone in a gorilla suit almost smashed into me on his skateboard earlier today.
"And we're in?", I finally built up the nerve to speak.
"Building A", the man continued on his way and disappeared behind the corner.
"Fuck", we cried in unison and ran for the exit.

"Do we know where building A-15 is?", I ran out of breath.
"No", the guy smeared his black eyeliner when he wiped the sweat out of his eyes.
he took out his map out of his pocket again, "I don't get it".
We stared at it blankly.
I lifted my gaze, sighing in despair. It's my first day and I'm late.
I caught sight of a big red sign which said 'A-15', I gasped and pulled at the guy's sleeve, pointing in the signs direction.
He breathed out and started running, I jogged in his lead.
We finally found the studio, we were 30 minutes late, sweaty with a smeared make up, we were clueless about what the teacher rambled for the rest of the hour and I didn't even know his name.
This is how the rest of my life started.
Can't wait for more..not!.

The bell rang and the professor dismissed the class.
"Well that was enlightening", the guy said sarcastically, putting on his bag pack.
"I know, I didn't get any of what he was saying", I slumped my shoulders.
I was sad and disoriented, I was looking for a new beginning, a fresh start, instead I get this.
"What's your name?", the guy held the class door for me.
"Skyler and yours?", I walked out, dragging my feet.
"Billy. you've got some unusual name there", he smiled.
"Really? Never thought of that", I said flatly.
"You know what they say, special name for a special person", he nudged me with his elbow.
Was he flirting with me??.
"What's your next class?", he rummaged his bag for something, finally fishing out a sheet of paper.
"Theoretical photography", I glanced over his shoulder at his piece of paper.
"I heard that was fucking boring", he twisted his nose.
I shrugged.
"I'm majoring in fashion design", he stuffed the sheet back in his pocket.
"Whoa", I looked him up, he didn't look like a fashion designer, he wore ripped jeans and a black iron maiden t-shirt.
"I don't look the part?", he laughed, "Not all designers are gay and are dressed in pink bows".
"I know, I just expected designers to be more experimentary with their clothes, you're dressed normal", I adjusted the bag pack on my shoulders.
"Yeah, I'm planning to take over the world with normality", he shaded his eyes with his left hand, "My ultimate goal is to develop the whole alternative clothing style, I'm sick of Hot Topic getting all the glory".
I laughed, "Just remember the little people that ran with you to classes once you'll take over the world".
"I never forget these. My people will contact your people once I'm done with world domination", he walked over to the nearest tree to escape the heat.
"See you around", I waved to him.
Now where's this building C?.

Meet Billy fictional Billy waves! Hope you enjoyed it, can't wait for your reviews I wave as well
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