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Mind games.

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Green witch and Billy blue eyes.

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"You look awful", smiled Alison when I walked into the music store, my new work place.
Alison's dad owned it but Alison ran it. She was Ray's now official girlfriend.
They were the only couple to survive the prom, except for me and Gerard of course.
The other couples fell apart quite soon after the prom.
Violet and Mikey broke up a week after they celebrated their 2 weeks anniversary. Danielle, Frank's recent love interst, flew back to Germany, leaving Frank heart broken and sad for a whole 2 days and Bob blamed the fucking prom for ruining his relationship with Lina, apparently, she liked Alison better if you're catching my drift.
"Why, thank you", I clipped my employee tag on my shirt.
"That's why I skipped college", she brushed her hand through her long green hair.
"It wasn't that bad after I actually found the fucking class", I took the cup of coffee from her hand and sipped it, letting the warm drink to relive my tired body.
"Any cute boys?", she winked, placing the shiny new guitar she was holding.
"No", I said innocently.
"You're a fucking nun ,Skylerson", she picked another guitar and wrote down the serial code in her clipboard, "I bet Gerard was checking out chicks on his first day".
"I have no problem with it as long as he keeps his dick in order", I rested my head on the counter.
She laughed and moved on to the next guitar, "You're cool with it, I would scrap Ray's eyes out".
"Should I be worried about your violent nature?", I giggled.
"He's alive so far, isn't he?", Alison shrugged.
I loved this girl so much!, I knew her for a short period of time but I hoped Ray would marry her just so I'll be certain she'll be around for long.
"Come on, let's be all girly. You tell me about all the cute boys and we'll jump up and down like idiots and squeal our hears out", she patted one particularly beautiful guitar.
"Seriously, I was too busy to keep myself from having a melt down, but there was this one nice guy who helped me to find the classroom. We bonded by having a meltdown together".
"you slut!, your first day and you dare having meltdowns with someone who's not Gerard", cooed Alison.
"You've gone bipolar on me or shit?", I crossed my arms on my chest.
"Who are you talking about?", Gerard entered the store without us noticing.
"Skylerson's new crush", said Alison evilly, "If I were you I would keep an eye on this little slut, she was having meltdowns with some boy. Imegine that! Naive she ain't!"
"Yeah, Gerard there's something you need to know", I looked gravely at him, "I'm running away to a mental institution in Vegas with some guy I met today", I flipped my hair dramatically.
"That works out perfectly. Alison, me and Bob are running away to Vegas as well and then we're off to our honeymoon", he smirked at Alison, hugging me tightly.
"You're sure you can handle both me and Bob?", Alison put her hands on her perfect hips.
"Oh please, a sex machine such as myself", Gerard said snottily.
"Oh tiger", said Alison flatly and headed for the backroom with her clipboard.
"Green witch", mumbled Gerard under his breath.
He and Alison would snap often at each other, they didn't really got along but it was entraintaining to watch, when there was nothing interesting on TV we could just put gerard and Ali in one room and watch them fight.
I put my fingers through his hair, "How was your day?".
"It was nice", he got his hands under my shirt, stroking my back.
"Enjoyed your classes?", I whispered in his ear.
he nodded, "What about you?".
"Once I found the class it was rather nice", I kissed his neck.
"Tiger G! How could you do this to me and Bob?. you're such a bitch!", cried Alison behind me.
I laughed in Gerard's neck, seriously I would marry this girl if Ray wouldn't.
"Green witch", Gerard made a face.
"Skylerson, I have to go kick the guitar maker ass. He mixed up the orders. AGAIN. Keep an eye on the store", Alison put on her coat and exited the store.
"Skylerson? She's so annoying", shuddered Gerard, picking up a guitar.
"She's great. put that down G", I warned him, he had a tendency to pick up the most expensive guitars.
"Make me", he strummed on it once, producing the most horrific sounds that guitar was capable of making.
"Fine. Break it and have Ali hunt you down", I shrugged.
He laughed but put down the guitar.
"Come here", I motioned for him to come over with my index finger.
"So who's this guy green witch was talking about?", he approached me.
"Billy. He was nice, if it wasn't for him I would gave up and ditched college for good", I put my arms around his neck.
"Is he good looking?", he squeezed my waist.
"Oh yeah, I think he mentioned something about modeling but I didn't really listen, I was too busy staring in his beautiful blue eyes. You know guys with blue eyes were always a weakness of mine", that will teach him a lesson about listening to alison, "But tell me about your day".
"No wait, wait go back to the eyes part", he studied my face, scanning it for a hint of smile but I pulled my poker face.
"Yeah he's got these ocean blue eyes, and the eyeliner brought them out even more, I felt like I could drown in them", I spun out of his arms.
Gerard turned deep color of scarlet, "You're joking right?".
"No no, I don't joke about beauty", I felt like laughing my ass off, he was sooo cute looking all embareced and intense like that, "You know Gee, I was thinking on my way here... Why won't you buy blue contacts as well? Obviously it would be nothing like Billy's but at least it would upgrade that average eye color of yours".
His shoulders tensed, "What?!".
I couldn't do this to him anymore, he looked misrable, "I'm kidding!".
He breathed out, "I knew it".
"Sure you did", I smirked and kissed his forehead.
"You know I love these brown eyes of yours more than anything", I played mind tricks on him again.
"It's hazel, see", he leaned to show me his eyes.
"I was kidding! You're so touchy today", I kissed his beautiful hazel eyes.

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