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The amazing baking foursome!

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Bake me when you're sober.

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"Pass the popcorn", I slurred my words, I was light headed and had a goofy smile on my face.
"No", groaned Frank, protecting the popcorn bowl with his body.
"Pig", I stretched my arm to hit him but slapped Bob instead, lucky for me he was sleeping.
We giggled, we were as drunk as it gets. We got drunk every single day of the first week back to school.
"Come on Frank, share the popcorn dude", I blinked at the TV.
I didn't even know what movie we were watching, it had people trying to sell random items and a phone number kept flashing at the bottom, we tried to call it and some woman answered it, we freaked and hung up. I mean it's a movie, it's supposed to be fictional so why the hell someone answered it??.
"Take your fucking popcorn, I'll bake myself some cupcakes", he threw the bowl at us.
"Can I help? Can I help? Can I help?", I bounced drunkenly on the sofa, I spilled more beer than drank it.
Frank paused to think for a few moments, "You can be the chef assistant".
"Just for the record, there's no chef", chipped in Mikey who was for some reason I didn't really remember on the floor.
"There is there is there is", chanted Frank.
"Dude, we got it the first time", giggled Gerard who was on his 4458th beer.
"Let's do some cooking", Frank jumped off the sofa.
"Aren't we baking?", Mikey looked really puzzled.
"Isn't the same?", mused Gerard, emptying his current bottle of beer.
"I'm not sure", I tried to sit straight without feeling sick.
"Anyway...How do you bake cupthingys?", interrupted Mikey, rolling over on the floor among the beer bottles.
"You use the oven, put stuff in it and you get shit", said Frank knowingly.
"Cool", Mikey and I cried in unison.
We all stood up and walked over to the small kitchen area, except for Bob who blacked out earlier, he drank more than all of us combined. He lay peacefully on the sofa with his hands behind his head.
I stumbled into Mikey since Gerard was glued to my waist, at least his hands were.
"Where's the recipe?", I asked Frank.
"Recipe?, I never use a recipe. The motherfuckers who write these are fucking clueless", he put on pink apron with berries painted on it, "Just trust captain Frank".
I wasn't sure about trusting captain Frank at all but I sipped my beer and shrugged. Apparently Mikey wasn't sure either because he gave me a look which said 'Let's run before it's too late'.
"Relax and trust captain Frank", I stuck my now empty bottle in his hand and steered Gerard to get another one.

"OK now. Get the white shit you usually put in cakes", Frank stood on the chair and waved his hands, he was really bossy when he was drunk.
"We all froze on our tracks, "Which is what?".
"The! White! Shit!", cried Frankie, slapping his head.
"But which white shit?", Mikey was getting annoyed and slammed the egg in his hand a little too hard on the table, "You are fucking clueless!"
"Mikey broke an egg", Gerard giggled so hard he had to bend over.
"I'm working with monkeys", frank rolled his eyes and jumped off the chair.
He walked over to the cabinet and opened it, it was full of white shit you usually put in a cake.
He scraped the back of his head looking lost, "I guess we can put all of it".
"All of it?", exclaimed Mikey, wiping his egged hand on Gerard without Gerard noticing.
"Yeah, it's white shit and you put it in cakes, meaning we'll put all of it", reasoned Gerard, trying to focus his gaze on one spot.
I found the situation funny, so I laughed and drank some more.
I was already dizzy and very light headed.
We were on our 3rd six pack, or was it the 6th three pack? Math was hard.
Frank grabbed every pack of white shit he could found around the kitchen and dumped it in a big red bowl, "There. Now we need milk, eggs and water".

By the time the dough was in the oven, we were all dirty and tired.
Mikey had an egg shell on his shoulder and my hair was soaked with milk for some reason, Gerard had a flour moustache and Frank used chocolate as an eyeliner.
We stood around, staring proudly at the dough in the oven.
"It's our baby", cooed Frank.
"Let's name it", Mikey wiped tears that were streaming down his cheeks, I guess he was the proud mother.
"Don't cry bro, we'll help you raise it", Gerard pulled Mikey for a hug.
Mikey sobbed on his brother chest.
"Let's name it Ben", Frank patted Gerard's head.
"Maybe it's a girl", I blurted, leaning on something. I had to unless I wanted to find myself on the floor.
"So maybe Mandy?", suggested Gerard.
"No, it's a boy", Frank threw an egg at me.
"Son of a bitch!", it landed on my chest, "It's a girl", I took handful of some powder and threw it on Frank.
He hid behind a a box of chocolate, it was a classical behaviour...of a 5 year old!.
Did he honestly believe that if he didn't see anybody, nobody could see him?
I grinned evilly, took a bottle of ketchup and aimed for his crouch.
Frankie shrieked, Mikey wailed even harder.
"Stop it! Can't you see Mikey is vulnerable right now? Be quite and support him", Gerard yelled at us, still patting Mikey who wailed in his shirt.
I guess if we were sober this whole situation would look ridiculous but we SO weren't!
Frank and I looked down in shame and went back to staring at the closed oven.

We stood like this for what seemed to be eternity, Mikey calmed down and only sniffled once in a while.
"Where are you going?", asked Gerard the yawning Frank.
"I'm going to take a nap until the delivery", said Frank, shoving Bob to make space for himself.
"He's going to make a crappy father", Gerard shook his head disapprovingly.
"I'm going to nap too", Mikey pulled away from the embrace and headed for the armchair.
"Fine! Be that way! But don't bother turning up 18 years from now claiming you love him", he noticed my glare, "Or her".

"Don't worry, I'll be here for both of you", I kissed him hard on the lips.
I soon moved for his neck, removing his t-shirt.
I don't know what happened to me but I was completely out of control.
I was hot, really dizzy and quite sick but the only thoughts that kept crossing my mind were that I wanted him, right here, right then and NOW.
I shoved him into the fridge and kept kissing him, he kissed me back with a little hesitation.
"Sky...", he trailed off when I bite his bottom lip.
"Shut up", I snapped.
He smirked and pushed me up on the dirty table, He seated me on it, I believe I sat on something because my ass felt cold and wet.
He spread my legs and positioned himself between them, he removed my shirt , he ripped it to be exact.
I stared at the ripped shirt on the floor while Gerard was busy kissing my chest and collarbone, I really liked that shirt.
Than some sense was knocked into me, I was half naked with the boys sleeping on the sofa, what if someone wakes up??.
I pulled away from Gerard, Jumped off the table, picked up our clothes and grabbed his hand, dragging him to my room.
Once I locked the door, he grabbed my waist, pushing me against the door.
I removed his jeans and kissed his chest than I steered him to my bed, not letting go of his lips, I pushed him on the edge of the bed to a sitting position and took off my jeans, he licked his lips than my stomach.
I pushed him on his back and crawled on top, he let me be on top for a while but once he harden, he flipped me on my back and ran out of the room, coming back with a condom.

Yup they're at it again...drunk this was a long chapter so I split it in two!
thanks to all the lovely girls who review, you ROCK my socks off!! lol
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