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Ignorance is bliss?

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Give me a shot to remember? No, just change the cartoon channel!

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When I woke up, the room was still dark, it couldn't be later than 5 AM, I woke up with a major headache, I guess I shouldn't went that heavy on the drinking.
I was cold, I looked under the covers and a little shriek escaped my lips and made my head hurt even more.
I was nude, I never slept nude. I never understood people who did. I really shouldn't drink that much.
Than someone shifted in bed next to me, I screamed, causing the person to jerk his head and moan.
"Fuck, I have headache from hell", said Gerard's husky morning voice.
"Gerard????", I yelled, jumping out of the bed and trying to cover myself with the blankets sent me flat on the floor, "What are you doing here??".
He lit up the table lamp and I noticed he wore nothing too, my first instinct was to cover my eyes.
"Cover yourself up, cover up now!", I pleaded.
"You took all the blankets", I could hear him smirk.
"The pillow G, the pillow!", than I realized what he would cover with the pillow I sleep on, "OH not the pillow, not the pillow!".
"I'm running out of options here", he laughed, "Besides it's not like you haven't seen it all last night".
"Oh fuck", it took me a while to realize why both of us might be naked but then it downed on me, but how come I have no memories of it happening???
"Don't tell me you don't remember", he cried, noticing the blank look on my face and held his forehead in his palms.
"Remember what?", I was almost afraid to ask.
"Skyler", he let his head fall back on the pillow.
"We didn't?", I shook my head.
"We did! And I was good! And you don't remember! I'm so sexually doomed!", he groaned.
"You're doomed? I'm the one not to remember", I crawled into a corner.
"You don't remember anything at all?", he asked hopeful.
I tried my hardest to remember, I remembered we got really drunk, than baked something and I hit on him but from the point he brought the condom, I blacked out, "Nope".
"Shit", he raised his head again, "You seemed to enjoy it though".
"Well, I'm glad I enjoyed it", I shoved myself deeper into a corner, "You know what sucks though? That mentally I'm still a virgin!".
Gerard laughed, "You are!, But it did happen so maybe it'll float around later".
"Hopefully not while I'm eating", I smirked. Even though I didn't remember the act itself, I was glad it was with Gerard and with some random drunken dude at a party.
"Hey! what that was all about", Gerard sulked, "I was good! You seemed to think so as well!".
"The cupcakes", I exclaimed when the baking part came back to me.
"What cupcakes? I'm not having cupcakes as my bed name! Maybe tiger or leopard but not cupcakes", Gerard looked offended.
"No, we baked cupcakes, the oven!", I climbed up to my feet, throwing him his shirt and taking clothes out of my closet.
"Fuck!", he jumped out of bed, crawling on the floor for his underwear.
We got dressed, and rushed to the kitchen, we were so relived to see the oven was off.
The guys were sleeping in the living room and the kitchen was a mess.
"Let's go back to bed", Gerard cornered me in front of the sink.
"What's with all the noise, dudes are trying to sleep here!", grunted Frankie, he was lying on top of Bob who slept sweetly.
"I see we're not the only one who had fun tonight", whispered Gerard in my ear.
"Yean, now they're whispering", Mikey woke up as well.
They were in the kitchen in matter of seconds, "God, what were we doing?".
Mikey and Frank stared at the kitchen.
"Delivered cupcakes", I beamed, it's just my luck to remember this but not my first time.
"It wasn't a dream? I was really crying over the birth of a cupcake?", Mikey covered his face with his hand once he received my confirmation nod, "I so need coffee! I thought it was just a weird nightmare".
"I'm not drinking ever again", Frank held on to his stomach while looking around.
Gerard took the what supposed to be cupcakes out of the oven, they didn't looked like cupcakes.
They were as flat as paper, burned and the inside was jiggly like jelly.
"It's alive", Gerard poked one particularly jiggly cupcake.
"Are you sure we baked cupcakes?", asked Mikey, looking disgusted.
"That what you get when you use washing powder", I waved the empty box in Frank's face, "What if someone ate them?"
"I doubt it", Mikey poured himself coffee.
Apparently one of the 'white shit' Frank mixed in the bowl was washing powder, I threw the empty box in the garbage bin.
"Oh please's-a-girl", Frankie pulled my hair slightly.
I showed him my tongue just when Ray entered, looking tired, "Do I even want to know what happened here last night?".
We all shook our head.
"I'm not cleaning, you own me one since I did save your asses from being burned", he looked around the kitchen.
He missed all the action since he was out on a date with Alison.
"Anyone hungry?", he asked hopeful that someone will fix him up a meal.
The look of the disgusting cupcakes was before my eyes, "I'll pass".
I grabbed my coffee and headed for the living room where Bob was still asleep.
I stared at him, "Is he still alive?", I asked Mikey who came in after me with his coffee.
Mikey shrugged and poked Bob in the ribs with his index finger.
Bob moaned in his sleep, "I guess he is".
I sat on the armchair and Mikey sat on the sofa, on Bob's legs and turned on the cartoon channel.
Then Gerard came out of the kitchen, smoking his morning cigarette and sat in my lap, "Switch to the other cartoon channel, these cartoons are fucked up".
Something inside my head clicked, I mean literally clicked, "Oh Gerard harder!".
Gerard chocked on his coffee, "Seriously??".
I beamed and nodded.
He bounced on my lap, "You're not a mental virgin anymore!".
I thanked god Frankie just screamed in Mikey's ear just to announce he's in the room.

Lesson we learned from this chapter kids:
1.Don't ever let Frank bake without someone sober around.
2.If you do bake don't ever eat it!
3.There is such thing as a mental virgin!
4.Please review!!
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