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Title explains it

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Gerard and Frank sat on the floor having a staring competition, Mikey, Ray and Bob were sat on Mikey's bed eating popcorn and discussing games. They were all pretending like everything was normal, but inside they were all feeling sick from nerves. They were waiting for two people. But they were beginning to believe they weren't going to show.
"Oh look, theres more of them this time" Smiths smooth, cruel voice caused Frank to jump, no one had noticed Smith and Arrow arrive.
"Who are the newbies?" Asked Arrow, who Frank didn't think he had heard speak before.
"Im Ray and thats Bob" Said Ray pointing at Bob, if they were scared then they didn't show it. Bob smiled calmly.
"Hey" He said. Arrow grinned cruelly and Smith raised an eyebrow.
"Do you two have any idea of who we are?" He asked. Bob and Ray both nodded.
"Yeah, your those vampire dudes right?" Asked Ray. Smith snarled.
"Thats right, and don't annoy me or I'll kill you" He replied. Ray shrugged.
"Geez, no need to be touchy" He said. Smith ignored him and turned to Frank.
"I trust you got the potion." He said. Frank nodded and pulled the bottles out of his pocket.
"Two bottles? Is that all?" Asked Smith. Frank nodded again.
" drop is all you need, my dads made it stronger...but you two can't drink any" He said.
"We weren't planning to" Said Arrow, Smith eyed Frank curiously.
"Why not?" He asked. So far the plan was working perfectly.
"Because its so strong that if you drink any, especially the whole bottle, then you'll turn into real vampires - totally immortal, and able to change people yourself and what not" Frank replied. Smith smiled.
"I don't believe you were meant to tell me that were you Frankie?" He grinned. Frank pretended to look shocked.
"Why not?" He asked as innocently as he could. Smith snatched up the bottle.
"You'll see" He laughed as he pulled off the top of one and passed it to Arrow and then opened the second one for himself.
"BOTTOMS UP!" He cried as he began to drink the liquid.
"NO DON'T!" Cried Frank in fake fear. But Arrow and Smith had drank the entire contents of the bottles. Frank hoped and prayed that his dads plan would work. Arrow and Smith didn't seem hurt. Smith wiped his mouth and smiled.
"Ah, you've gone and done it now haven't you Frankie baby, you -" Smith stopped, a look of fear and confusion spread across his face. Frank smiled.
"Thats right 'Smithy baby' I have" He said, Smith grabbed his stomach and yelled out in pain, he fell to his knees on the floor, the same happening to Arrow.
"What...what have you...done!?" He cried.
"I've poisoned you" Frank said, Smith let go of his stomach with one hand and lunged for Frank who moved back, scared, bumping into Gerard who wrapped his arms round him protectively.
Smith and Arrow howled in pain for a minute, before falling silent, their bodies relaxed.
They were dead.

"What do we do? Call the police? Move the bodies ourselves?" Mikey eyed the dead men with fear. Gerard shrugged.
"We could just bury them ourselves...its not like anyones going to wonder where they are" He said.
"But...the families of the people they killed will want to know who the killers are" Said Ray. Gerard sighed
"With all due respect, if we call the police then we might get banged up, and besides, if we bury them then, yeah, so no one will know who killed their family. But at the end of the day. Just so long as they don't come back, then it should be enough." Said Bob. Mikey nodded.
"Can we just get them out of my room!?" He cried. Gerard stood up and grabbed Smiths arms.
"Come on Frank, get the legs. Bob, Ray, you get Arrow, we'll bury them" He said, Frank, Ray and Bob got up and picked up the bodies.
"Where are you going to bury them?" Asked Mikey.
"The forest." Said Gerard, and then they all left the room.

Gerard stopped the car and they all got out, carrying a shovel each, they got the bodies out the boot and began to dig.
"I feel like a murderer" Said Frank quietly as he dug.
"You are a murderer. We all are" Said Gerard. Frank sighed.
"That makes me feel a lot better" He mumbled.
After what felt like years they had a whole deep enough, Gerard and Ray, who had dug to the very bottom of it climbed out and Gerard kicked the bodies into the hole. Mikey flinched at Gerards dis-respect.
"They don't deserve any repsect. I hope they get eaten by maggots" Gerard said before spitting in the whole, his spit landed on Smiths face and Gerard smiled triumphantly as everyone began shoveling dirt into the hole.
"I hated that. I hope I never have to dig a hole ever makes me shudder to know what we've just done" Said Mikey as they drove back.
"Don't worry about it Mikey. They deserved everything they got." Said Gerard.
"No they didn't. They would never have been like that if they hadn't taken that potion" Said Mikey.
"Are you blaming my dad?" Asked Frank. Mikey shook his head.
"I...I just think we should have called the police" He mumbled. Gerard laughed.
"Sorry for not wanting to go to prison Mikey" He said. Mikey shut up, he didn't want to argue, he just wanted to go to bed and wake up to a new day, so he could put all this crap behind him.
"Sia Bob" Called Gerard as Bob left the car, Ray had been dropped off and now it was just Frank, Gee and Mikey.
"Can I stay at yours tonight?" Asked Frank as they entered the street.
"Of course, why? Whats up?" Asked Gerard. Frank shrugged.
"I just...don't want to go home just yet" He mumbled.
"Don't worry about it, you can stay in my room" Said Gerard. Frank nodded and Mikey was too tired to get what was going on.
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