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Daniel explains...

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Chapter 3

Allison stared at her boyfriend's eyes intently; she knew she had to remain silent and try to maintain the number of questions to a minimum since it was obviously a very hard topic on him. But for the same reason she understood within her that she must take advantage since it probably wasn't going to happen again any time soon.
"Alice was my dad's best friend. She was the sweetest person you'd ever meet. She really was. My dad loved her and she did also, but not enough to be with him, at least not yet. You see, my mother died a couple of years after she had me and I lived with my grandma. They had acted as if I had no father, and he didn't know a thing about my existence.
Then this one day we locked eyes and ever since I've been with him. Alice was the first person he ever introduced me to. She was really important to him. She had short blue hair and electric blue eyes, she was beautiful" He blushed slightly, remembering Alice's slim figure and candid face. He sighed deeply and continued.
"She was like a mother to me even though I didn't get to hang out with her much. You see, she was the guitar in the band 'Last Word Uttered', she also wrote all of their lyrics. That was not the only reason we were apart so much. She had this major drug issue so she got into this facility for a year. She was always running from here to there, getting her heart broken and shit but she always called, always helped.
She dated Gerard Way...sort of. I've never really liked to understand that. The only thing I need to know is that the fucker broke her heart. Savagely. I think that's one of the main reasons she killed herself-"
He said the last part almost to himself. He hadn't realized what he had said until he heard Allison's gasp of horror.
"She...she killed herself? Oh honey!" She said, wrapping her arms around him. He backed away slightly, he didn't want pity from her, he just needed understanding. He squished the apple tighter and continued,
After their tour around...Latin America I think she went home. She was staying with us. I arrived that day a bit late from school, Dad was sleeping in the couch. I noticed that the guest room's door was ajar so I was like, extremely happy since I thought that Alice was home.
I walked there and everything was dark. I noticed her silluoette, she had her back to me. There was something wrong. Then I noticed the silver gleamering, it was my dad's pistol.
I was about to cry out but my throat was dry.
Next thing I know,
And her head's backwards, her lifeless eyes staring at me.
My dad was by my side by then and then everything goes black.."
He said in between the sobs he could manage to keep in. Allison couldn't contain herself and she wept as well. They hugged each other for a while and sort of dozed of in their embrace.
"This was so tiring... " Daniel thought to himself as he replayed it all over and over in his head, his neck stiff from the position in which he and Allison had ended up in.
Someone tapped his shoulder. He turned around to see Pete motioning them over since it was time for their meal seeing that Bert would be there in ten minutes.
"Shit" was all Daniel could mumble as he nudged Allison out of her sleep and scrambled out of her weight. They ran towards the house to eat rapidly and get any scattered stuff into their backpacks.

Gerard sat on his bunk, looking at some old pictures he had drawn about five years ago. He came to several drawings of Alice. He couldn't help but cry once more as he stared at them. It was not about the drawing itself, it was because he remembered of how he had felt about her at the time.
It hurt deep inside him.
He knew his feelings of guilt would never go away. He had been an ass to her, and he still probably was. He had caught himself calling her a bitch from time to time. The poor girl had to endure his harshness even from the tomb. It was horrible.
He was horrible.
A monster.

Author's Note
Sorry the chappie was so short, but I thought I'd just give you a bit of an insight on what's going on Gerard's mind and well, explain things from Daniel's point of view. There are a lot of things to be discovered from Alice's death, though.
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