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Last Word Uttered

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they meet once more

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Chapter 4

Daniel and Allison were walking around the tour buses, hand in hand. It was lunch time, so everyone was scattered around. They crossed several roadies who nodded at them as they passed in recognition, silent greeting. Daniel chuckled to himself and let go of Allison's hand slipping his arm around her shoulders instead. She smiled unaware of the reasons his sudden happiness, not really caring what they were anyway. Anything to make him happy.
She felt helpless most of the time.
Daniel just didn't feel content around her, it bothered her not being able to fullfill him. Sure, they were only fifteen but it still worried her. He had this huge bulge on his back and she was afraid his shoulder blades might give up on him any minute and make him stumble and crash. She expected him to do so any minute.
It had been two months and a couple of days and still he hadn't collapsed. He was strong, that's what she liked about him. Daniel locked eyes with her and then someone called his name. He turned around and two guys were running towards him. He let go of her hand and started to jog out of their reach, but they were too fast.
Ben's skinny body was being pressed into Daniel's by Jess'. It was a sandwich of men. The three of them started giggling like teenagers. After some time they squiggled their way out of each other's weight and playfully started to kick each other.
Allison's laughter rose higher and higher, it was unbelievably funny watching the three of them doing such a stupid thing in the middle of the gravel with thousands of other band members and roadies watching. Another guy came running and started separated them, he seemed furious and started yelling,

The one with the black hair, the smaller one started laughing uncontrollably; his wild laugh was only comparable to mine.
The skinny tall one stood up with Daniel in arm and chuckled as he said, "This is Daniel, you asshole."
The other guy's eyes widened momentarily and then he sort of hugged Daniel. That surprised me, a lot.
"I should've imagined that" He said as he pulled out of the hug.
"That is about the gayest thing I've ever seen you do, Brian" Black-haired said.
The four of them started laughing. The others, excluding Daniel, turned to see where the wild laughter was coming from. They all stared at me as if I was a weird bug. I smiled as Daniel came by my side,
"This is my girlfriend, guys. Allison"
The three of them continued to stare at me.
"Hey..." I said, smiling hugely at them.
They continued to stare I noticed they were sort of staring at my torso. I looked at it and noticed I was wearing one of Daniel's 'Last Word Uttered' T's. Daniel smiled and explained to the guys,
"She likes to borrow my clothes."
They now stared at my face as if expecting something. They were clearly confused.
"Hey..." They said, smiling awkwardly. Once more, it was the kind of smile that let you know you were skipping something, that you needed to say something like right now. But I didn't have a fucking clue of what I should say.
What in the world...
I didn't understand the point of it all. What was wrong with my t-shirt?
Daniel turned to me and noticed my puzzlement as well, "They're Last Word Uttered, baby. The one who's song you've been humming all day"
"Oh! That makes sense!" I said, clapping my hands together in excitement, "That certainly is a very good song. I love it!" I said.
"Yeah? Which one is it?" The skinny one asked.
"I don't remember the name, but it goes something like this:
There was a deep secret concealed
She gradually let it slip
And I followed her lead
Oh, I followed her lead
There was it
that long craved secret
and I already knew what it was about
but we both saw the lie that was tangled
And I remembered myself we were not sane
As you told me 'It's okay to be scared'

I love that part. It's the only part I've memorized..." I said blushing, as I finished singing the part of the song I'd been purring all day.
All four of them stared at me.
"She really does have an amazing voice" Daniel commented, looking at me. I tugged by bangs behind my ears and looked at my feet. I felt him squish my hand with his, intertwining his fingers with mine.
"That's one hell of a voice!" Jess said in a husky tone. I looked up. What was wrong?
"Is something wrong?" I asked, as I noticed everyone's head were bent low.
"You sing just like Alice" Ben explained.
Oh shit, that Alice.

Gerard's head was popping out of the window. He had sworn he had heard Alice singing. He was looking around but only saw roadies and small bunch of about four people talking. He must've been seeing things. Frank walked up the steps and Gerard looked at his friend. His face was pale, and he looked scared shitless.
"You heard that?" He asked without preamble.
"Yeah" Gerard responded, passing a hand through his hair in awareness.
"Pretty freaky..." Frank said and collapsed on the couch.

Author's Note
Once more a pretty short chappie, dunno why.
I'm not feeling that confident right now.
I want your opinion.
Are the chapters too crappy?
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