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Lighting a stranger's cigarette...not so stranger

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Chapter 5

It was day two, almost day three actually and Daniel had had a blast so far. Everything had gone great. It was the middle of the night and he walked around the tour buses. Most of them had their lights on, drunken bastards sleeping over stairs and pissed gravel.
He chuckled at them, even though he felt like doing that a thousand times he still found them amusing. It made him feel proud of himself every time he overcame his pulsing urge to drink half a bottle of pure Vodka in one gulp. His hands were on his pockets, looking for a piece of gum, which he found after a thorough inspection. He unfolded the half of gum out of his previously opened silver wrapping and dropped it on his open mouth. The gum fell halfway in, the other part collapsed against one side of his lips. He used his tongue to snatch it back into its proper place.
An icy breeze swept the hair out of his eyes and he saw one distinct figure lighting a cigarette, sitting over a bus' stairs. Daniel stared hard at the guy, dressed in plain black clothes, dishevelled and either wet or greasy hair over his face, he couldn't really judge from the distance between them. The lighter seemed to be malfunctioning, since the flame continued to disappear once the cigarette was near. The guy seemed utterly frustrated.
Daniel was about to pass by the fucker's side without helping but then he remember how desperate his father used to get when he couldn't light his cigarette. Bert tried to quit smoking, but sometimes he just couldn't resist the urge to take a drag. And it were those times in which his lighter would fail him, and there wouldn't be any matches at hand, or there wouldn't be any cigarettes at the nearest store.
Daniel walked toward the stranger coolly and asked in one low whisper, "Need help?" as he extended his hand for the lighter. The guy nodded and handed it to Daniel's outstretched hand. Daniel shook the lighter five times, and then let the small amount of liquid stay still for a couple of seconds upside down. He quickly turned it to its functioning position and then the flame was out long enough for the foreigner to light his goddamned cigarette.
Daniel looked at his face for those brief seconds in which the light illuminated the alien's face. He froze as he saw that thin and slightly pointy nose, those relatively thick black eyebrows above the hazel expressive eyes surrounded by pitch black lashes and those pink average sized lips all of them placed over that pale-skin-covered skull. Gerard didn't recognize him at all, although there was this small look of confusion on his eyes, as if he knew the kid standing in front of him from somewhere. Gerard thanked him just before Daniel bolted.
He was utterly surprised at himself, any other time he'd imagined himself punching the guy. What had stopped him from doing it tonight? He wasn't feeling pity towards him, was he? Hell no, he hated the fucker. He was a bastard who had shattered Alice's heart and there had been no fucking glue that could've pasted it together.

Ben sat with his back to the wall, he looked at Jess snorting on the bunk beside him. He felt so goddamned alone. Those were the times in which he and Alice would go and have something to eat, cereal mostly. They would eat and talk of nothing at all, or just play some video games. Other times they'd sit and read side by side, chuckling at a funny line and scribbling any idea that came to mind to comment it later, once the chapter they were reading was over.
"Alice isn't here" He kept reminding himself. He was pretty sure that he'd remind himself of that forever and ever. He felt like calling and talking to Alice's brothers. It was too late, though. He should visit them sometime soon, or send a present or something. By this time Alice had already bought them something and send it to their greedy little hands. He made a mental note to do that sometime soon.

Daniel made his way to The Used's tour bus. He was still pale as he hopped the stairs and entered the "living room". Allison had fallen asleep on the floor, there was a magazine on top of her face. She still wore the day's clothes which consisted of a The Used T with what used to be black jeans. Her hair was all over the floor and her makeup was smudged. Daniel entered the bathroom and peeled his own faded jeans and worn out T along with his battered Chucks. He took a pair of sweats and thin cotton shirt and put it on. He returned to the living room and chose a similar pair of sweats and shirt for Allison.
He checked that the guys were asleep before slipping her t-shirt out of her torso and putting the clean one on. He undid her jeans and carefully put the sweats on, neatly folding her dirty clothes placing them on a corner. He undid her bra and put it on top of the pile. Allison didn't even flinch; she was such a sound sleeper. He carried her to the biggest couch and turned the lights off. He cuddled next to her and she automatically wrapped her arms around him. He smiled as he caressed her mint-smelling hair and fell asleep almost instantly.
"Hey, want a chocolate shake and a muffin? I don't know about you but I'm starving!"
"Yes, yes!"
"Want something, Bert? Beer?" his dad shook his head 'no', "Erm, juice?" He nodded.
"My daddy likes grapefruit, do you have grapefruit?" He asked, shifting his gigantic blue eyes from his dad to Alice.
"Yeah, of course. Want to look at some tv while your dad and I get this things set up?"
"Sure!" Alice handed him the remote and went with his dad to the kitchen.

"Hun, want a muffin? I want an apple muffin" Allison stated, as she played with one of her red bangs.
"Do they even make those?" Jepha asked as he munched on a P & J sandwich.
"Yeah, they're just too damn difficult to find, and Ally here loves 'em" Daniel said as he handed Allison a blueberry muffin, "They're the only ones we found on the mini market, sorry" He said truthfully.
"Yeah, well it'll have to do...At least I've got something to eat, there are some people who don't eat in /weeks/. I mean, not a single bite"
"You mean homeless people?" Dan asked.
"No, I was talking about anorexics but I guess those don't eat either" Allison replied, pondering it over.
"So you're thanking you like to eat?" Jepha asked, in a failed attempt to raise one eyebrow.
"Yeah" Allison replied.
The rest of the guys chuckled.
"Sometimes..." Daniel said under his breath.

Author's Note
First encounter with Gerard.
Drama and angst would be coming near.

Sorry for the last confusion, thanks to those who noticed.
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