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Wake up call

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Basically - they get up

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"BOOOOOOB! WAKEY WAKEY RISE AND SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" I opened one eye, Frank was standing by my bunk, grinning at me, cup of coffee in hand.
"Go awaaaaay!" I groaned. Frank sat down on the end of my bed and slurped noisily on his coffee.
"BUGGER OFF!" I cried kicking him, but he just sat there, grinning at me and drinking his coffee.
"FRAAAAANK!" Why was he being so damn anoying!? He was always last up...usually. I groaned and kicked him again, harder this time and he spilled his drink down himself.
"AGH! BURNY BURNY BURNY BURNY -" Frank put the coffee and the floor and ripped off his T - Shirt, he had a big red mark down his chest from where the coffee had burned him, he turned and scowled at me.
"What? You were annoying me" I said, ok, I did feel a little bad for burning him, but I hadn't meant to.
"Your cruel Bob, so very very cruel" He said before walking off, yelling at someone to run a flannel under the cold tap for him. I rolled over, wondering what time it was and wether I should get up or not...from the noises coming from the other end of the bus I could tell everyone else was up and...making breakfast? I got up and pulled on some clothes, were these the ones I wore last night? Oh I don't care, if your going to worry about your personal hygeine, then a tour bus isn't the place for you.
I wandered down the bus pausing to put on some deodrant, then again to brush my hair, and then I entered the little space that was called a kitchen. Ray and Mikey were arguing over how to make bacon.
"You put it in a pan and fry it dumbass!" Cried Mikey, waving a pan in the air. Ray shook his head.
"You can cook it under the grill, it s healthier that way!" He said opening the oven door and turning the grill on. Mikey shook his head this time.
"I've always cooked it in a pan and its never done me any harm!" He cried.
"It probably has Mikey you just don't know about it" Said Ray. They continued to argue. Oh my god, its just bacon, why can't they just cook the damn stuff and get over it!? I decided to have a coffee.
"Morning Bob" Said Mikey brightly as he began putting oil in the pan.
"Morning" I replied, Ray seemed to have won the fight because he had already got the bacon cooking under the grill.
"You know Mikey, fried oil doesn't sound very nice" He said, Mikey saw the bacon.
"NO WE'RE NOT!" Ray yelled back.
"OH MY GOD SHUT THE HELL UP!" It was Gee this time, I turned to see him sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee and eating a bagel. Ooooh, I love bagels, I'll have one of them aswell.
I sat down next to Gee, Frank appeared holding a dripping flannel on his chest, he spotted me and gave me an evil glare.
"What happened to you?" Asked Gerard. Frank sat down.
"Ask blondie!" He snapped. Gerard turned to me.
"What?! All I did was kick him because he was annoying me, he spilled his drink over himself - not my fault" Yeah ok, I know it is my fault but I'm not going to admit that. Gerard looked back at Frank who was scowling.
"Are you ok?" He asked, Frank moved the flannel, his chest was still red.
"It stings" He moaned. Gerard shrugged.
"You can't do much really Frank." He said, Frank glared at me - oh if looks could kill... "Make blondie apologize!" Frank ordered, Gerard turned to me.
"Apologize to Frank" He said. I snorted and shook my head.
"No way, he always calls me blondie!" Which is true.
"You always call me shortie!" Cried Frank...yeah thats true aswell. Gerard raised his eyebrows at me. Damn him, he always makes everyone say sorry, if he wasn't here we'd all have killed eachother in a play fight!
"Fine! I'm sorry I made you burn yourself Frank" I snapped. Frank stuck his nose in the air.
"I accept your apology" He said snootely. Ooooh, I could hit him sometimes. But we're only playing. Being on a tour bus isn't exactly what you would call stimulating.
Mikey and Ray walked over, eating bacon sandwiches, Mikey was complaining that it tastes better fried, but you could tell he wasnt really bothered.
"Eugh, dead pig" Frank commented. Mikey waved the sandwich infront of Franks face.
"Mmmm, lovely dead pig!" He laughed. Frank moved as far back into the sofa as he could, wrinkling up his nose.
"EUGH! GET THAT OUT OF MY FACE!" He cried. Mikey chuckled and walked away, Frank glared at him. Gerard got up.
"Come on people. We've got an interview remember" He said, everyone nodded, damn, I forgot about that. Frank looked at me.
"Aren't you gonna shave first?" He asked me. Damn, I forgot about that aswell. I shot up and raced down the bus into the bathroom. I had about half an hour to get ready for another bloody interview.
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