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Title explains it

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"So, the new album is going well then?" I sighed and leaned back in the chair. I'm so glad that Gee answers all the questions, because there always the same, but Gee always answers them as if its the first time they've ever been asked. I admire him for that. I was just starting to wonder what we'd be having for lunch (I know - always thinking about my stomach!) when a question was directed at me.
"So Bob, what do you think the old drummer must be feeling now, knowing he could have been in your shoes, being part of such a huge band?" It took me a second to register what had just been said. How the hell was I supposed to know what Matt felt like? The rest of the guys looked quite shocked at the question aswell, and they were all watching me, waiting for me to answer.
"Well...I guess he might be a little annoyed that he could have had the know, we have no hard feelings towards him and I'm sure he has none towards us" I think I answered it quite well, Gee smiled at me, so I guess he thinks I handled it well too.
"Thats right - " Gee said, turning back to the interviewer. "We don't have any ill feelings towards Matt, and being in a band just wasn't what he wanted to do, so I don't think seeing us now would make him regret his decision" He said. The interviewer nodded and then continued asking questions. I leaned back in my chair, I wonder what Matt does he happy for us? I suppose he would be, he's not a bad guy as far as I know.

"What a wierd interview" Said Ray as we walked back to the bus.
"I know. Why the hell did she want to know what Gerards favourite cheese was?" Mikey asked, I laughed, that had been quite funny. The interviewer had asked Gee what his favourite type of cheese was, and Gee had launched into a big answer about cheddar cheese and how cheddar cheese in England was awesome.
"Hell, I was happy to tell her, I've always wanted people to know I like cheddar" Said Gerard, me and Frank began laughing.
"Well I was slightly worried about that question..." Said Ray.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because you know what Franks like and I could just see what he was planning to do" Ray looked at Frank who looked quite shocked.
"What!? You actually knew I was going to do that?" He asked. Ray nodded.
"Do what?" Asked Mikey, a grin spread over Franks face.
"I was really tempted to lean forward and shout 'Gerards favourite cheese comes from his boyfriends -" Frank didn't get to finish because Gerard hit him in the arm.
"OW!" He cried, Gerard glared at him, but you could tell he was trying not to laugh.
"I don't have a boyfriend!" He cried. Frank shrugged.
"It still would have been funny, in fact I wish I had said it now, just to see your face!" He laughed.
"You wouldn't see much before your knocked out on the floor" Said Gerard. Frank pretended to look sad.
"Thats not very nice..." He wined. Mikey shook his head and rolled his eyes.
"Frank your mind is sick" He said. Frank laughed.
"No it isn't, my minds perfectly healthy" He said. We reached the bus and we went inside, Gerard grabbed his drawing stuff and began drawing something, Frank put some earphones in his ears and sat with a book, how he can read and listen to music at the same time is beyond me. Mikey and Ray sat and began to watch TV, leaving me to do something...I looked around, hmmm...what to do? What to do? I settled on sitting next to Mikey and being as restless as possible.
After 10 minutes I didn't know what to do so I pretended to play the drums, hitting the air as if it was a real drum kit, at least its good practice for the show tonight.
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