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illness and Joyce

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Bob liiikes someone

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The crowd were screaming like loonies. Nothing new though, they always scream like this for us, in England anyway. In America, they scream and sing along, but not as much, I mean in England, poor Gerard has to literally yell into the microphone just to be heard above the crowd, and if he wants to pause for a drink of water or something, he just has to point the microphone to the crowd and they sing the song whilst he drinks. Its great.
My arms were killing me, we only had another half an hour to go anyway, so I carried on giving it all I got. When the song finished we launched into 'mama', I was really enjoying myself, and I looked out towards the crowd when I noticed Gee was looking at Frank with a worried expression on his face. I looked over at Frank, he was still playing but he had gone really pale and was shaking. Oh god, he's ill - again. I swear that guy has the crappest immune system in the world!
He managed to play the rest of the song but as soon as we finished he threw up. Puke went all over the stage, and we couldn't go onto the next song. Frank fell to his knees, clutching his stomach as he puked again. I wondered whether I should get up and help him, well, since everyone else has I decided I would.
I dropped onto my knees infront of Frank.
"Dude, Dude! Are you ok?" I asked, Frank shook his head, eugh, he looked a right site. He was sweating, shaking and had puke all round his mouth. Some paramedics rushed over, with our stage manager and some technician guy.
"You guys get back out there! We'll take care of Frank!" I was shoved force fully back towards the drum kit as the manager told me the technician guy would play franks parts for us.
I sat back at the drum kit and after Gee explained to the crowd what was going on, we continued the show. It wasn't the first time that Franks had to leave because he's been ill. In fact, it happens a lot. Especially if theres a bug going round. I think he should live in a plastic bubble, but he's probably allergict to plastic, he isn't, but it wouldn't be surprising if he was.

After the show we hurried back to the bus, Frank lay sleeping in his bunk, a bucket next to him incase he was sick again. Gerard kneeled down next to his bed, looking at him as if to say 'you bloody git, why are you always ill!?'. Frank slept soundly and I decided I might aswell get a shower.
"Hey guys I'm going for a shower ok?" I said, grabbing a towel and some clothes. Mikey nodded, but Ray and Gee seemed to engrossed in watching Frank sleep, waiting for him to wake up so they could ask whats wrong.
I walked across the car park, heading for the shower block.
Once I got inside I turned on one of the showers, pulling the curtain across roughly. I stepped out of my Black parade uniform and stepped under the shower. The hot water sprayed onto my skin and I turned the water down, it went cooler, it felt good against my hot skin from burning under the stage lights. I began to wash my hair, some of the soap went over my closed eyes, washing away all the eye make - up. I spat some soap out of my mouth and turned to rinse it off my face.
I then washed my body, just grabbing the shower gel, squirting it all over me and then rubbing away all the dirt and sweat. Frank always tells me not to squirt it over me like that because it wastes it and that I should put some on the palm of my hand and then lather it over me - like a normal person. But I don't listen to him, I'll do what I want with my shower gel.
I turned off the shower, I had only been about 10 minutes but we had to be quick so we could get on the move. I grabbed the towel I had brought and wrapped it round my waist.
I dried quickly and pulled on my clothes, I didn't bother with any boxers since I would just be getting un - dressed for bed soon anyway. I picked up all my things and left.
Joyce, one of the crew was waiting for me outside.
"Come on Bob, I need to wash the uniforms" She said, I smiled and gave her my uniform.
"Thanks Joyce" I said she nodded and walked away heading for one of the buses that held the crew. They had the luxury of a washing machine on theirs.
I watched her walk away, her dirty blonde hair which was in a pony tail swung from side to side. I tilted my head to watch her from a better angle. I didn't notice someone come up behind me.
"Eyeing up Joyce are we Bob?" It was Gerard. I spun round to face him, he was grinning at me.
"I don't fancy Joyce!" I lied. Gerard laughed and smacked me lightly on the shoulder.
"Of course you don't Bob, of course you don't"
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