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Logan and Rogue and the big empty space in between them.

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Snapshots of the Soul


The class had descended into anarchy again. It didn't matter how many times Logan said "no powers" mutant teenagers and dodgeball were never going to be a good combination. Rogue had hidden herself towards the back as soon as she'd heard what game they were playing, and now she gave up entirely, dropping to the floor with her back to the wall, and watched Logan tell Kitty (again) that even if she phases through the balls she's still out. And then the shrilling of a whistled signalled the game starting again. But she couldn't be bothered returning, it would only become chaos again in a second ... there it went.

"You not playing kid?"

It was Logan.

"Well I just ... I was...just..." she tried to think of an excuse but then she realised how stupid it was, he was the only person she didn't have to make excuses to "It's just ... everyone can just use their powers as a game, just have fun, and I..."

"Yeah, I know" he sat down next to her "I think I'll give up too" he said, motioning to the chaos that was supposedly a phys-ed class, Rogue laughed "shouldn't you be vaguely concerned that someone might get hurt?" she asked him. He shrugged, responsibility wasn't really his forte.

The bell rang for the end of class, but no one heard it "Mr Summers will be wondering why no one's turned up for his class" Rogue observed. Logan grinned "I might just not say anything for a little while yet"

"Kitty'll be horrified when she realises she's missing maths"

"Don't tell me she actually likes algebra?"

Rogue laughed "nope, it's not algebra she likes"


"She hopelessly infatuated"

Logan made a sound of disgust and Rogue laughed at him. So as revenge he asked "What about you? Who are you all dreamy over?" which caused Rogue to blush heavily and look away from him, unable to answer. He didn't say anything, she knew there was nothing he could say, he didn't, rather he couldn't, look at her like that. He stood up and blew the whistle "Get going your late for you next class!" he yelled. Kitty gave a start and ran for the door. Rogue followed her quickly, but Logan called out to her "It's just..." he began

"Yeah, I know" she said.
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