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i'm NEW!

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Nicole only lives with her mum and sisters, but when she starts school she gets new friends,new crush,new school. Who is her lover/? her mum starts dating and she gets abused, who will save her ;)

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I awoke to the sound of my sister singing to her music. I just wanted a sleep in, but no i awoke to my crazy ass sister Jessica singing to The Veronicas ' i really hate them' I got out of bed, in the worst of moods, walked out of my room and banged on Jess's door
......... waited for an answer but nothing, i tried again
"JESSICA TURN THAT FUCKEN MUSIC OFF, I WAS SLEEPING-" i gave up i barged through her room and saw her in her bra and jeans'not a pretty sight'
"you really are a slut"
"WHAT, I CANT HEAR YOU" i walked over to her stereo and turned it off
"can you hear me now?"
"maybe, yes"
"YOU BITCH! YOU STOLE MY FUCKEN EYELINER, YOU SAID IT WAS LISA" i was loosing my temper with her so bad,
"OH MY GOD! GET OVER IT, WHO SAID THAT YOU COULD JUST BARGED INTO MY ROOM AND wait, what the bloody hell do you sleep in?"
"huh-" 'oh shit i was wearing my tight shorts(mini) and a bra whos the slut now'
"dont call me a slut till you look at what your wearing, hey dont you like love black and your wearing this kind of stuff i mean its PINK!"
"well i'm so sorry, that its comfortable, hey dont change the subject you stole my eyeliner"
"yer, i was gonna return it"
"whatever keep it, i'm going back to bed"
"what do you mean, its 7:30 we leave for school in half and hour"
"oh my god, crap, shit "
"better go get ready" she was smiling and laughing,'i hated in when she did'
"stop laughing"
I ran out of her room grabbed my clothes for the shower,straightner and my make-up. I was doing my make-up when one of my mums dates "accidentally" walked in.
"oh sorry, jessica is it?" he was acting so dumb he knew who i was, mum introduced me to him last night
"no, my name is Nicole"
"oh well sorry, hey nice make-up"
"ugh, thank-you"
"well i was just looking to use the toilet"
"mmm, well mum has one in her room, you do know that right"
"oh, sorry" he was now standing next to me, he was moving closer, i had no idea on what to do,
"bye, i better go see your mum"
"okay, then" he was walking off, then all of a sudden he smacked my ass, i just stood there frozen ' i mean its not the first time one of mums boyfriends have done that, thomas did that, but he was awesome,funny i dont knw why mum got rid of him, probably the sex wise' i had to finish doing my make-up but i couldnt i waS just standing there frozen
"YO, nicole you ready?"
Lisa was in the bathroom helping me with my make-up,god she was awesome at doing make-up
"you know, you should be a make-up artist"
"yer, maybe, i havnt actually thought about it"
"well you should, you are awesome at designs and stuff like that"
"aww, thanx"
"welcome " i smiled at her, and looked into the mirror,'thats as good as its gonna get'

I was walking into my room, and decided to quickly un-pack my boxes and back my school bag, as i was unpacking i notice a note, i quickly stuffed it into my bag and decided to read it at school, during lunch or something.
"FINE!" its so funny making Jessica getting my stuff, i would always use it as an excuse, i hadnt had any breakfast and wasnt really that hungry so it was all good. Lisa,Jessica and i were walking down the path to school, it wasnt that far, but i'm sure we could've taken the car.
"so, Jess, Nicole do you want me to take up to the office"
"yer oka-" i coulnt stop staring at these gorgeous boys walking infront of us, one of them had black shoulder length hair maybe a bit shorter he had a nice ass, another one had sandy brown hair, with a beanie on and from what i could see he had glasses but still cute, and the other one was short with black hair.
"nicole,nicole, NICOLE!" Jess and Lisa were both yelling at me, i got out of m gaze and looked at them
"do you want me to take you to the office, Jess said no, but i wanted to know whether you wanted me too"
"i dont care"
"wait a minute, where you just looking at them guys upfront"
"shhhh, i dont want them to hear"
"you were so checking them out, which one do you like"
"oh my god, i havnt even seen there faces yet, you two are just so childish"
"oh ah!"
I pushed them both, for the rest of the way to school it was silent and i could hear Lisa and Jess giggling,talking about me. We arrived at school Lisa went her own way, and Jess and I were walking to the office, we got some strange looks on the way
"god, why cant you just dress normal?" jess was giving me evils
"people always stare at us, because of you"
"oh my god, give it a rest, and get over what i wear"
"okay, then hey so tell me, did you like any of them guys upfront, from what you saw"
"mmmm, well the one with, the black hair, he had a nice ass"
"oh, there ws two with black hair, short one or tall one"
"aww, my sister has a crush on a guy" i could feel my cheeks going red
"now shes blushing"
"okay, can we change the subject"
"sure" she was still looking at me
"stop staring at me"

The lady at the office was really nice, she gave us our time table and told us to quickly go to class, becuase the bell was gonna go.
"hey, do we have homeroom together?"
"let me look at your timetable"
"yes we do,"
"cool, lets go before we are late and get a bad review"
We were walking towards the class, and as waiting for the teacher to arrive, so i decided to sit on the bench and Jess followed me. After 10mins of going through my ipod i finally found a song and then the teacher showed up.
She told Jess and I to stand at the front and wait for the class to be seated, I knew Jess already had friends in this class so she wasnt that nervous as i was.
"class, this is Jessica and Claire Green, please be nice to them,and Jessica i see you already know some people here, you may now take your seats"
Jess walked her way to her friends and i took a seat next to this guy, he looked like the person from this morning.
"hey, do you mind if i sit next to you, cause there is now where else to sit"
"yer sure, hey do you live down my street"
"uhm, i have no idea"
"well i saw moving trucks across from where i live, and i think i saw you walking with 2 other girls on the way to school this morning"
"oh,those are my sisters and yes that is me misprobably who lives near you"
"by the way my name is, Nicole which i'm sure you just heard"
"haha, i'm frank iero"
"cool, so who were the people you were walking with"
"ah! do you like one of them?"
"no, i was just curious"
"i'm sure, well to let you know, the one wearing the beanie was michael but call him mikey and gerard is his older brother but call him gee"
"oh sorry miss, was just getting to know frank"
"well do it in your own time"
"hey, let me see your timetable i shall see if you have any classes with them"
"okay then" i handed him my timetable
"well, you have maths,science with mikey,sport,history with me and art with gee"
"aww cool,hey can you walk me to maths then and introduce me to mikey dont really wonna freak him out"
"haha, i'm sure you wont, but yes i will"
"clas you may leave"

We were walking down the hall and frank an i were just talking about random music we liked, and i was telling him about my sisters.
"here you go,"
"wait show me who mikey is"
"he is coming now, with gee"
"hey, your going red, you do like one of them, you have to tell me in sport or at recess i hang out behind the P.E block and i shall meet you there okay?"
"hey gee and mikey, meet Nicole"
"hi" 'hi is that all i could get out, god i'm so hopeless with this stuff'
"hey, sup?, this is my little bro mikey"
"nothing much, hey mikey"
"yer, hi" 'aww he is so sweet'
"well i have to go now, gee take me to my science class"
"okay then, nice to meet you Nicole and mikey play nice"
"yer whatever gerard"

Mikey and i walked into maths, god he was so quiet still i started talking about music, we got so carried away we didnt do any work.
"so, i saw the way you were looking at gerard, do you like him?"
"maybe, i dunno i havnt even got to know him, but he looks alright"
"haha, thats my bro"
"oh bugger, the siren has gone, we better get going"
"oh yer, haha"
The day went through pretty good, made some new friends.

People this story took me a while to write, so please review and i will update 'I hate my life tomorrow as with this one'
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