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first time for everything

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hannah has a fun night with a certain celebrity

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i got ideas for this story when i was laying in bed this morning. and i'm gonna finish my other story of course :) depending on reviews will determine if i continue it or not.

"HE'S HOME" i heard the other girls yell as they all ran downstairs. i made sure everything was perfect before i also made my way downstairs. now before we get too far in the story you're probably wondering who 'he' is. HE is eric andrews. he owns me and the other girls. he runs a whore house i guess you could call it. when i was 14 my mom sold me to eric so she could get some drug money. i haven't seen her since nor do i want to. i'm 17 now. i reached the bottom of the stairs and got in line while eric read off everyone's assignments. eric was a man in his mid-30's. he treated us very nicely. the house we lived in was huge. i saw as the other girls got their 'men' and took them up to their rooms. "i have a special assignment for you hannah" eric said as he walked over to me. "this guy is your age. he's 20 and it's his first time. a birthday present form his friends i guess. and i know only you could make his first time special." eric said putting his arms around me. i was used to getting the younger, inexperienced ones. eric treated me the best out of all of them. i was his porcelian doll. i was about 5"7, tan, very skinny. i had dark brown hair and electric blue eyes. "i'll do my best eric" i told him giving him my best smile. "i know you will. that's why i keep you around" he said. "ok ryan. you can come meet her now" eric said calling in the boy. this guy was a few inches taller than me. he had dark brown eyes and hair. he was extremely skinny as well. he was GORGEOUS. 'shit! don't fall for him hannah. it's against the rules' i thought as he stood next to eric. "hannah this is ryan. ryan this is hannah. enjoy" he said giving ryan a pat on the back and walked away. "so, this is your first time"i asked as i grabbed his hand and took him to my room. "uh..umm...yeah. my friends thought it would be funny to do this for my birthday" he stuttered. "oh so it's your birthday today" i asked as i closed the door. "yeah i turned 21 today" he said looking around the room. "well then i guess you'll get the special treatment tonight" i said pushing him on the bed. i started to kiss him. he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. his tongue begged for entrance and i granted it. our tongues fought for dominance with him winning. he pulled away a few minutes later, allowing us both to catch our breath.

"look i know this is your 'job' but can we take it slow" he asked nervously. i was shocked. usually the client wants to get right at it. "umm sure. if that's what you want" i sat next to him on the bed. "so how old are you" he asked. "i'm 17" i said looking at the floor. "what are you doing here. you don't seem like you belong here" he asked. "my mom sold me to eric when i was 14 for drug money" i said hoping we could just get this over with. "listen i don't want to rush you or anything but the sooner we get this started the sooner it will be over and you can leave" i told him. "oh yeah. right" he said looking at me. he kissed me, deepening it as i laid down and he got on top of me. he got a condom then entered me. i may be a whore but i always insist they use can never be too safe. when we both reached our climax he pulled out and laid next to me, breathing heavily. "that was...amazing" ryan said looking in my eyes. "yeah well i am the best" i said looking at the ceiling. i didn't want to admit it but he was the best i ever had. he was gentle and not rough like some others were. "wanna do it again" he asked pulling me out of my thoughts. "you have me the whole night. we can do whatever you want" i said looking into his eyes. 'i could look in his eyes forever' i thought as he began to kiss down my neck. round 2 has just begun.

ok well i don't how this story is gonna go. let me know what you think :)
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