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the morning after

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will hannah ever see ryan again?

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i woke up the next morning with ryan's arms around my waist. i smiled to myself then looked at the clock. it was 10:45. 'omg we have to have the guys out at 11' i thought. i turned around to face ryan. i really didn't want to wake him up. he looked so cute while he slept but rules are rules. "ryan" i whispered. "ryan you have to get up" i said shaking him. "but i don't want to" he said kissing me. 'god he is the best kisser' i thought as i kissed him back. he broke the kiss and smiled at me. "you know, i might have to come here more often" he said smiling at me. "that good huh" i asked. i watched him as he got out of bed to get his clothes on. "well, i guess i'll be going now" he said walking towards the door. i ran towards him with the sheet wrapped around my small frame. "not without this your not" and kissed him. he deepened the kiss and it would have continued had we not heard the other girls walking down the stairs saying goodbye to their men. "i guess i'll see you when i see you" i said looking in his eyes. he kissed me one more time. "don't worry about it. i'll be back" he smirked at me and left. i closed my door and slid down it. 'don't think about him hannah. he's like the others. he only wants you for a good fuck...but maybe he could be different' i got up and walked over to my bed. i stripped it of the sheets and blankets and threw them in a pile by the door. i got clean clothes and took a shower. when i was done i put new sheets on my bed and took the dirty ones down to the laundry room. i knew i would never see ryan again and the night we spent together was about to be washed away with the rest of the memories. i walked into the kitchen and got me some breakfast. i had a few hours to kill before work.

(ryan pov)

i got back to the hotel and went to the room brendon and i were supposed to be sharing. i noticed jon and spencer were in there as well. "aww our ryan is all grown up" jon said fake crying. spencer and brendon laughed at him. "so how'd it go ry" brendon asked curiously. "yeah was it good" spencer asked. "it was...good. and she was hot" i said thinking about hannah. i missed her already. when i told her i planned on coming back she just kinda shook it off but i am going back. "well, we might just all have to take a trip up there for some action" brendon said. "yeah lets go tomorrow night" spencer said. "who knows. you might get your girl again ryan" brendon said winking. 'if only i were so lucky' "yeah well i'm gonna go take a shower. then we can go do whatever." i said and walked into the bathroom.

(hannah pov)

i got my laundry and put in back in my room. there was a knock at the door. a couple of my friends, lacy and molly walked in. they were both 16. "hey hannah. we were wondering if you wanted to go shopping with us. pick up some new stuff" molly asked sitting in my chair. "yeah sure. let me get my purse and phone" i said walking over to my desk "so how was your night" lacy asked from the back seat of my car. "yeah, you had that hottie" molly said winking. "oh you know. the usual" i said keeping it simple. "come on! he must have been good. give us deatils!" lacy whined. "ok ok...he was really good. the best" i said blushing. "whoo! i think we have a winner. think he'll come back" molly asked getting serious. "do they ever come back" i asked pulling into the mall parking lot. we spent the next 3 hours shopping and goofing off. we stopped at Victoria's Secret so they could get some things for tonight. then when walked into Hot Topic so i could get some more bands t's. as i was looking at the i felt someone grab my arm and drag me to the back. "get your hands off me" i said punching the person. "is this how you treat all your clients the day after" the person asked. "ryan! i didn't think i'd see you again" i said as he pulled me into a hug. "me either. i saw you walk in here with your friends and thought i'd come say hi" he said smiling. i couldn't resist it. i grabbed him by the collar and kissed him with everything i had in me. "wow...and i thought you kept it behind close doors" he smirked. "shut up" i said smacking him. "i need to get back to my friends" i told him. we went back out into the store and i saw my friends talking to 2 guys. "well, it looks like your friends are talking to mine" ryan said. "hey hannah. these guys asked us to go to lunch with them. how about it" lacy asked. "ok lets go" i said. we walked out our cars and ryan grabbed my hand. i looked at him and he smiled at me with his perfect smile. 'this is not gonna end well' i thought before we got in our seperate cars and followed them to the restaurant.

well there's the second chapter. what'd you think?
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