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gerard meet my mum

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Gerard stays for dinner

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The guys and i were watching foxtel, cause the guys couldnt choose a movie, so we were watching re-runs of will&grace, Gerard had hos arm around me, and my head was leaning on his shoulder. Frank and Bob were asleep, Ray went home and Mikey went home with him but Gerard had told him to come back later after he had done his homework.
"Gerard this is boring,cant we do something?"
"uhm,what ya wonna do?"
"lets wake Frank and Bob up, and lets walk bob home, i need some fresh air"
"cool, good idea"
"DICKHEADS, WAKE UP!" Gerard chucked a pillow at bob, who fell off the couch and on top of Frank, which was quite funny.
"owww! you little fucker"
"frank you have, beautiful eyes" bob was staring into franks eyes,
"shut up, and get off me"
"okay okay, keep your panties on"
"guys, nicole and i are gonna walk you home cause we wonna get some fresh air"
"cool,hey thank you Nicole for letting us come back to your house,i shall pick you up tomorrow morning at 8:00am okay?"
"oh, so i am walking with you?"
"yer, and bring your sisters along aswell"
"okay then, see you later frank"
Frank walked across the street and entered his house, and waved at us through the door,
"so, what did you 2 love birds do when i fell asleep?"
"we just watched will&grace on foxtel,we had to turn it up though cause some noisy bugger was snoring"
"haha, that wasnt me, i swear"
"yes, well isnt this your place"
"why yes, young gerard it is, anyway see you tomorrow at school"
"bye" gerard and said that in unison,
Gerard and i were walking back towards my house,we were still hand in hand, but gerard moved in closer towards me and our hands were no longer hand in hand, gerard had put his hand on my waist and blew on my neck, it sent chills down my spine but in a good way,i decided it was my turn to make a move so i put my hand on his ass and kissed his cheek.
"did you know you have the softest lips"
"no you didnt, but you have the sexiest ass"
"haha, so true"
Just then i remember the car that was parked at the front of our house this morning, just drove past and i noticed it was Craig he stared out through his rear view mirror, i could see he was pissed.
"shit" i mumbled under my breath
"that was just the guy my mum has been seeing, i think he is kind of pissed, he thinks i'm too young to have a boyfriend, or be hanging around guys"
"wow!, he sounds gay,"
"haha, so true do you wonna stay for tea and call up mikey and see if he wants to come"
"cool, that sounds better, mum was working late tonight and my dad was still pissed that i came home late the other night, so i think it would be good to get out of the house"

We walked into the house and my mum was yelling at Lisa, god only knows why.
"where the fuck is your sister?, she isnt hom-"
"hey Debra just to let you know, i saw her walking home, she was with this guy, she had a hand on his ass and kissed his cheek, she is way too fucking young to be with guys"
"well, she will be in trouble when she walks through the doo-"
"hey mum" Mum had a shock look on her face, but her eyes widened when she saw tha we were holding hands"
"Nicole Ann Bishor, you have some explaining to do"
"i was just taking one of my friends hom-"
"well i think you forgot to take the other one home cause he still standing next to you"
"craig dont be so rude, let claire explain first"
"yes thank you lisa, well mum i got some new friends today, and this is my boyfriend Gerard an-" mum had cut me off and decided it was her turn to talk,
"nicole can i speak to you for a minute in the front room,"
I quickly told lisa to take gerard upstairs and meet me in my room, before mum pulled me away,Craig followed us into the front room,
"thats what they always say" suddenly Craig entered the conversation, no one asked him too,
"excuse me"
"all they wonna do is get in your pants, i mean come on this is the 2000's now"
"well if you get to know him, i'm sure you will find out he is more than that"
"well, i uh-"
I felt a sharp sting across my face, my mum had just slapped me,
"SHUT UP CLAIRE, FOR FUCKS SAKE" i was now crying she had really hurt me bad,
"i..didnt....even....say....anything" she slapped me again and this time i fell to the floor,
"Debra, stop! YOUR GONNA HURT HER"
Craig had pulled my mum away from me, and walked her to her room and shut the door, without even blinking i ran upstairs and into my room, water running down my cheeks, i knew my eyeliner was running, all i wanted to do was hug Gerard, i opened my door and saw him laying down on my bed, god he looked so sexy, but he was soon sitting up right when he saw i was standing in my room crying, he got up and hugged me, i just collapsed in his arms he caught me and fell to the ground with me.
"nicole, what happened?"
"my ... mum ... she... slapped me,called me a skank a...n...d she told me that you were only using me to get into my pants"
"oh nicole, i would never do that to you, you know that right"
"i know, but mum wouldnt beleive me"
"shhh, your safe with me you know that, i wasnt being noisy but i could hear you yelling,and i'm glad we are going out,becuase i wouldn't go out with anyone bar you"
Gerard just held me close, and rocked me back and forth,he smelt really good, i probably made his shirt all drenched with all the crying i was doing, i heard someone walking up the stairs i thought it would be craig coming have a go at me, but it wasnt it was my mum,
"hey nic," i turned my head around so i was facing my mum, i wasnt going to say anything till she said she was sorry,
"listen, gerard you are welcome to stay for tea if you would like to"
"yes ms.bishor, i would love too"
"oh honey, call me Debra"
"nic, i'm sorry for what i said, and did to you, i just had a bad day at work,and i didnt mean for you to get hurt"
"thats okay"
"well dinner is gonna be ready in 15 minutes,i would like it nic if you would set the table for me"
"okay i will do it now, for you"
"okay, thank you, i'm gonna have a shower now, and can you get Lisa to check the dinner in 10 minutes"
"sure" Mum walked out of my room, and i heard her bedroom door shut, and decided i should go and set the table,
"come on babe,lets set the table, oh you did you call mikey?"
"yer, he said he had a bunch of homework to do, but he will another day"
As i was getting up Gerard grabbed my arms and pulled me into his lap and starting kissing my neck,
"aww, come on Gee"
"babe,just sit down for a while"
"i cant, i told my mum i would set the table,how about after dinner you can have dessert"
"yer, that sounds better than what i was gonna do to you"

Gerard and i set the table, and i went to get Lisa and Jess and told them to do dinner, while they were doing dinner Gerard and i were watching tv, The Simpsons(its what i like to do at 6:00pm)
"awww,Nic are you and Gee going out?" Jess asked,
"haha,well you 2 make a gorgeous couple"
Mum walked through in her old clothes, with Craig following behind her. I could've sworn mum gave the evils to gerard but i didnt really care, as long as he was welcomed into the house.
"okay, love birds down there dinner is ready"
Mum had a disgust look in her face,she gave Lisa and Jess the evils and we all sat at the table, Mum and Craig were at the head of the table,Lisa and Jess were sitting on the left side of the table and Gerard and i were sitting on the right,
"so tell me Gerard, whats it like around here?"
"i uh dont get what you mean Debra?"
"i mean, like this town, is it quiet?"
"oh haha,i get you,yer its pretty safe around here,this street is, but behind the local supermarket is the dangerous part of this town"
"ah, well now i know where i will be hanging around"
I had put my hand on Gerards knee, and slowly moved it up towards his crotch and left my hand there, lucky we were having soup tonight, with garlic bread, because i would need 2 hands, Gerard looked at me, when i left my hand there, so it was his turn now, he put one hand on my knee and slowly started to rub my leg and then took his hand away, when my mum was glaring at him, i swear she could've burned a hole through the wall, she was full of anger, i knew she was trying to get along with him, but it wasnt working for her like it was for Gerard.
"dinner was really good, thank you Debra"
"your welcome Gerard, i think its late now,maybe you should be going home"
I gave mum a glare, and she just looked at me,
"mum cant he stay for dessert, please?"
"no nicole,its late and i'm sure you have homework to do,so you better do that"
I walked Gerard to the front door, and we just stood there looking at the stars,
"listen babe, i gotta go now"
"hey i'm sorry for the glare my mum gave you,i think she knew what we were doing under the table"
"hey its okay, bye bye babe"
I kissed his lips and we just stood there for a while,until he begged for his tongue to enter my mouth,i let him in and out tongues were just wresting inside eachothers mouth,i put my hands around his neck, and he put his hands on my ass and squeezed my cheeks, i heard the front door open,and my mum was just standing there, i pulled my tongue out of his mouth and looked at my mum,she was looking at were gerard's hands were and she was shocked,she was furious,
"Gerard i think its about time you left"
"i uh,okay, see you in the morning, bye Nicole"
Mum waited till she didnt see Gerard anymore and grabbed me by the arm, pulled me inside,
"what the fuck was going on, outside on the front porch"
"i was just saying goodbye"
"you say goodbye by waving, or saying the word bye, not sticking your tongue down eachothers throat" ' i was getting a full lecture now and i wasnt really listening'
"you are to go to your room,have a shower,and go to bed, till you think about what you did"
"mum, what did i do,i just kissed him"
"i dont want to talk about it, go to your room now!"
I walked up to my room,grabbed my clothes for the shower and was walking out, when my phone started going off, it was Gerard.
'hey gorgeous, bugger that we couldnt finish dessert'
'yer i know what you mean'
'so how much trouble did you get into?'
'uhm,she just told me to have a shower,do homework and go to bed'
'aww,okay then'
'hey babe,i dont want to get rid of you, but i have to go have a shower'
'yer me too, bye babe, call you later tonight maybe'
'kiss kiss,bye'
'hug kiss hug bye'
'haha,okay bye'
I hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom,god my face looked shocking, i had my shower, did my homework and went to bed.
It was 12:30 my mobile was going off, it was Gerard again
'babe,you just woke me up, whats wrong?'
'what are you thinking?'
'i'm thinking of how much i want to go to sleep'
'aww, sorry i didnt mean to wake you, i cant sleep, i just want you next to me'
'thats sweet, but honey i'm so tired,i'm gonna go back to sleep okay,night'
'bye love'

did you like,
i'm quite proud of the chapter :D
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