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i did eventually return to watch the remainder of the movie...i almost pissed my pants and Frank wouldnt stop teasing me. it was around midnight when everybody who didnt live with Mikey, Frank, or me left...Mikey went straight to bed after giving me a hug and a kiss on the forehead like he did every night...or what he started to do after my 'little' razor incident.

Frank was standing at his rooms door way watching me clean the living room. Bob and Ray had had a popcorn fight sometime during the end of the movie and now popcorn was everywhere. i was really getting frustrated from sitting on the carpet, picking up popcorn and putting it in the bowl, that i took the bowl that was in my hand and threw it across the room. it landed on the couch Gerard and Nicole had been sitting on. popcorn fell out the bowl and once again covered the carpet with itself. i heard Frank laugh.

"the living room isnt going to get much cleaner if you continue to throw popcorn across the room." he said. i put on a quick fake smile

"like you have a better idea?!?" i asked sarcastically

"yeah...its called a vacuum cleaner" he said as if it were so obvivious...which it was. i smacked my forehead.

"duh, a vacuum cleaner, retarted ass munch" i mumbled to myself. "oh well, i'll do it tomorrow" i got up from the the floor and turned off the living room lights. the only light now was coming from Frank's room. i walked past Frank but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards him.

"well arent you going to say good night?!?" he asked.

"do i usually tell you good night?!?" i asked

"no...but since we're now on better communication terms, i dont see why you cant tell your 'boyfriend' good night" he used finger quotes when he said boyfriend.

"well uhh...good night Frank, sleep tight" i said. he smiled.

"good night Audrei, i hope you dont get nightmares" i eyed him suspiciously.

"are you teasing me?!?" i asked. he put on an innocent face.

"maybe" he quickly went inside his room and slammed the door. i shook my head at his immaturity and went to my room. i changed out of my clothes and put on some comfy shorts and a t-shirt that i stole from Bob. i got into bed and went out like a light...
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