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Demons are losers

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A demon appears

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Ami (Mercury), Chibi-Usa, Makoto (Jupiter), Rei (Mars), Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi (Moon), Other - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-12 - Updated: 2007-05-13 - 1170 words

Chapter 15- An Unexpected Visit

We left my old home, and went back toward the city. I sighed, and looked at the landscape going by me in a blur. Darien shooked his head, and went down to the biggest mall in all of Japan, also the most expensive. We searched the lot, for somewhere to park. We had to go through the lot twice until we finally found one. I looked over at Darien and he smirked.

"What are we doing here, Darien?"

He smile got wider," We are going shopping!" He opened his car door, and I followed him.

"Why exactly?" I wasn't really in the mood to do any shopping.

"Well, I just wanted to get you out of that stuffy apartment, is that such a crime?" He raised his eyebrow questioning.

"Well, no. But, I don't see why we are going here. I mean, this is the most expensive mall in all of Japan." I sighed, knowing it was no use arguing with him.

"Just wait, I know you'll have fun." He winked.

5 hours Later...

"Darien, you spent over 3000 dollars on me. Now I have clothes that won't even fit in the closet." He laughed heartily.

"Well that's good. Come on, lets go for supper and the we should be heading back to the apartment."

I looked at my watch," Wow, you're right. I never realized how late it was. Guess I didn't know, because I was having to much fun-" I stopped abruptly.

"I told you so!" Darien burst out laughing.

"Sheesh, why do guys always have to be right?" He shrugged and we piled into the car.

2 hours later...

When we got back to the apartment, everyone was standing there, and glaring at us. A tall blond figured guy was standing beside Lita, but I couldn't make out who it was. I got closer than realized it was Andrew. Andrew!

"Andrew!" I screamed, as I ran up to him.

"Hey Serena! Hows it going?" He looked at Darien and then, did their guy embrace.

"Oh, Im doing great. How was your time in Austrailia?"

"It was awesome. I reccomend you going there sometime." We both smiled.

"Uh, like hello? Could we go inside?" Rei stomped her foot.

"Oh right. Uh, Darien, sweetie, keys please." He threw me his keys and I unlocked the door. All of us trampled inside.

We all sat down, where we could. I seen Ami's face and I looked at her concerned, then I finally asked her.

"Ami, what's wrong? I know you're always this quiet, but not with troubled looks on your face."

"Oh am I? I'm sorry you guys. It's just that we never found my brother yet. And all of us are worried for him." Tears started streaming down her eyes.

"Oh Ami, don't cry. We'll find him don't worry." I hugged her reassuringly.

"You really think so?" She smiled sadly.

"I know so." In that moment, Luna and Artemis came in from the window.

"UGH! You guys need cat doors." Luna complained. "Walking up and down that fire escape wears me out."

"Someone's getting old." Rei replied.

"Am not!" Luna snapped."Now, Serena." She threw something into my hand. "This is the Moon Pen. Use it wisely, you can transform into anyone."

"Uh, you guys, did I just hear a cat talk?" Andrew popped out of Darien's bedroom.

"No! No you didn't Andrew." Lita replied as she got up and walked Andrew back into Darien's bedroom. She came back a few minutes later.

"Now, you guys must understand, Queen Beryl is planning something beyond imagaination. I don't know when she will strike, but we all need to be prepared. All of you guys no where that old warehouse is by the docks?" Everyone nodded their heads. "Good, meet Artemis and I there. There, we will begin your training." As of that she left.

"Training?" We all questioned in unison. There was a sharp knock at the door, which scared all of us. Darien came out of the room to answer the door. I followed.

"Who could that be?" I whispered.

"I dont know." He whispered back.

He opened the door, and there in front of us, was my mother. We stood shocked and Darien was the first to recover. He nudged me in the ribs and I woke up from my reverie.

"Hi mom. What are you doing here?" I asked calmly.

"Can I talk to you Sere?" I almost cried when she asked that. I nodded and I went out with my mother.

With Darien and others...

"Where's Serena?" Mina asked.

"With her mom." He simply stated and sat down on the couch.

"Oh? What is her mom doing here?" Rei pryed.

"All she wanted was to talk!" Darien snapped and went to bedroom.

"Woah! What's up with him?" Andrew asked sharply.

"I don't know." Rei shrugged and started fixing her hair.

With Serena and her Mom...

"Sere, I am so sorry. You were right." Tears glistened in her eyes.

"I was right about what?" I looked at her confused.

"About me, how I wasn't myself. You showed me the light back to earth!" She hugged me. "Oh thank you Serena!" That's when I started crying. I heard a noise behind me, so I turned around to see...Kevin? What is he doing here? I thought.

"Ikuko?" He looked at my mother with a tear coming down his cheek.

"Kevin?" She looked up at him. What's going on? I thought she hated him. I thought.

"Ikuko, Sere, please get away from me!" He screamed.

"Why? What's happening to you?" Ikuko gasped and gave a little cry. When I looked back up, my mom was lying on the floor not moving.

"What have you done to her?" I demanded.

"Serena, Please leave. I can't control my body!" He eyes turned a blackish red color. I gasped. I felt something hit me in the stomache.

"Serena!" Kevin was screaming. Oh God! What's happening to me? Why do I feel so weak all of a sudden?

Darien heard a little scream inside his head. He jumped up quickly. Serena! He transformed into Tuxedo Mask and went to where he thought she was.

"Kevin! What are you doing?" Darien demanded as he seen Serena and Ikuko lying on the floor.

"Please, get away! I can't control my body!" He screamed once again.

He ran to my side and darien made my mouth move. I was suddenly transforming into Sailor Moon. All my energy was coming back. I opened my eyes, and noticed I was out in the hallway.

"Darien?" I replied.

He shook his head no."It's Tuxedo Mask" I nodded and stood up.

"You Demon, inside of Kevin! Show Yourself! Now!" I demanded. The demon appeared, and I said something, then all of a sudden he disappeared, Kevin and I fell to the ground. When I woke up, I was in the hospital with everyone around me.

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