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Emo Kids Come With Guns and instuctions.

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Based off of CLUE. Massive crossover of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, And Panic!. The idea was to just come over for a little party but when Pete ends up missing eveyone starts pointing fingers. But t...

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Emo Kids Come With Guns
Panic! At the Disco
Fall Out Boy
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone literally in this story. The idea is mine-slash-stolen. It's based off the game CLUE. Best game EVER created. I swear. I freaking own at it.
A/N: I'm trying this out of first person. I haven't wrote in third person for like...a yearish. So I'm giving it a try. If at anytime I can't exactly place my words correctly, I'll switch it back to first person. I wrote this after an exam [part 1] so it's kinda BLEACK because I really was just passing the hour and half I had left before lunch. Ew...

01. Emo Kids Come With Guns and Instructions

"Welcome, welcome, pleaste take your seats. You were all invited here for a party. A simple cocktail party but as it seems you aren't able to leave. The power had been knocked out by the storm and even worse, it seems as if someone is missing."

Eyes glazed over, shock faded, and a few gasps escaped lips. "Who? We're all here-"

"Mr. Wentz has gone missing. There's no telling where he has gone."

A few evil glances were given. "Who cares? He isn't really that important."

"Mr. Urie, you were with him last-"

"Joe, I didn't do anything. I've barely spoke two words to him all night." Brendon said, taking a small sip before putting his cup down. "Plus, would I do anything? I'm supposed to like him, remember?"

Joe's eyes slanted. "Sure, I'll try to-"

"Wait one second, Brend. Why did you even say you didn't do anything?" Eyes moved to the back to Jon, sitting alone on the floor staring at his flip flops.

"I don't want to be aqcused."

"But you set yourself up for it, didn't you? I mean, you went out of your way-"

"I didn't do anything wrong. I swear. Would like to check my bag for a murder weapon?"

Hailey laughed and brushed her red hair to the side. "Knowing you it'd be an icicle."

"Hah hah," Brendon mimicked. "I really didn't do anythign wrong."

Patrick's eyes scanned the bookcase, lining the wall. /Dracula/, /Werewolves: Cause and Effect/, /Ghosts for dummies/. Then his eyes fell on something he hadn't saw before in Pete's extreme collection: How to Kill Peter Pan. "Hey guys." He slightly turned his head while his fingers touched the spine. "Have you ever heard of /How to Kill Peter Pan/?"

"Who'd want to?" Ryan asked his fingers laced with Skye's, the girl of the month.

"Well Pete has a copy. I've never head of it before though."

"Well you know Pete. He has a weird taste for books."

"I just don't see him with a book called /How to Kill Peter Pan/. I mean isn't that a bit...extreme?"

"Nothing's extreme for Pete. Everthing's rather...Normal." Brendon got up, ignoring the looks. "I'm going to bed. Anyone want to watch?"

"Why would we?" Skye spoke for the first time in the night, sin escaping.

"Make sure I don't kill anyone," Brendon turned int he doorway, "Like I did to Pete." He let out the only noise in the room, a slight barely audible chuckle. "Kidding, see you guys tomorrow."

Hailey fakely smiled until he left. "He scares me sometimes."

"You don't really think Pete's dead, do you?" Ryan glanced to Patrick, hoping for some reason, he tell him it just a big huge joke. That Pete isn't really missing and that Brendon isn't really a crazy killer on the loose.

"Nah...It's Pete. Who'd kill-" He stopped, nodded his head and ran his fingers through his hair. "Okay, so maybe he's not a very well liked person. I don't think Brendon, at least, would be the one to kill him. Come on. Let's just forget this and let's all go to bed. We'll find Pete when there's light."

Short first part. I was going to name this story How To Kill Peter Pan but decided not to. So, here goes some notes:
~Part 2 shall be around soon I swear. The title is going to be...Emo Kids Come With Guns, instructions, And Broken Hearts.
~I suggest that everyone reads Lovely Bones by Alice something. That's were the icicle idea came from. Plus it has something to do with CLUE now that I think of it.
~This was going to be a one shot but I think I wanna keep it around for awhile because...Well because.
~And if anyone can think of who 'Green' is in the CLUE game that'd be great because I can't figure out their name.

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