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2. Emo Kids Come With Guns, instuctions, and broken hearts.

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Based off of CLUE. Massive crossover of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, And Panic!. The idea was to just come over for a little party but when Pete ends up missing eveyone starts pointing fingers. But t...

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Ew, boyfriend down range in Afganistan. EW!! He's gonna miss me graduating next year. EW.

btw, it's been like six+ months since I've wrote. PERIOD. Apologizes. I just haven't been inspired. Germany fails to inspire me. Yeah. Who'd a' thought?!

SORRY IT'S SO SHORT. I just kinda died off because I wrote this a LONG time ago and I don't know what else I want on here so I'm just gonna start the next part but thanks for hanging in there.

Emo Kids Come With Guns
Panic! At The Disco
Fall Out Boy
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2. Emo Kids Come With Guns, instuctions, and broken hearts.

"You really think I killed him, don't you?"

Hayley grabbed her chest, waking up only due to the fright of Brendon standing in the doorway with a sour face. "Brendon, my god, it's like two in the morning-"

"Do you think I killed him? Or that I have something to do with him just disappearing?" Brendon unlatched his body from the frame, stepped in, and closed the door. "Hayley, I want to find him as much as anyone. I can asure you I didn't do anything."

"Do we have to talk now?" Hayley pulled up of the world's tackiest comfortors. "Can this wait a couple of hours?"

"No, you won't listen in a couple of hours." He sat down, brushing the hair that fell from her, now messy, ponytail out of her face. "You were barely sleeping anyway. This whole situation has you. I just want to talk."

Hayley moved his hand away from her. "I'll listen later-"

"No, you won't. You'll join the conspiracy. Please, let's just talk now. Hayley, please, I feel like I have no one to talk to. I feel like you're all ganging up on me."

"What? No, no one's ganging up on anyone. We were just kidding. No one thinks you killed Pete. Pete's just messing with us. That's why he invites us. Don't take it to heart."

"You guys were just kidding? You promise?" Hayley noded after each question yet Brendon still wasn't satisfied. "Hayley, you swear? ON your life? Your career? Everything?"

"Yes, Mr. Urie I swear." She faked a Girl Scout smile and let go of the comforter long enough to hug him. and draw him closer. "You really think that we think that you killed Pete? Please, you can't even kill an ant without apologizing for two days. Alright? Now, you did not kill Pete. The end. Lay down, go to sleep-More importantly, let me sleep."

He returned her hug before leaning in and kissing her nose. "Oh yeah? I could be some crazy killer yet you want me in your bed-"

"I want to sleep. You keep talking if you want. I just want sleep-"

"Eh, I love you too."

Her lips glazed his. "I never said I love you," she whispered, "You're a crazy killer, remember?"


Seven hours later and the sun hadn't shown its face. No, instead it was sleeting and raining. The power still wasn't on. The hot water heater wasn't doing its job and everyone was cuddled into a blanket. Almost everyone at least.

"Okay, the joke's over, guys. Where's Hayley?"

"What do you mean, where's Hayley? She's in bed." Patrick said, not looking up from the book.

"No, she's not. Where is she? You know, don't you?! Where is-"

"No blowing up at us, Brendon. We don't know where she is. We will help you look though."

Brendon stomped his feet. "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW!?"

"Why should we?!" Andy blew up, quickly standing.

"Because damnit."

"Great reason," Patrick mumbled.

"Come on please tell me where she is-"

"Brendon, we don't know. We'll go find her. Andy, wake up Ryan and Spence."
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