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Time Flies When There's A Wedding Going On (Part Two)

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(A/N: For those of you that don't know, Sam is 16. She is based slightly on me [I'm 16...and my name is Sam! Lol] and therefore I made her that way. No it isn't legal, but this is a fictional story. THEY'RE IN LOVE. WHO CARES ABOUT AGE? Yup. That's it.)

The walk was slow, anxious, scared. All my emotions filled the air. What was I thinking? Pete could tell I was stressing with everyone's eyes on me and he game my arm a gentle squeeze.

I made my smile grow stronger, more confident, even though inside I was dying. I quickly looked around and saw an almost bleach blonde head in the front row next to Rachel. As I look, I was Angela. She made it.

My smile became more natural. All my friends were here on my big day. My parents were watching from Heaven. I'm sure my mum was crying.

I was up by Andy now. Pete turned to me, hugged me, and kissed my cheek. Then he made his own way to the line of groomsmen. I looked at Andy. This was really happening.

The ceremony went as planned, and soon there was a gorgeous ring on my left hand. But I didn't care about the ring. I cared more about the man.

Andy kissed me, and everyone clapped. It was over.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife...Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Hurley."

Every person in the area clapped and cheered as we made our way down the aisle, into the limo that would take us to our dinner.

10 Minutes Later

Who gave this guy the job of driving? HE IS INSANE!

3 Minutes Later

We finally arrived after almost hitting several signs and people. I shakily got out of the car and grabbed Andy's hand. I felt sick. Never again.

Walking into the stupendous building, we made our way over to the large table where we would be sitting. A few minutes later, everyone had arrived. All the bridesmaids on my right, Andy on my left, and all the groomsmen on his left.

The food was excellent and I felt much better after devouring some tofu and noodles. Then the announcement:

"The bride and groom will share a dance."

I gulped. Dancing? I forgot about that part. Andy looked as nervous and I felt. We got up and Andy twirled me. The music began, and we swayed to the beat. All I had to do was look into his eyes, and I got lost.

The music stopped. The dance was over. Everyone clapped and cheered, and I glanced over at Rachel who was chatting to Amanda and Erin, and Angela was...getting kissed by Pete?


In that instant, I realized something.

Love is a miraculous thing. And it can happen anywhere. I smiled and wrapped my arms around Andy. Our honeymoon was in a few days, and I'd finally lose my the man I love.
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