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My First Time

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Ohh, it gets good!

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That night after the reception, we went to a hotel where we got a nice suite for the night. We were only there since we didn't have our own home, and we were leaving in the morning for our honeymoon.

Can we say...CARIBBEAN?

Yeah. You hate me. Fight me, you won't.

Andy kicked open the door, since I was in his arms, and carried me over the doorstep. Giggling, he put me down gently and we looked into each other's eyes.

"Hey Andy?"


"You know since this is our wedding night..." I trailed off since we were rocking slowly side to side.


"You know what that means?"


"Love making."

Andy's eyes popped out. Obviously he forgot about that. He nervously glanced around the room, looking everywhere but at me and in my eyes. I took my finger and gently traced his jawbone, down to his neck and then stopped at the edge of the tuxedo he still wore.

"This has got to go." I said tutting. He finally looked at me and smiled. I pushed his jacket off of him, and he gently took the tiara from my hair. Grinning, I just grabbed my hair and shook it out, as the long blackness cascaded down my back. I started undoing the buttons on his dress shirt, while he kicked off his shoes.

Undoing the clasps on my heels, Andy took advantage and unzipped my dress. I turned back around to him and was immediately overcome with kisses.

Oh. My. God. Who the hell taught him that?

Andy kissed the whole way down my body, dragging my dress as he went. Groaning, I pulled him back up and met his lips with mine. I started to try and get his pants off but was having a hard time. I growled. Andy smiled through the kiss, and undid his pants.

He pulled me onto the bed; I was on top. Yeah. It was that good I couldn't handle it anymore. He undid my bra and let it fall to the ground, and I shrugged and shimmied out of the panties. God, who made these things? And how the hell did they shrink?

I was completely naked.

Unlike Andy.

I attacked him and pretty much ripped his boxers off.

Scary? Kinda. Major Turn On? Fuck yes.

I pulled myself on top of him, and made him flip over so I was on bottom. I was getting slightly nervous, but I knew I was ready.

Andy looked at me questionably and I just smiled.

"Go ahead." I encouraged.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. It'll be over soon. Please?" I gave him the puppy dog look. He sighed.


Our lips met again and Andy pushed himself in gently. I didn't make any noise. It did hurt, and I'm sure I bled a bit, but it didn't matter. I was finally one with Andy.

When he was in me the whole way, we started a rhythm, moving our bodies as one. It was amazing to feel the electric shock course through my body, and feel it come from him. We both moaned in pleasure and ecstasy as we reached the end of our destination. Andy lay down beside me, wrapped his arms around, kissed my neck goodnight and we both fell asleep.

(A/N: Yeah. My hair isn't that long anymore. But it wasn't smutty. And I tried to keep it clean. It probably wasn't the best. BUT STILL! 2 chapters left. We've had 1025 reads so far. I'm happy. As always, Read and Review!!!)
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