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The Ending Of A Great Time

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(A/N: I would just like to say that if the chapters are shorter, its because I am writing blocked. However, this is second to last chapter, so yeah. Most likely a sequel when I get around to it. I have finals coming up so I'm going to try and finish this story before next week. This weekend I'll be in Virginia until Sunday (we're leaving Friday) and next Tuesday I'm skipping school with my friend to go to a FOB concert. Yayness! Any questions, concerns, or comments can be left in a review. Now onto the chapter!)

Did I ever mention how much I hate alarms?


Well, I do.

The alarm was going off and I got ticked. I picked it up and threw it against the wall, where the beeping ceased. I groaned and rolled over, expecting to find Andy still sleeping, but he wasn't there. The bed was empty.

Double You-Tee-Eff?

Where is he?

The bathroom door opened, and steam rushed out into the coolness of the room. I squinted my eyes and saw Andy towel patting his hair.

What, no good morning kiss?

"Hey Baby, you're up!"

"Yeah. Just barely."

"We're leaving in about 30 minutes for the airport if you want to take a shower."

"Are they guys meeting us there?"



I dragged my lazy butt out of the bed and tried to walk. I was sore. Ouch. I made my way in there (finally) and used the rest of the hot water to soothe my aching muscles. Ugh. Well, at least we are going on our honeymoon.

I got out and dried off. Going over to my suitcase, I found a pair of jeans and a semi-nice top to wear. I had a bunch of clothes for the honeymoon and a bikini. I was very excited. We left the hotel around 10:30 and Andy drove us to the airport where we met with Patrick, Pete, and Joe.

There were a lot of hugs. A little bit of crying, a lot of -

"NOOO!!!!! ANDYYYY DON'T LEAVE MEEE!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!" from Pete, which caused a major scene and a bunch of teenieboppers to come and try to rape the guys. I mean, what?

Our plane was called and we hugged one last time.

"Call if you need anything."

"Have fun! Bring back souveniers!"



"Dork, they shouldn't have to!"

Andy and I grabbed hands and made our way down the aisle, waving goodbye to the guys. We'd be gone for about a week, but it was still a long time. As we walked, I thought about how far I had come, and everything I had endured. I had done it and gotten through with the help of my new friends and my now husband. As I stepped outside, I realized that I was taking the next big journey of my small life.
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