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seeing the past

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camryn has an out-of-body experience. can someone from her past convince her to fight harder?

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i woke up and realized i was still in the hospital. i walked to the waiting room to see everyone there. "hey guys. i'm ok. where are the babies" i asked standing there. i yelled a little louder. 'why are they ignoring me' i thought getting confused. "they can't hear you camryn" said a very familiar voice. i turned around to best friend paige. "OMG!" i yelled running and giving her a hug. "am i dead" i asked looking at her. she had died in a car accident before senior year. "well, kinda. more like a coma" she said. "i miss you so much paige" i said tears forming in my eyes. "i miss you too camryn. but now i'm here to help you" she said taking my hand and we started walking. "what do you mean help me" i asked confused. "well, there was some complications during the birth and you lost a lot of blood" she said. "oh..." i said looking down. "you just gotta fight it camryn" she said smiling. "i can do it with you by my side" i said smiling also. we continued walking down the hallway. there had been one question running through my mind since the day i found out she died. "why did you run off the bride paige" i asked. "i didn't" she said simply. "travis ran me off the road and i went through the bridge. i couldn't get the door open in time" she said. "why" was all i could say. "he was jealous because we were best friends and you spent so much time with me. he hated me cam. he didn't like the fact that we were friends" she said sitting in a chair. "i'm so sorry paige. if i had known i would have broken up with him. you were waaaay more important than him" i said hugging her. "you were in love with him. besides, i can watch over you better from the up there than down here" she said. "it's not fair. you should have been at graduation, at my wedding. and you should have been the one with me in the delivery room with ryan"i said with tears in my eyes. we got up and started walking again. we walked into the nursery and stopped in front of two babies. "i was there with you camryn. you just couldn't see me. they're beautiful" she said looking at the babies. they were dean and rylee. "i named her rylee paige after you" i said. she smiled. "they're lucky to have you and ryan as parents. he treats you so well"she said. "i wish you could have met him paige. you would love him" i said. i felt pain on my chest. "they're trying to revive you" she said. "paige, i don't want to go. i lost you once. i don't want to lose you again" i said hugging her with all my might. "it's not your time camryn. the twins and ryan need you. pete, derek, and everyone else" she said. i felt myself getting pulled from my best friend. "NO! paige wait" i screamed at her. "i'll always be with you camryn. i promise" she yelled back. "i love you" we yelled at the same time.

(ryan pov)

the doctor had explained camryn's condition to us. they were doing all they could to save her but they weren't sure if she would make it. and they didn't want to make any promises. i don't know what i would without her. and the twins...what would they do without their mom. would they get to meet her? i know she'll pull through. she's strong. "ryan...we brought her back. you can go see her now" the doctor said. i jumped up and ran. i got into the room and saw her looking at her hands. "hey babe" i said walking over to the bed. she looked up and smiled. i kissed her on the head and sat down with her on the bed. "thought we lost you" i said holding her hand. "no, you can't get rid of me that easily" she said laughing. "travis killed my best friend" she said randomly. "what do you mean" i asked confused. "remember how i told you my best friend paige was killed in a car accident before senior year and they thought it was suicide" she said. "yeah but what does that have to do with travis" i asked. "when i 'died' she helped me back ryan. she told me travis was jealous of our friendship and he ran her off the road and he got away with it" she said starting to cry. i didn't know what to say so i just let her cry on my shoulder. "would you like to hold the babies" the nurse asked walking into the room. camryn smiled and nodded. "they're so beautiful ryan" she said in awe. "like their mother" i said looking at her. "what did i do right to meet you" she asked looking in my eyes. "you were born into the right family with the right brother who signed us" i said. "yeah, i guess so" she said laughing. "i love you ryan. and i'm never ever going anywhere...i promise" she said kissing me. "i love you too" i said kissing her back.

(camryn pov)

ryan went to tell everyone that they could leave and he was gonna stay here. the nurses brought teo cribs so they babies could stay in here with us. i made sure they were asleep. it felt like there was someone behind me. i turned around to see paige. i smiled and she smiled. she walked over to the babies. "i'll always be watching over you and them" she said. then she walked to the door and disappeared. ryan walked into the room and saw me smiling. "why so smiley" he asked. "nothing. just everything is finally close to perfect" i said putting my arms around his waist. we both climbed onto the small hospital bed and fell asleep.

sorry if this was kinda lame. i had a good idea but then i realized it wouldn't work with this i just went with the flow. hope you're not too disapointed.
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