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babies and blackouts

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the babies are finally here! and something happens to camryn

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(pete pov)

i called my parents to tell them that camryn was going into labor and to meet us at the hospital. they were with ryan's parents also so they went with them. ryan took camryn down to the car as fast as possible. me, danny, kk, and spencer rode with them 2. brendon, erika, jon, cassie, patrick, ashleigh, joe, sarah, andy, and jamie all went in the van following us there. we hurried into the building. the nurse took her back and told ryan to fill out some paperwork. the rest of us went and sat in the waiting room. we knew this was going to be a long night.

(camryn pov)

the contractions hurt like hell. i was in the room with nurses and a doctor. they were talking to me and i was trying to listen but the pain was unbearable. and i didn't have anyone's hand to hold. the stupid nurse at the front made ryan do some paperwork before he came back. like paperwork was more important than me, i was about to have a baby for god's sake! ryan came bursting through the door just as the doctor was about to leave. "sorry" ryan mumbled coming to sit next to me. the two nurses left with the doctor, so it was just me and ryan sitting there alone. "they say i'm only 4 cm dialated" i told him. "well, i guess i better get comfortable" he said smiling. one of the nurses (whos name was savannah) came to give me an epidural a couple of hours later. ryan winced when i squeezed his hand as she stuck the long needle into my spine. i don't do very good with needles and that was a gigantic one. "oh honey! how are you feeling" my asked running in the room with my dad and ryan's parents behind her. "i'm in pain mom. how do you think i feel" i said sarcastically. they all gave me hugs and sat in the spare chairs by the bed. as everyone around me talked, i looked for a clock. there was one above the door. 3:40 am. i tried to fight sleep but i couldn't fight it any longer. i woke up after what seemed like years. ryan was now replaced with derek. "hey, you're finally awak" derek said looking up. "what time is it" i asked rubbing my eyes. "it's 4:30 pm" derek said. the doctor came in to check on me. she said i was now 8 cm dialated. she said she was gonna have the nurses come in to get me ready. derek kissed my forehead and said he was going to get ryan. my parent were still in there also. ryan walked in and sat down, immediately grabbing my hand. "words of advice ryan: during the labor part camryn will probably squeeze your hand until it turns blue and yell at you. all women do that. they blame the father and what not. her mom yelled at me through pete and the twins. but she doesn't mean it" my dad said to ryan. "thanks dad" he said laughing. "i know the mom usually stays in the room but i think i'll just go out to the waiting room with the others" my mom said. her and my dad walked out. then the doctor came in and said they were ready. "now when i tell you to push, you have to push. and don't forget, deep breaths" she said as we began the process of getting my babies out. i pushed and pushed and when i didn't think i could, i pushed some more. the sounds of a baby crying was heard. "it's a boy" the nurse said. a couple more pushes later and when heard another set of crying. "it's a girl" the nurse said. dean was born 5:46 pm, march 7, 2007 and rylee was born 5:49pm, march 7, 2007. it was finally over. i laid down, trying to catch my breath. ryan rubbed my forehead. "you did awesome babe. i love you" he said kissing me. i tried to smile but i felt weak. i felt my whole body go numb and everything went black.

(ryan pov)

i kissed camryn on the head. she was so strong to go through something like this. she looked really pale. her grip on my head eased up. the monitor went crazy and the doctor started yelling. they told me to go wait in the delivery room and they would bring the babies out to show everyone. the door slammed in my face and all i could think about was my wife. i ran to the waiting room. "are they here ry" pete asked me first. "yeah, the nurse is gonna bring them out" i said out of breath. "are we allowed to go see camryn yet" kk and danny both asked at the same time. i felt tears coming to my eyes. "something happened. i think she passed out. the doctors told me to leave" i said, tears now falling down my cheeks. danny clung to pete and started sobbing. the nurse came down 20 minutes later with our 2 bundles of joy. " dean trevor and rylee paige ross" i said smiling. i tried to ask the nurse about camryn but she didn't know anything. she had to take the babies back to the nursey but we could see them later. i sat in one of the chairs that someone offered me. 'please god. i know i haven't asked for anything but please just let camryn be ok. i need her' i had my eyes shut as tight as they would go. "ryan" i looked up to see the doctor coming towards us. i stood up. "i have some news about camryn"....

ooooooh! cliffhanger. dontcha just hate :) i'll try to update tomorrow or sunday!
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