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they're coming

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the babies are on the way! :)

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"i think i'm pregnant" danny said to me after we sat down in a booth with our smoothies. "what?? are you sure?" i choked out finally. "yeah, i went to the doctor before we left. i'm about 2 1/2 months. the baby is due the end of september" she said calmly. "does pete know yet" i asked. "yeah i told him before we left. he was soo happy. you should have seen his face when i told him" danny said remembering the moment. "i'm so happy for you guys. now that's at least 3 babies we'll have around the next year" i said laughing. "yeah, unless kk or one of the other girls gets pregnant" danny said. "true true" i said. we finished our smoothies and drove back to the venue. we would have walked but when you're 7 months pregnant, you don't really feel like doing anything. when we got back danny told everyone else the news while i went to have a nap.


i looked at my 2 beautiful babies as the nurse handed one to me and the other to ryan. "i can't believe they're finally here" ryan said looking at rylee in amazement. "i know. it's nice to finally have them out and with us" i said smiling at dean. all of a sudden the lights in the whole hospital went out. i felt someone take dean out of my arms. i was screaming for my babies when the lights came back on. on the door there was black writing -- I TOLD YOU TO WATCH YOUR BACK. THEY'RE MINE NOW AND YOU'LL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN..ALIVE AT LEAST!!

end of dream

i woke up screaming for my babies. ryan came running and put his arms around me. "shh camryn it's ok. no one is gonna take them. you haven't given birth yet" he said whispering in my ear. i looked down to see he was right. "i guess it was just a bad dream but it felt so real ryan. we were holding them and the lights went off. and when they came back on the babies were gone" i cried into his shoulder. "everything is gonna be ok . i promise" he said hugging me closely.

the next 2 months went by quickly. it's now march 6. the babies are due within the next couple of weeks. danny is now about 4 months along. none of the other girls have annouced pregnancies but it's only a matter of time. the other boys are horn dogs so we're me and the girls have been getting everything ready for when the twins are born. shopping for last minute clothing and other baby needs. since we'd be on tour the first few months of their lives, we got a crib to go in the back bedroom with me and ryan. that way we'd all have our privacy. "just think camryn, you're babies are gonna be here with us soon" kk said as we walked out of the final store for the day. we had pretty much finished up everything and were heading back. "i know. i can't wait to hold them in my arms" i said smiling so big. "and then we'll have my baby in 5 months. they'll be cousins" danny said excitedly. "has pete proposed yet" kk asked danny from the back seat. "not yet but i have a feeling he will soon" danny said pulling into the hotel we were currenly staying at until the babies were born. as we walked into the lobby, i thought i saw someone very familar sitting in a chair but i just ignored it. we got on the elevators and made our way to the rooms. the boys were all in mine and ryan's room playing guitar hero. pete and brendon were playing and it was so far an even match. i decided to fix that. "why do you guys always have to hang out in our room" i whined stepping in front of pete so he couldn't see. "CAMRYN!!! if you weren't pregnant i would shove you out of the MOVE! or else" pete said yelling. i did as he asked but the damage had already been done. brendon did his victory dance while pete sulked. "you always have to mess me up don't you" he said taking a seat between me and danny. "of course. it's in my job description to torture you" i said smiling. "yeah yeah whatever" he said putting an arm around danny. the rest of the night was spent playing video games and watching everyone make fools of themselves. mine and ryan's parents had just gotten into town and we on their way to the hotel. they were gonna stay there so they could be with us when the babies were born. i got up to get a drink of water. everything was going smoothly until suddnely....drip drip drip. "GUYS!! my water just broke" i yelled. so begins the long night.

i'm sooooo sorry this wasn't out sooner. i'm just really busy with finals coming up, writers block, and stupid boys. sometimes i wish i could just go away from life for a while. well, hope you enjoy this :)
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